How To Use Google Flights

hey guys what’s up it’s Taylor so I just
come to provide to do like this kind of quick sort of video of like a how-to of
how to use Google flights I’ll be providing all sorts of how-to videos and
helping you guys in terms of money-saving ideas and things like that
but it’s I kind of wanted to do this one really quickly because not a lot of
people are using Google flights which was very surprising to me like because I
mean it’s like the best way to kind of look for ticket deals and flights and
things like that and I mean with everything else can do on Google but I
don’t think I think that we’re all kind of so used to using like the Expedia and
the Priceline and things like that which are good – those are really great to use
that not a lot of people use like you know Google flights so I kind of wanted
to just kind of give you all sort of like a rundown of how to use that and
you know if this is just a really quick sort of like tutorial of like how to and
everything and then if you guys have any questions or want a more in-depth video
or want me to kind of cover something else and let me know comment below and
I’ll get back to you you know as soon as I can and sort of provide you with any
more sort of one-on-one information I don’t exclusively use Google flights
and I’m not like an expert in it by any means but I use it pretty decently and I
at least use it majority of the time to at least look for flights and stuff and
then I may go on to like a websites you know a website and book it or something
like that maybe it just it honestly just depends so anyway let’s get into that
let’s go ahead and put the computer screen on so this is what I used to kind of look
for google sites so I just open up a new web browser I typically use Google
Chrome because you know it’s the best I guess
you know I have a MacBook and I hate I hate when it come back to me for ok
might be hi I hate that I have to use Safari in order to get the little the
little bookmarks or whatever that are on like that straight unit
so do you see right here on my macbook where it shows right now that it’s
recording right but like I’ll I’ll include like another picture or whatever
of it but like right there on this like touch screen bar which is like super
cool see I can like press the button and it opens up all those other things and
make my screen brighter blah blah like on there which is so freakin cool right
I have no idea if that shots like Center but we’re just gonna assume that it is
okay like on there whenever you open up Safari it shows all of like the
different bookmarks and tabs of like your favorite websites on there but it
won’t do that for anything else now for Google Chrome or any other web browser
so I am stuck with having to use Safari just worst I am stuck with having to use
Safari if I want to be able to utilize that Tut that touch bar which is the
only reason I got this MacBook in the first place and when I paid so bloody
much for it was because that’s stupid touch bar twitch it’s just still amazing
but I hate that I have to do Safari for so much like it it irks my nerves it
back to this great oh I think also sorry I look terrible
it’s like 1:30 in the morning and also sorry I’m talking so low people are
sleeping in the house and I’m trying to be respectful
you know because I care okay so anyways so it’s a Oriole video so
what we’re gonna do with it normally I just like kind of Google Google flights
whatever if you open a problem it will come up and then here is Google flights
so I’ll kind of like give you guys like a rundown like I guess this is kind of
like showing you a picture of some mountain or hawk or whatever somewhere
and then it’s kind of showing you popular destinations from where I am so
right now I’m in Dallas that’s where I live obviously so it’s showing like
popular places to go to from here Oh smells in Phoenix okay oh and it’s kind
of like giving you like prices and everything so actually for my birthday
something that I want to do is go to come back to me okay so I want to do is
actually go to Nevada I saw like something on Facebook whatever about how
like there’s this like combat flight thing in Nevada
like by Las Vegas where you can like actually like fly a plane kind of
yourself with like a pilot in the back obviously and then you’ll like be able
to go through and do all these like cool stunts and tricks and everything and I
was like oh my god that sounds so awesome so I totally want to do that so
anyway so that’s kind of what I want to look for so back to this axis right so
look at this so we got to make sure of Phoenix so right now I’m going to look
so here you can search round-trip one-way multi-city now multi-city is
gonna be like you know if you want to stop in other places you know like I put
in one of my other vlogs so normally generally the cheapest plane tickets are
the ones with the most stops on them you know the most layover is just because
the more stuff you have the marks the the cheaper it is I guess but it also
takes longer to get to your destination and to
primary destination so that always kind of sucks then you can select how many
passengers adults children and fence right there and then which class you
want to sit in I’m just gonna pretty much do economy unless I get a free
upgrade because how money like that so economy this so then let’s do Dallas to
Las Vegas Nevada and so the neat thing about this is that you can either select
any of like these airports that are like near Las Vegas yes or anywhere that
you’re kind of looking for or you can select the entire city itself so like in
Dallas right now I have Dallas Texas all Airport selected but I could select the
FW or I could select Love Field but I’m just gonna do Dallas so that way it
gives me an option of everything right and then I want to look for leaving so
this is the main reason for doing for using Google flights right so if you
look on here it gives you a calendar of the prices that you’re like looking at
