I Met A Time Traveler In A Taxi (The Mysterious Rudolph Fentz)

In June of 1951, passers by on Wall Street
in New York City, took notice of a young man who appeared confused. Dressed in the fashion of a business man,
from the previous century, he stood trembling but frozen to the spot, in the middle of an
intersection. A brush with a modern taxicab laid him low,
an accident which would lead to the discovery, of several pieces of evidence, which some
now claim to be proof, of the existence of time travel. The young man had a full beard, and the kind
of mutton-chop sideburns, that had gone out of style ages ago. He was taken by ambulance to Downtown Hospital
in Manhattan. Unfortunately, this was a decade, before US
hospitals would have intensive care units. This man passed away peacefully, before he
ever regained consciousness. Then it became the officical duty of the NYPD,
to identify him… a case assigned to Captain Hubert Rihm, of Missing Persons. There was the name of a tailor, in the neck
of the victim’s suit coat, a tailor on Broadway, of which no one had ever heard… another
label inside his silk tophat, from a hat store that went out of business, at about the turn
of the century… and the following items, which were found in his pockets. A wellworn bronze medal, for coming in third
place in a shooting contest. A copper token good for one beer, marked also
with a value of 5 cents. It bore the name of a saloon which was unknown,
even to older residents of the area. A receipt for the washing of a carriage, and
for the feeding and grooming of one horse… issued by a livery stable, on Lexington Avenue
in New York, at an address where now stood, a highrise office building. A few of indian head pennies, and seven dollars
in paper currency, of which the newest banknote was dated 1875. Business cards which revealed the man’s name,
Rudolph Fentz, as well as his Fifth Avenue address… and finally a letter, postmarked
from New Jersey, and bearing the cancelled postage of a two cent stamp. None of these objects showed any signs of
aging. Fentz’s fingerprints were not on record, and
no one had reported him missing. Captain Rihmconducted research, into the location
on the business card. It was the address of the Buckingham Hotel,
which no longer existed. In 1923 the hotel was razed, to make way for
Saks Fifth Avenue. Rudolph Fentz’s name was not listed in the
1951 telephone book, but further investigation revealed a listing for a Howard Fentz, in
a much earler phone book from 1939. The police captain spoke to the residents
of Howard’s apartment building, who remembered him, and described him as an old man, with
silver hair. He once worked as a short order cook, at a
diner down the street. However in 1940 he retired, and moved away. Rihm was told at the diner,that Howard had
passed, five years earlier, but his widow was living in Florida, with her sister. Rihm contacted her by phone. She said that her husband’s father, Rudolph
Fentz, had disappeared in 1876 at the age of 29. He would take a walk in the evening, smoking
a cigar, because his spouse believed, that smoke was being absorbed by the livingroom
curtains. One evening, when his son Howard was possibly
two years of age, he left his family’s New York City apartment, with a lit cigar, and
he never came back. They searched for him in vain, spending a
great deal of money, on a private investigator. No trace of him was ever found. With renewed interest, Captain Rihm delved
into ancient missing persons files, in the dusty archives, of the New York City Police
Department. He finally located the yellowing pages of
a report, on the disappearance of Rudolph Fentz. The description in the records of Rudolph
Fentz, corresponded exactly, with that of the bewildered man who was struck on Wall
Street.. but after filing his own report, Rihm was compelled by his superiors to close
the case as unsolved. The officer barely survived review by internal
affairs, as to his mental competence, and most of the captain’s notes, were stricken
from the official case file.

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  1. Good morning Mr.Bill. Great Video! You are one of my all time favorite YouTuber persons. I hope you have a wonderful day!! Xoxo โฃ

  2. Had a conversation with an old war buddy late one night in a taxi, coming back from the watering hole all soused to the gills…Turns out he's still very much MIA. Also turns out there was no taxi.

  3. Good morning bill another great video.that is a really strange story,there's more going on on this planet of ours than we could ever imagine.your channel is without doubt the best on u.tube,please keep up the good work.have a great day and love to your family.ps another video pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.xx ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ

  4. Bill, that was a great story and it certainly gives one something to think about. Also, nice touch with the ending – what a great visual tale of morality. Moreover, I would hope you could slow your end credits down just a bit – I get the whole "Pause" thing and all, but it's hard to land just right, all the same.
    Thank you, brother.
    Oh, Starlit Freak is waving hello – keep your coffee hot and black – lol!

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  6. Iโ€™ve heard different things about this tale. Some say that itโ€™s a true account of a happening in 1951. Iโ€™ve also been told that itโ€™s actually a fictional short story. I canโ€™t remember the author, so I donโ€™t have much to go on. Either way any video on this channel is worth watching, especially with the resident narrator at the helm! I hope that you and your family are doing well Brother Bill!! Peace, Love, and Blessings from your Hillbilly Pal in WV ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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  15. He didn't live much longer after he time traveled so it must have had tremendous effects on his body? I guess somebody already knew about time travel because they shut the cop down tore up his notes and told him he's a little crazy

  16. Good day my friend hope you and yours are doing well. ! Another Great one in the books or shall I say out of the books lol just imagine what our Governments have covered up for the better cause. ! As they say We canโ€™t have Mass hysteria , it would be the end of the world as we know it ! Lol
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    I love time travel stories. They show how there is so much more to our world than we can ever see. To me, at least, this story is one of those that I consider to be airtight proof. (Of course, the naysayers๐ŸŽ will always say nay, no matter what proof is presented.)
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  20. Wow, cool story ! I haven't heard of that one before…….he must have walked thru a portal that opened for some reason where he was. It's like that Author that walked out into a field and was never found again, however every now & again his family would here his voice out in the field. There is so much of this world we don't understand….it's amazing. Great Job on the video Bill…..thank you so much ! Have a great week !!

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  24. High speed can slow down the speeders time. And a high gravity field can also slow down time for who ever is in the field. Both would relatively propel the traveler to the future. Time travel is possible. The man shares my first name. Maybe after a fast ride on my motorcycle, l too will find the future.

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  31. I heard this story , as a kid , in the 4th grade. I thought it was something like a ghost story , Mr Parker was telling us , back in 1969. I did not know Mr Parker was for real. Thought it happened in Chicago. My mistake. The school was in Chicago. 5026 S Greenwood Ave. Two doors down from where President Obama lived , years later. Junior Military Academy was the school. Closed down in 1971. Bad neighborhood. Now , it is a high class neighborhood.

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