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  1. Is there anyone who has been to Seoul, South Korea recently? If so, is there something that you wish you had knew before the trip? Me and my best friend are planning to go there next summer for about 10 days😄

    Wonderful and super informative video Aileen. Keep up the great work❤

  2. Excellent guidance ! I definitely recommend using this resource ( https://www.use-it.travel/info/detail/what/ ) I stumbled upon it when visiting Czech Republic. It's a no-tourist trap nonesense map made by young locals. Looking it up now I was excited to see they have an app. Also I recommend visiting Tunisia! Let me know if you ever do ,it's tiny but beautiful! I post about it quite a bit on IG : Ouiem.C !
    Sending you hugs !

  3. it can be super over whelming to plan a travel itinerary! My friend and i planned a trip to europe all by ourselves and it was very time consuming! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  4. Wow Aileen!

    I'm blown away by your insightful advice and relevant topics that I find myself in at this stage of my life 🙂 Thank you for your helpful tips, especially with these two videos on traveling. I've learned so much about the organization for putting together an itinerary, particularly for international travel. On your Instragram, I fangirled when I saw you went to Hakone! On my travel to Japan last year, I went to that enchanting place and hoped to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji. It was cloudy that day, but it was incredibly stunning and serene. I suppose a cool topic to cover next regarding travel would be ways to record your memories from the travel experiences. For international travels, I like to create a travel photo book from blurb.com since it's really neat to compile the experiences visually and have something tangible to share with your family and friends when they ask how was your trip went. I'm curious how you compile your memories after a big trip! I think it would be cool to do a video vlog of the trip…then again, I think when you're in the place you're travelling to, it's nice to be present and actually enjoy the ambience of the area rather than worry about getting great footage. It's all about balance, I suppose! Anyway, thank you for putting out high quality and relevant content 🙂 You're truly a gem! Keep creating, beautiful girl!


  5. Another tip, when traveling in japan, is you can check out odigo.jp 🙂 you can research and can make your own itinerary (that includes the time and expenses that you need to get to specific places, etc.) there and save it in your phone!!! I think you'll enjoy that site haha

  6. Se que es mucho trabajo pero haz los videos con subtitulos plis, estoy empezando a estudiar ingles pero aun se me dificulta y me encantan todas tus recomendaciones Saludos desde COLOMBIA

  7. Thank you for these videos. I am planning my first solo trip to London and Paris and these tips will help me with my planning. 👍🏾

  8. Hi Aileen, I'm planning my trip to Thailand for March and I'm so excited! Do you have any tips on choosing the best travel insurance? <3

  9. You should definitely try Cittymapper, it's not available for all cities but there are some main European cities where everyone uses it 🙂

  10. Hi guys! Just wanted to add on top of all this amazing info: when I traveled through Japan last month, I didn’t get a SIM card for the first few days but I managed to get around with the maps.me app which you can use offline if you download the area maps when you’re connected to WiFi. It doesn’t always give you the best routes but it was a lifesaver at the start! :3 (also you can pin your fave locations which helped plan out my days)

  11. I'm going to Tokyo sgooon. Would be so cool if you could share your itinerary with us. Would love some pointers on where some good places to go as well as eat!!!!  Thanks

  12. I loved your Google Doc! I also love researching so that I can have an itinerary ready for my trip. But I usually keep about 2-3 days free for unplanned on the go activities or to just revisit places and hang out in areas that I really loved and want more of! 🙂 Thanks for another content-heavy video! <3

  13. I always got mess up everytime I plan for my travel >.< these tips are so amazing!!! Thanks Aileen! It helps me a lot for my travel in the future <3

  14. Great video and awesome content! Thank you so much for creating this video. It's extremely helpful and I'm going to be using this as a guide for future trips! This video must have taken quite a lot of planning and time. It's really appreciated!! I've already saved $40 on a airbnb; thank you!!!

