I spent a week in a VR headset, here’s what happened

100 thoughts on “I spent a week in a VR headset, here’s what happened

  1. The effect of long term VR made him feel like real people in real life were just avatars in some multiplayer game. people who do MASS SHOOTINGS could have a similar disconnected feeling.

  2. AR/VR is definately the future, headsets need two HD cameras at the front for stereoscopic live cam with any type of HUD and other content via AR network.. The possibilities for practical applications are endless…

  3. When I played psvr for the first time I felt like when ever I walk in real life I would walk out of the Camera or walk in to my table

  4. This is a pretty cool VR twist on the George Stratton experiment with upside down glasses.
    The Oculus Go must be comfortable if you can tolerate them so long. I wonder what the world record is going to be.

  5. all i can imagine happening after something like this is getting the longest, worst headache ever, and having a broken vr headset because of all the sweat

  6. i just dont get the idea its so confusing to get into and you whisper the editing is crazy but the microphone isnt!

  7. When he finally back to reality, i really felt happy and free…
    I mean, i could feel the strange sensation of his experiment

  8. Jesus, I got claustrophobic just watching that. I had to take my headphones off just to breathe. How did you handle that for a week….?

  9. So I have this theory about the future the cleaning robots will be connected to ver so nobody has to create robots

  10. This experience has proven that the more VR and the likes are integrated into the the real world the more the lines are blurred. And as a result, the negative side to mankind will slowly be justified and accepted as the norm. You get get killed..oh well…it’s like your avatar has been wiped off the server. The dead person can’t be sad, cause they are dead and the live person is ok with that as that humanity has been eroded. And those in power control you by keeping you entertained. Like now but worst.

  11. Clean my room make a hole in the wall in my closet (my house is in a mini loop upstairs and my parents bathroom is behind my closet wall) and stick a refrigerator in my closet

  12. Y’know, I’m surprised that not many people have commented this yet but how do you think he showered? Do waterproof headsets exist?

  13. How the fuck does are parents say its bad for u well we now have phone things strapet to are faces and you stayed a week in it

  14. After playing some GTA 5, when I go outside, I also see people like characters playing a game, only with no option to respawn after dying; and better graphics and game mechanics.

  15. Waking up in VR is trippy. It's like waking up in reality but you don't realize you're in VR until like 10 seconds later.

  16. Dude please please tell me what game you played at 8:55 I’ve been trying to find it ever since I switched to the vive and it gave me the most peace I’ve ever experienced.

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