in terms of like flying it everything else like that which is amazing so my
birthday’s in July so like let’s look July July 13th is my birthday by the way
you know so if I wanted to go somewhere and during this week let’s say or you
know whatever the case may be then like it’s 133 dollars for a round trip
starting on the 9th and then if I came back Friday then the entire trip would
be like hundred thirty-three dollars or that came back Wednesday $156 blah blah
so let’s say I want to go like Monday through Thursday right just for a couple
days ago I don’t really gamble that much and you know like there’s only a couple
of things that I want to do so I might be fine was kind of going right before
my birthday so let’s let’s do that so Monday through
Thursday when they’d sign not Monday July 9 Thursday July 12 and now just
side note by the way typically it’s going to be cheaper to fly during the
week all the business travelers are going on Monday though so it’s always
the cheapest to fly on Monday we’re gonna fly back on Friday we believe on
like a Tuesday come back on a Saturday or something depending on how long you
want your trip to be but we get to that at another that’s other video anyway so
basically you know you have all these various options right so this is showing
right now it’s Dallas Las Vegas Monday July nights and Heights wealth so this
allows you to see like it says it can actually show you the carry-on bag
prices to show if like certain airlines like I know spirit I think I’ve never
personally flown spirit because I value my life but there are other people set
afloat spirit and um like from my understanding you have to pay for every
little thing so you know like I guess I would be applicable to them you can
actually from stops you can choose the number of stops you want you can choose
the price like if you scroll this you’ve got any price under 2000 under 900 blah
blah and then this will actually show time so anytime you wanted apart anytime
you want to thrive you just kind of scroll this and see and then you can
also pick which ever I do you want to use you can actually select all Airlines
or select just Alaska American Delta whatever and then you also go to more
and so this is a really interesting option to me it gives you the option to
book separate tickets through different partners which oftentimes can be cheaper
depending on how far you’re going and where you’re coming and going from
depending on how the airline’s work in that general area doing this can
actually like be really good and save you a lot of money
and when during like a flight video of how to of how to plan flights and
everything I’ll talk about that more obviously this isn’t that sort of how-to
video this is just going over specifically Google flights but
generally speaking I mean you have to really do research and when it comes to
like booking flights and traveling so definitely do your research when it
comes to that but yes a lot of the times I might be cheaper to actually get
separate tickets rather than having them all on the same airline same carry or
whatever the case may be alright so those are those options so right now we
actually have the dates option to see flight prices for similar dates so with
cool about that is you can expand it and then it’ll show you like it’ll show you
the similar calendar see it’s kind of showing me right now so Monday July 9th
$132 if I would have on Sunday 159 Saturday 156 early on Tuesday is $138 so
it kind of like varies and shows you the different options in here as well then
you also have like a price graph which breaks it down a little bit more in
terms of like if you extended or shortened your trip you know like it
kind of shows okay so it’s still a three-day trip but Saturday is Tuesday
and Sunday to Wednesday and like my birthday or Friday to Monday $192 you
know so it kind of shows so you can kind of like use this graph it doesn’t really
seem like there’s anything cheaper it looks like 133 might be the cheapest in
terms of everything in July but there’s that so then you all saw this option
where use maps where yeah so then you also have this option where it’ll show
you the different airports that you can fly in it and the cost of it so it looks
like the closest airport obviously is the one that’s in Las Vegas but then
there’s also one in Saint George and then there’s one up here in Cedar City
which is in Ohio and then you have a couple of airports here in LA the LA
metro so there’s one in Flagstaff so you can
actually like open this maps you kind of decide where it might be cheaper for you
to like fly into like maybe another Airport it’s not like the major airport
will be cheaper to fly into or maybe where you need to go or where you need
to like leave from like let’s say you’re gonna go see family in LA well then you
can plan your departure trip from the LA Airport all right here rather than
having to kind of look up separate things you know it can all kind of be
done from from inside Google flights and inside what that what you know Google is
using for to plan everything and it includes all the major carriers so and
pretty much all the carriers really and then this is just tips on you know using
it and a changing gates a travel guide things like that you know you kind of
explore that so basically when you come down here you see all of the various
flights on flight time so it looks like that $133 price is with sun county
airlines never heard of okay but see it’s a direct trip and you go from DFW
at 3:45 p.m. you get into McCarran at 4:30 and so it’s a two hour and 45
minutes right not too bad then you also have like non stops with spirit and then
if you want to go into other departing flights and you have you know American
and Southwest and you know all these other it says longer and more expensive
flights so you know it’s going to be like this gets up to 300 some odd
dollars so obviously you know you don’t want to necessarily do that so let’s say
I take this like Sun County one because it’s the cheapest and I don’t mind
