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Hey Geograpeeps, so next week, we’re going to upload the next episodes of geography go. It’s going to be really cool You’re going to see me in Japan Indonesia Malaysia singapore and New zealand in light of Geography go coming I’d like to address a question that a lot of you guys have had Barby. How do you do it? How do you travel isn’t it cost a lot of money? How do you pick the places that you go to stuff like that so you are in for a treat because today? I’m about to Impart some of my secrets upon you when it comes to choosing a country or the activities that I do and stuff Like that I usually follow seven branches of Criteria here Norris I’m filming at a at a nursing facility right now So yeah number one Culture how vibrant intact rich and distinct and well maintained is the historical roots of this place? you know how well does it mesh and cooperate with mainstream globalized western values number two? landmarks this can be both physical and man-made how well is the architecture the Monuments the civil engineering the landscape stuff like that number three customs and traditions how well can I be caught off guard in terms of culture shock with people that go about their daily lives with different? Mindsets and formats number four logistics. you know is it cost-effective is it easy to get around? Well. I need a Visa Where will I stay who do I know that’s over there will I need immunization which by the way? I’ve gotten by with skipping those a few times number five what will gratify my sense is the most what can I see smell touch? hear taste at this place now these last two categories are a little more Tactical and unique to my personal style of travel because you kind of have to do a lot of research to get it done just Right number six order Proximity I love travelling to places that are really close to the borders of other countries So that way I can kind of like kill 2 or 3 or 4 birds with one stone by just crossing the border with like a public bus this way you know unless if you’re traveling You’re like the eu you can get more stamps on your passport in countries to check off the list this is one of the reasons Why I chose singapore because for singapore You can literally just take like an hour-long Ferry ride to Indonesia, or you could just cross the bridge into MalaySia So I did both and finally number 7 how touristy is it now this is kind of like A Multi-layered category because for me there are five levels of places that rank on the poop care index or prevalence of other people Around ruining everything for me. This is very important because I don’t really do very well with crowds I mean some people do I don’t get drives me crazy I can’t stand being in a large group of people who are all like trying to get selfies and no no so here are the levels level 1 full domain this is the best level you have the entire place to yourself and You are free to frolic about Joyfully and gleefully and all of the wondrous creations that before you level 2 tagalongs You know you’re in a remote area But you know you bump into a few other Intrepid backpackers that are kind of chill you know they may or may not share a part of your adventure with you But in the end you’ll probably share Facebook info level 3 the organized outskirts I’m talking about places that aren’t usually like bustling hotspots for large crowds, but there’s always like a tour guide And there’s like a group of elderly European people with camcorders and hiking sticks thinking that they’re experiencing something exotic level for Cattle call there’s a place where you always have to like wait in Line pay overpriced tickets Everybody wants to see the same thing you’re looking at you know somebody brought their screaming kid who doesn’t want to be there and there’s? Always like this musty damp smell of impending disappointment looming throughout the area the entire time and finally level 5 Look at someone with Asian roots. Okay. I know this one firsthand alright You know what I’m talking about when you look beyond the Horizon and see the massive Legions mostly made up of Chinese slowly encroaching step by step by the hordes with their oversized Space visors hospital Masks vests pleated pants and floral blouses all being led by one Person holding a triangle flag with a corporate logo if you’ve gone this far You know you’ve reached the pinnacle of social Capacity just kind of like a standard that a lot of travelers live by back in the 90s this used to be the Americans But now it’s the chinese speaking of Americans and chinese. I’m gonna have to mention audible again We love audible they’ve been helping out geography now for a while. I found a great book. I’m currently listening to it I got to recommend it to you guys It’s called prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall this guy talks all about regional discrepancies and disputes within all the areas of the world talks about Russia, China Africa Europe even greenland and guess what if you use the link slash Geography you can get this book for a free 30-day trial. It’s amazing and if you love audible just sign up with them It’s totally worth it, and they don’t even have just books they also have like show and comedy and news civil once again That’s slash geography free 30-day trial. If you’d like it sign up with audible great stuff. Love you guys audible Thank you so much for helping out geography now taking all of that into consideration The seven branches of Criteria, and the five levels of tourism then I start to look into flight prices you know typically Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays are the cheapest days to fly try to research when Off-Peak season is because that’s when you can usually get the most ridiculously cheap deals and there are some search engines out there that just Default to the cheapest day after that then I start looking for accommodation here’s the thing like I almost never stay at hotels not trying to like toot my own horn but after like ten years of doing this whole business thing I kind of have a lot of Connections to a lot of people across the globe I’m just saying it took me like over ten years to develop that rolodex. So whatever I personally travel somewhere I probably have a connection to somebody who knows somebody in that area, but not everybody has that luxury So if you are one of those people that doesn’t I would recommend maybe couchsurfing I know a lot of you geographies are already on couchsurfing. It’s a great source. I like it I’ve used it or you know the good old fashioned way, just make friends with people I’m very fortunate because I live in a city that is incredibly diverse over 200 different languages are spoken here from over 150 different types of ethnicities you know over the years this has really helped me greatly in my travels because there’s always like a Connection, so I guess that’s probably my biggest piece of advice make friends make friends with people who are from other places And then you’ll see how far you can go So I hope you like the geography go episodes when they come out and the next update video I’ll be telling you guys my top 10 travel destinations. So stay tuned for that all right cool stay tuned thank you guys for your support. Have a good one

