How to Visa Free in Belarus in winter 2019/2020

So did you know that Belarus used to be
the least visited country in Europe but that has been changing dramatically over
the last two or three years since the country started its visa-free policy
from Minsk Airport that’s why so many of my clients have also been coming here to
Minsk let’s get into today’s Tip Thursday with me, Conor Clyne.
[Russian] Let’s go! So let me explain how the visa-free
operates from Minsk Airport so it’s valid for 30 days if you fly in and out
of Minsk Airport now that’s the way the law has been since they introduced this
visa-free via Minsk National Airport it’s actually an
International Airport don’t be put out by that but a big development is that
they are going to expand this to all regional airports in Belarus so it will not
just be Minsk Airport of course that means you can’t cross the land border don’t
show up at the border in your car or by train because that visa free does not
apply interesting right now there are actually no flights from what I can see
from anywhere that you’re going to be traveling from to a Regional Airport in
Belarus so I guess they’re gonna change that they’re actually gonna expand the
number of cities that you fly in and out from further west in Europe there are
flights from Russia but the visa-free does not apply currently if you actually
take a flight from Russia I’m not really sure if I understand the logic with that
but I’m sure there is somewhere so you can fly in and out of Minsk airport
everywhere in the world except Russia and you would actually and by the way if
you are gonna take a flight via an airport in Russia to Minsk this will be a
huge problem because it’s happened to friends of mine that they are in an
airport say in Moscow and they’ve arrived in the International Arrivals
expecting to transfer and unfortunately what happens is when they try to
get out their flight that it’s actually at a domestic departure gate which means
they would they need to enter Russia and they don’t have a Russian visa normally
and then they basically have to book a flight back out of the airport to
somewhere else in the world just as a side note the Belarusian authorities
currently do not control their side of the border if you arrive on a flight
from Russia we did it earlier this summer when we were in St. Petersburg
but we had a special dispensation because we had tickets for the European
games you can go check out my video how we hacked the Russian visa system
actually into Russia without visas that’s another story for you to check
out so yeah just be aware of that don’t get caught out one of my friends did now
when you’re here for the 30 days and you’re not staying in a hotel which will
register you with the authorities then you have to be aware that you need to
register yourself it’s so for example like me
normally staying in an Airbnb apartment luckily they’ve improved that since the
beginning of the year you can actually do that for free online so you register for the
stay of your trip here in Belarus if you change the accommodation then you need to
register again within five working days so you have five working days in order
to do this free online registration you only get to do it once on a stay so
that means the second thing you will have to go to the immigration center
and that is very complicated you need to go pay the right immigration center in
the bank beforehand you need to make sure you have of your insurance in order
you do have an insurance requirement you can buy it at the airport if you don’t
have an insurance policy that covers Belarus sufficiently just be aware
that currently on the online registration that you will have to put
in an insurance number in order to do that so you will actually basically have
to buy insurance at the airport when you arrive it’s very simple and it costs
about when one euro a day but you will have to do that in order to have the
number to put it to type into the online registration when you want to do that so
there you see that is a requirement just be aware of it you are going to be fined
if you don’t do that and you will probably be asked for the registration
when you leave Minsk Airport or the other Airport in that case so that’s an
overview of the current 30-day visa-free regime that is in and out of Minsk
Airport for practical purposes but soon to be applied to all airports in Belarus
that don’t have flights in and out of Russia everywhere else in the world but
just not Russia So there’s been a recent change to the
other option to come and visit Belarus visa-free and that is to go to the
cities in the West now I said for the Minsk airport you had to fly in and out there is
a way to cross the land border and that is to visit the cities of Brest and
Grodno now they’ve just been consolidated into one big region before
you could only stay in that one city and territory and if you went outside it you
got … well you have the potential to get into a lot of trouble like getting banned if you want to
check out my video up above you can go and check that I’ll also link it below of
course about my experience with that happening when I went to Grodno a few
years ago but now it’s been put together into one region you can stay for up to
15 days visa free now you do have to apply beforehand to actually get
your visa-free documents is not as simple as when you fly into Minsk
Airport you are going to have to do that online there are some services that will
do that for you relatively quickly just to make sure that you have those
documents before you go and you can cross the land border at certain points
either on foot or by car or by train so that makes it a lot easier but you
cannot leave this consolidated western region and go say to Minsk or to Gomel
or to Vitebsk or another city like that in Belarus that is
not allowed so just be careful about that and don’t forget and of course you
have to register within 5 working days for immigration as well you can do that
online it’s the same protocols if you were to fly in and out of Minsk so you
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8 thoughts on “How to Visa Free in Belarus in winter 2019/2020

  1. Great vid Conor! I think Belarus will become more and more popular for tourists in the years ahead as they relax the visa rules. They just need to get rid of that annoying registration thing and the air only entry. But step by step!

  2. Hey Conor! Nice content here thank you. Would be interesting to see how it works the new e-visa from west countries to St.Petersburg/Kalingrad. Can you put us some info on your channel about it? Did you use this e-visa already? Cheers!

  3. This is a bit nitpicky, but when they originally introduced the visa-free regime, it was only for 5 days, which included the arrival and departure dates, so it was really only 3 full days. I got in relatively late on the first evening, stayed the night in Minsk, rented a car, spent one night each in Hrodna and Brest where I met some CouchSurfers, then the last day in Minsk. Everything was done at such a frantic pace that I never felt like I had time to catch my breath. Glad they upped it to 30 days.

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