  15. this video come in the perfect timing! omg i Love you Aileen, now i know how to organize my schedule in Jogjakarta City…guys Please chek out Aileen video about how to package everything u need in the suitcase…it really help me have more space On my suitcase…love u💋

  16. I always find your advice super useful, but about travelling, I couldn't disagree more with your planning system 😅
    I used to plan my trips quite a bit, like you, but now I don't plan much. Yes, I was seeing all the 'have to see' and I was bragging on social media with my pictures. But I was not actually 'living' the place, I was not properly exploring. The best experiences I have now when travelling is when we have a day completely unplanned and we just decide on the day what to do, usually we pick a random non-touristy neighbourhood and we go walk around and see how people live, where people shop, we eat in unknown local delicious and cheap restaurant…
    I'm about to go to New Zealand for three months and I can't wait to wake up and decide where I feel like driving the van on that day.
    Of course different things work for different people, but I just wanted to comment this in case somebody is watching your video and getting stressed about having to plan so much in detail.
    If you're reading this and you feel overwhelmed about trip planning: relax, you don't need to. It will be fun anyway 😃

  17. This was great! Would you be able to link your Tokyo Google doc? Would love to see what places were on your list for future travel!

  18. Great tips! I️ went to Tokyo last year and planned the trip. It was quite time consuming. I️ employed all the tips you suggested except Google maps. I️ probably should have, it would’ve made traveling from one spot to another more streamlined. On another note, I️ would add that researching the culture and tips from travelers who’ve visited your intended destination was quite helpful. I️ knew how to use the subway and to get a subway card before going to Tokyo; Tokyo doesn’t have trash cans on the street, so I’d have to carry any trash I️ had until I️ got to a store or restaurant; and that you get great photos of Mt. Fuji while in the Hakone area when the weather is clear.

  19. Hi, love your videos so much!!! Would you mind to share your Japan travel itinerary please?
    I’m going this coming year, so would be so helpful 😁 much love ❤️

  20. I love how you added the weather forecast. How do you do that on google documents? I’ve been trying to figure it out! I adore this video, using your idea to plan my trip to Vancouver in January. Taking a trip to Japan in September 2018

  21. Aileen, thank you so much for these two videos. I've been struggling with planning a trip for a while now, but you've really helped make the process so much more approachable. I can't thank you enough Aileen! Love you and your videos!!

  22. Love these tips! Your planning style is so much like mine. Never heard of pocket wifi, I'm excited to try it out. I like the personalized maps feature in google although I miss the older version of mymaps

  23. Google flights sucks. Skyscanner.com and Kayak.com/explore are the best. Groupon getaways usually has nice deals as well as Travelzoo.com

  24. I DEFINITELY recommend Google Flights!!! I'm in an LDR and tbh Google Flights is sometimes the only reason I'm able to see my girlfriend.

  25. this video is veeerrrryyyyyy helpful!! I just wanted to say something that when you're shopping make sure that the amount of stuff you buy gets fitted in your travel bag or else you'll have to buy another bag or keep carrying them in your hands which i don't really prefer doing, but yeah I hope this helped!

  26. i'm going to japan in less than 2 weeks and i'm wondering what tips/advice you have on carrying documents (such as passport) around japan?? and top 3 things to check out in tokyo?? thank you!!!

  27. You should also take into account opening hours of monuments, museums and shops when you are planning your itinerary so you don't plan to go visit a museum on a day that it's closed or right before it closes for the day.

  28. girrrrrl, watched SO MANY of ur vids today! just found you and LOVE you!!! XO where is this fb group, i NEED to be a part of it lol

  29. Wow this is such a great tips!I think it would be perfect if you can share your tokyo itinerary 😂😂

  30. Currently planning to do my first international travel so this video was definitely helpful. Tokyo sounded so awesome! Thanks Aileen!

  31. Thinking about traveling to Europe but don't know how much money you need? Here's my blog: whereonearthshouldwegonow.wordpress.com take a look at it and pack your bags! More tips to come, feel free to ask questions.