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  1. I watched the top 10 travel destinations video first (on a cell phone) and spent so long trying to search for the PoopCare Video before watching this one. But awesome video with some really great points. I just downloaded Prisoners of Geography.
    What is your opinion on crowds for special events? It's Carnival season and I was reading about some events in Europe that sound really interesting, but super crowded.

  2. Dude, Ecuador. You have animals (galapagos), everything is reaaally close (beach, mountains, selva). You can meet indigenous tribes in the Andes and in the rainforest (completely different from each other). And you can take a bus to Colombia and/or Peru. Not to mention the food (try our fried guinea pig lol)
    And there's no asian invasion yet

  3. Here's my advice for free accomodation. I like using workaway when travelling, work for a few hours and get free accomodation and you can make lots of friends this way.

  4. I visited Japan's 'Kinkakuji' or Golden Temple in Kyoto. It was 'Asian Invasion' level, and it completely ruined it for me. Kyoto was insanely touristy in general. After that I tried seeking out smaller, more out of the way places.

  5. I just love this channel SO much. Perhaps you should sell t-shirts with Geography Now themes. I bet it would sell! 🙂

  6. If you want border proximity, Belgium is the place to go. You can visit 5 countries in one day and if you have a couple of hours left, you can still go to the UK before midnight.

  7. In switzerland there are like 2 or 3 no.5 spots but the rest is no.1 to no.3
    If you want to come, I'll show you all the cool places (mostly no.1 to no.3)

  8. Im going to ireland with free accomodation and i'll be fed, im using WWOOFing. Just have to do a bit of agriculutural work, but the types of work vary mostly agriculutural i think as it is a green organization.

  9. you should come to Georgia,we have mountains and islands and jungles all the good stuff, and you have about a six hour drive to Miami and take a ferry to the Bahamas, my family can host you

  10. I'm Swedish, and when I go to Stockholm, I always see a bunch of short old Chinese women traveling in packs with huge cameras walking around the Royal Palace or Drottninggatan (big shopping street) I'm like starting to think China's government is sending these people to European cities as spies so China can invade us

  11. When you mentioned, "Audible", I thought you were going into the most common criticisms of American tourists. LOL

  12. 1:40 flags – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar
    1:42 flags: Tanzania, Kenya
    1:43 flags: Denmark, Sweden
    1:45 flags: Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria
    1:58 flags: Singapore, Indonesia
    2:01 flags: Singapore, Malaysia

  13. Just started watching and MUST recommend Nova Scotia. Southshore is poopcare level 3, BUT northern shore and Cape Breton Island are poopcare 2, possibly 1. Check out Melmerby Beach, easily a few km(miles) to yourself except for a few weeks in July-August.

