How to save offline route on Google Maps

How to save offline routes in google maps hello friends welcome to my channel
digital world in this video I am going to show you how you can save the Google
Maps Rudolph’s line so that you can use them later on during your travel in the
absence of any internet connection or in case you have a poor connection so first
of all open the Google map and choose the starting and end point as you
normally do once you find the driving directions in Google map you once you are done with that you
I’m an app but alongside that you would see that on the top of these driving
directions we see a message tap to download offline directions for sporty
connections on your route once you tap this then you will get a
message on the bottom download started and will continue in the background and
here as you can see that the download offline maps have been started in this
way you can save the driving directions offline for your subsequent use during
the travel just in case you do not have the internet connection during traveling
or you don’t want to use that for any reason
so that’s it for this video thank you guys for the watching if you like this
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3 thoughts on “How to save offline route on Google Maps

  1. What's annoying, is the only way it seems to be that you can download offline routes (rather than whole maps), is if you're fortunate enough to get that black banner pop up, when you're inputting the destination (as in this video)

    And since, ordinarily, you can only download Offline Maps that are square/rectangle, if you're doing very long journeys this becomes impractical/impossible, since the file size will become MASSIVE for a journey more than a few hours long

    I'd recommend putting Google Maps into the "WiFi Only" mode, if you're struggling to get this black banner to pop up

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