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How to take cash trips. Did you know riders
and delivery customers can pay cash for trips
and deliveries? At the end of a trip, the app will show
the amount owed in cash and ask you to collect it
from your customer. While customers are encouraged
to pay the exact amount, you may still be asked
to provide change. Carrying some cash
is a smart move. Even if a customer gets a discount,
don’t worry. You’ll still be paid
your full trip earnings in the app. Accepting cash means you get paid
on the spot instantly. Just remember, a part of the fare
includes Uber’s service fee. You can easily track any outstanding
balances you owe us in the app. Cash trips allow more riders
and delivery customers to use Uber. And that means more business
for you.

12 thoughts on “How to Take Cash Trips | Uber Support | Uber

  1. Want to learn more about taking cash trips? Drivers in areas with a cash payment option can get paid on the spot. Cash trips allow more riders to use Uber, and that means more business for you. Find out what you need to know about cash trips, if cash payment is available in your area. Learn how cash trips work, how to collect cash from riders, and how to pay the Uber service fee.

  2. The day you put my lively hood in jeopardy, trying to have drivers accept cash for payments is the day I’ll delete my Driver app with ease. Don’t put drivers in situations where we may be harmed or robbed.

  3. Better rethink your stance on drivers who want to protect themselves. This is a fantastic way to make driving partners targets.

  4. I already drove a taxicab. I don't intend to go back, especially without the safety precautions a taxicab has in place. the only good thing uber has going for it, is the piece of mind, knowing that I'll have my money. when you let customers pay cash, I'm going to mcdonalds

  5. Paying with $20 bills for <$5 trips is no fun. We can’t be expected to stop at a bank four times a day to get change; and at nights and weekends (busiest times for Uber) banks are closed and some stores don’t give change. Riders should pay whenever possible with approximately the exact change (rounded to nearest dollar or major currency where Uber cash is accepted)

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