  14. Am confused, what is this "western values "? Is it like private investments or is it capitalism or what?

  15. Haha, I'm German and last year I visited Lucerne (Switzerland) with my mum by a tour bus full of elderly people (we and another unknown woman were the youngest tourists in that bus). However in some areas of Lucerne I thought I was in Asia because of the Chinese invasions 😀 (and Chinese restaurants – instead of Swiss ones – everywhere). You made me laugh!

  16. you should visit Chile, its wonderful. Santiago, Viña, Valparaiso, Valdivia, Patagonia, or Valle del Elqui (where gabriela mistral was born)

  17. Hey this channel is really cool and I'm glad I found this video! I've only been to one other country besides the US (Canada) but in 2018 I am going to Spain, Andorra, Germany, and New Zealand.

  18. Edinburgh floats in the middle between level 4/5 on the POOPCARE meter, so much that a lot of locals are actually seriously complaining about it… lol

  19. This video just reinforces that I need to get a passport but i want to travel my country (Canada) some more since its so huge and we have everything from deserts to rain forests so

  20. I had an experience of “Asian Invasion” once, I was trying to watch and enjoy the volcano show at the Mirage in Vegas, but right before the show started; a massive flock of Asians just came and crowded all around me trying to get selfies and pictures. One even used my head as a selfie stick holder..

  21. As a Filipino, just as how much I wish Barby to visit our country, it seems like most likely he'll never be. We'll flop #1, #3, #6, & #7. Culture is not intact (except in Cordillera, Palawan, Batanes and Muslim Mindanao, which is not so safe nowadays). Customs and tradition…we almost got nothing to offer aside from Cordillera and Muslim Mindanao again. Border proximity…meh. And ASIAN INVASION!!! Chinese, Koreans, Japanese!!!

  22. Ghana, Togo and Ghana is are easy to get visas for. Nigeria is something else. I have heard you can get it in Cotonou but good luck. Best to try to get it before you go to Africa.

  23. I’ve been to some of the most touristic attractions here in South America (Machu Picchu, Rio de Janeiro, Uyuni, Buenos Aires, Atacama Desert, Iguazú Falls, etc) and I’ve experienced the Asian Invasion in all of them, it’s hilarious.
    The other annoying invasion is the Israeli invasion that I’ve seen in these touristic points of South America: huge groups of backpackers that just finished their military service so they are like animals who can’t follow any rule, they are disrespectful, don’t communicate to anyone outside their group (unless some drunk men trying to flirt to some euro or latin girl), dirty, loud, etc. Here are three graphic examples: 1. A couple of years ago a group of Israeli backpackers was fined after an orgy in a Sacred Inca ruin in Peru. 2. In 2012 an Israeli backpacker was arrested for causing a massive forest fire in Torres del Paine NP, Chilean Patagonia (again, not respecting the laws and norms of the Park like no fire nor camping where is not allowed). 3. Many hostels in Patagonia don’t allow Israeli passengers to stay because many of them left without paying, breaking things, being noisy and dirty, etc.

  24. In Prisoners of Geography Marshall among other geographical mistakes, claims that the UK has no land boarder. It is very good on explaining politics, but weak on geography. I am surprised you did not realize that.

  25. Barby, I think you would absolutely love to visit Moldova. There are bearly any tourists even in the summer, we have a few nice mainly Physical landmarks, and an Autonomus region as well as a a self-proclaimed republic that no one recognizes. I hope you make to Moldova one day.

  26. Unlike me ,who lives so far inland in Louisiana there are only Cajuns and other Americans. I don't meet many people from other countries.

  27. I am scared of travelling to places that are #1 in the POOPCARE index bcuz I'm afraid I need help there

  28. I’m the opposite. I like/ love hotels and hate staying with people. Couch surfing? My idea of hell. We’re all different thank goodness 😅

  29. If I still had my own place, I wouldn't mind being a hostess and you stay over, but since I've moved from NY to FL I'm temporarily staying with my folks and it's stranger danger for them.

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