#IamRemarkable by Google – Empowering Women and Underrepresented Groups to Celebrate their Success

INTERVIEWER: Please write
down your answer to “I’m remarkable because.” SUBJECT: So, I’m
remarkable because– hmm, it’s really hard. SUBJECT: OK, I’m done. INTERVIEWER: How did
it feel to write it? SUBJECT: Weird. SUBJECT: Hard. INTERVIEWER: Would you
mind reading it out loud? SUBJECT: Oh my god. SUBJECT: I’m remarkable– SUBJECT: I’m remarkable
because all the kids that I have taught actually love me. And they still remember
me to this day. SUBJECT: After I turned 40,
for the first time in my life, I also tried things that
I’m not very good at. SUBJECT: I can
rhyme really well, but don’t ask me to right now. SUBJECT: I’m funny. I think I am. SUBJECT: I follow my dreams,
once I figure them out. SUBJECT: I am remarkable
because I challenge myself every day, even if these
are small challenges. SUBJECT: Because I want
my life to have meaning. SUBJECT: I’m remarkable
because I survived cancer when I was 17. SUBJECT: Because I’m optimistic. SUBJECT: When I am in tough
situations, I stop and I smile. SUBJECT: I’m a pretty good mom. I think I’m really
doing a good job. SUBJECT: That’s it INTERVIEWER: So how did it
feel to say it out loud? SUBJECT: It felt kind of
nice to say it out loud. SUBJECT: Pretty good. SUBJECT: I think it’s easier
to say why we’re not doing that well, to
criticize ourselves. SUBJECT: You feel like you may
have only one or two things to say. And then you realize that you
have more, and you have more. SUBJECT: There’s so
many great things going on that, when I forget
it, all I have to do is think about this things. And then it’s like a
chiropractic adjustment in my mood. It’s like “chhht.” SUBJECT: It makes you
think, what else can I do?

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