How to update Traveler theme

Hello everyone We will guide you to update Traveler theme The site on the video is running ver 1.0.6, an old version when you are watching this Step 1 – Before updating, activate another in Themes, for example, Twenty Fifteen Step 2 – Go to Traveler theme and delete it Wait for a while until… You’re here Step 3 – Click Add new ->Upload Theme, upload the latest version of update downloaded in Themeforest NOTE: The updates must be downloaded and saved in your pc/laptop already. Then click Install Now and wait for some minutes Sometimes there are some small errors happening while updating like this on the video You can completely fix it yourself by uploading the updates via FTP (On this video, the website is running on local host) (Therefore we just copy and paste the updates on Themes folder) After finishing, go to Appearance ->Themes to check the latest version having just been installed Then activate the theme again Step 5 – Go to Plugins, delete all current Traveler Code and Visual Composer plugins and re-install them Continue to go the front-end to check whether errors turn up If Search box lacks some tabs, do not worry about it Go to Traveler Settings ->Search Options ->Search Tab Turn off Show tab of all tabs then Save changes Do all steps above but TURN ON all Show tab then Save changes Reload homepage again Besides, in this latest version, we added a new function Type Layout Options for each layout This will help you create your layout much easier One more must-notice thing is to activate Layout Visual Composer Go to Visual Composer ->General Settings Tick all Content types then Save changes Now you can normally use Visual Composer when creating a new post Now you finished the updates ^^ Thank you for watching Wish you a wonderful time with Traveler^^

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