  32. The SmartTraveler App is a link to the US State Department where you can register with them your travel plans before your trip.  That way if there is an incident, you will get notifications from them and updates on the situation.

  33. These two videos have been sooo super helpful for an overly procrastinating person like me. Thank you so so so so much. Super excited (and less worried) to travel in the future now 💕

  34. You can use the app google trips to plan! When you add things you want to do it will automatically show you a map of their locations. It also automatically puts in all your travel information like conformation numbers

  35. Hey Aileen, nice vid. You might like to check out the Travaa ( https://travaa.com ) itinerary organizer – it’s Google Maps with a calendar and photo info cards.

  36. Travefy.com will cut down 90% of the time you're spending creating and organizing your itinerary in Google Docs. It is pre formatted and lets you easily fill in fields, move things around and share with friends. It has spaces to fill in flight numbers, reservations, etc, which serves as a great reminder of the information that you should have planned and on hand. Plus it can recognize addresses and rental car companies etc and fill in some of the extra details for you. You can even drag and drop parts if your itinerary to other days of the trip as you narrow down your details.

  37. ITA matrix is another great flight finder its run through google as well. Love the videos, I'm itching for an adventure, so this is a great start. 🙂

  38. Hello Aileen. I'm traveling to London in September and needed to put to2an itinerary. I love, love, love this video. How did you get the weather format like that?

  39. You're so organized! Thanks for this video! Truly have helped me a lot for planning my next trip this summer 2019 <3

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  41. Interesting tips! I usually screenshot anything I may be interested in, to save and check later. I am usually over-planning while my husband likes to improvise: we are going to Japan in 6 weeks, we’ll see what happens! 🙂

  42. Thank you so so much this videos are helping me a lot to plan to my travel I would to see more like this video ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. I'll be graduating from college in 2 years, and will be starting earning myself and going on a world tour was on top of my bucket list, I've watched both ur vedios and they were so informative and helpful. I was a bit overwhelmed by the number things we need to plan😅 but hey, better be prepared than sorry later.

    Added it to watch later!

  44. hi, loved this video ,and i will be taking your advice to create my itinerary for japan. I will be travelling there in 2 weeks, I had one question is it necessary to purchase the JR Rail pass? Im going for a week i only had one day trip planned to Kyoto and i really want to visit tokyo disney, any suggestions will be helpful. thanks

  45. I am planning a Eurotrip, but I can use recommendations which countries should I visit , I do want to start in Spain , but I am not sure where to go next or which countries are worth to writing down in my "must go places" . so Im open for any recommendation.

  46. This is such a smart way to plan trips!! Your video is awesome and you’re really great at explaining organization and where to find/how to find fun things. GREAT VIDEO!!

  47. Great Video…. I have a question after :50 into it, you say "I always save the document as an offline file on my phone so I have it with me all the time" Question, how do you do this… sorry if this sounds a little dumb, but I do not know how to do this to be able to view the document without wifi or internet access…. thanks so much…

  48. I have finally decided to stop relying on tour companies for my international travel and your travel tips had made it so much more easier to wrap my head around and to get going! Thank you!!!

  49. Great inspration. Thank you ! I have one question, where did you get the weather forecast from?

  50. I've tweeted to you about this video but I also want to make a comment! This was such a huge sigh of relief for me! I'm starting to plan my 4 week (first time) SOLO trip to South Korea and Japan at the end of this year/start of next year and I've just been winging it with this whole planning thing. But even before watching this video I had Google Docs already set up with some info about various things, read numerous vlogs and watch lots of youtube videos AND already created Instagram collections since last year hahah thanks so much for this helpful video! Such a handy tip to put those Google Docs offline too! And also your packing video is so good!!

  51. Hey Aileen! Is there any chance I could get access to this itinerary? I'd like to use it as an outline for mine, and it's irritating for me to go back on timestamps lol.

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