getting there at four o’clock in the afternoon it gives me time to like maybe
go out have a nice dinner blah blah I’m gonna be there for a couple days anyways
this is kind of why I’m planning on the couple of days so that way I can plan
around poor flight types you know because I’m not trying to spend a lot of
money going I really just want to do that
thing and then kind of be done but I’m gonna be in Vegas so obviously will be
more than just that one thing right so let’s select that flight so then it
gives us a couple of different options so that one 33 price tag is with this
flight this 5:20 p.m. – 10 p.m. time difference so it’s still not stopped and
so I’ll get back home at 10 p.m. so I’d be there for one full day roughly daeun
or two full days roughly and then you know I have will be at the evening the
first day I arrived and then for the duration of the day the third day so
that’s three pretty good day three half days and in Vegas honestly that’s not
bad for 130 reality very good so let’s say I take that one right so then it
shows economy no overhead been accessed I don’t have it yet and then it gives me
like my itinerary so it shows I’m departing and I’m returning and then it
says charges the fees I can see what their fee is so my first check back
would be forty bucks second check back would be fifty
carry-on is $60 Jesus what hell of a carry-on bag me sorry I don’t use I
normally I fly like American or dumps or something I don’t fly on a lot of
airlines that have carry-on bag fees but so another cool thing about this though
is that they actually have an option to track prices where you can monitor the
lowest price they at center airy and receive alerts buy it so let’s say you
didn’t want to like book this right – a second right so which I mean flights
change all the time so the I always adjust the further in advance you can
put something look it but let’s say you could click that and then it will track
the price for you know actually like kind of like send it to you so you can I
could actually put in my email address here but like you know like 56 days ago
it was set hundred twenty seven dollars and forty two days ago it spiked
then actually you know 33 days ago went down again
like 10 20 25 24 days ago but then it kind of has tapered off with 143 and
then it kind of dropped again to 133 which is where we are today so it’ll
actually like track this and if you want to like have something tracking your
flights like a couple of days then you can turn on the email notifications
right here and it will send you all of it’ll send you like this sort of price
history and when the price changes so that’s pretty cool to view – if you
don’t need to buy it right then and you have like a few weeks or a couple of
months ahead of time like if I was planning this I might since it’s kind of
like dropped and stuff a few times in a week’s time I might give it about a week
and you know track this put the email notifications on and let it kind of
email me and tell me what’s happened in terms of an excess prices dropped or
went down it looks like the cheapest it’s been is 127 dollars so that’s only
a few dollars cheaper than what I’m spending for it so it’s not you know but
every dollar counts so but yeah so this is basically this is the way to kind of
use Google flights and it’s something that I use pretty much all the time and
you can use it for international flights you can we use it generally for flights
anywhere and I personally kind of love using Google flights
I don’t always book with Google flights or buy my ticket on there but normally
it’s kind of a good indication of what the flights maybe are usually are on
like American and Delta and things like that and then you can kind of always go
look there as well because sometimes it might be slightly cheaper I mean they’re
giving you the prices from their website so it’s gonna be like the same price but
if you want a couple check do your due diligence and you know do that and you
know still use Priceline and inexpedient things like that like I’m not saying
don’t ever use them but this is a pretty good indication of what
things are going to be and it has a pretty far-out calendar so you can use
it for several several several months in advance so a lot of times what I’ll do
is I’ll at least plan things with Google flights I hope when I want to go
somewhere I’ll look into Google flights and see
what everything is looking like and then kind of you know go from there in terms
of what I actually want to like sit down and commit and pay for everything but
all planned stuff out you know months before I even really start planning it
out and buying it you know and that’s what I’ll use and a lot of people do
book stuff off the wolf lights as well all the time and I have bought tickets
from there and everything it’s just all about how you want to use it but I think
that Google flights is one of the best things to use and I was looking for in
terms of looking for things for booking flights and stuff well I hope you guys
liked this video and sorry I look such a mess while recording it and everything
but like I said it’s like 1:30 in the morning and yeah so I’m going to get
ready to go to bed because I am tired but I developed this up to you guys
please let me know if you have any other comments or suggestions or if you want
any other how-to videos on specific a long line of many that I’ll show you
guys in terms of and I’ll show apps and and what – how to do stuff on the
website as well and also like you know electronics that I use when traveling
how to use though it was drones cameras things like that so this is kind of just
the first and like a long series of how-to videos that I’m going to have so
but if you have any questions any comments right then please let me know
if you like this then do please give it a like doing thumbs up and subscribe
comment below and I look forward to see you guys around the room I

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