Hyundai Asan officials visit N. Korean site of now-defunct tourism project

Today, 15 officials from the South Korean
private firm Hyundai Asan are visiting North Korea’s Mount Kumgang… where they used to
run tours for South Koreans. They’re going to pay tribute to the firm’s
late former chairman, Chung Mong-hun, who’s recognized by the North as a figure who stood
at the forefront of inter-Korean economic cooperation. Hyundai Asan spearheaded both the tours to
Mount Kumgang and the inter-Korean Kaesong Industrial Complex… until both of those
projects, in their turn, broke down. Pyongyang’s been complaining about Seoul enforcing
international sanctions on it… and has urged Seoul to resume the tours and the factory
park. A key question is whether that will be brought
up by the North with the officials from Hyundai.

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