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Visualizing data in a meaningful context allows
users to quickly compare how well vehicles, drivers or groups are performing as a whole
and in relation to each other. This can be accomplished, in part, through
the Trips Summary Report. Select Map from the main menu. For fleets with 50 vehicles or fewer, all
vehicles will be selected by default. To deselect all vehicles and select a single
vehicle, click the Map button, then clear map. Users can search for a vehicle by VIN, serial
number, of vehicle name. *enter name of single vehicle*
To view multiple vehicles, select from the dropdown, or choose “select all” to view
all vehicles in the fleet. *select multiple vehicles from dropdown*
Additionally, the groups filter can be used to isolate specific groups of vehicles. For more information on the groups filter,
watch our video on “How to Use the Groups filter for vehicles, zones, and users”. *insert annotation to groups filter vid*
Once the vehicles have been selected, click the Trips History button at the top of the
page. Click on the Options, and specify the desired
date range and select Apply changes. Click the Summary button at the top of the
page, to display summarized trip information for the selected vehicles. This trip summary view allows users to compare
essential driving data across vehicles. By default, the vehicle list is sorted based
by distance driven for the specified time period. Select the “Sort by:” drop down button
at the top the screen to rearrange the summarized trips by name
*select name* or by time spent driving. *select time*
The pie chart on the right side shows the percentage of time spent inside customer,
office, home and non-customer zones.Hover your mouse over the pie chart to see details
on the time spent in each zone type. Hover your mouse over the green distance line
of each vehicle to see the percentage of distance traveled compared to the vehicle with the
most distance traveled. You can examine the idle time compared to
the overall drive time by hovering over the purple line. From the View dropdown, select Report to view
the Trips Summary in a report format. *select Report*
Select Advanced to view a detailed summary report with additional fields. *select Advanced*
To download the report, select the PDF or Excel button. You have successfully run a Trips Summary
Report. You have successfully run a trips summary

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