How to NOT BE a BAD Traveler | Travel Do’s & Dont’s

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  1. Wow ! I'm really impressed . As a long time surfer host I think that these points are on pointe . You encapsulated a lot of the major emotional and relationship issues in a sensitive and insightful manner. I also loved the way that u combined a security feature ( closed ) with an open mentality ( couchsurfing) keep doing what u do guys – love u ❤️

  2. Hilarious vid guys! Great information though. I’d say, I’m often too afraid to stay with hosts because I am scared I’ll be imposing. With this advice, maybe I’ll try it out more often and not be as worried about that!

  3. Thanks for the cool video. Marko, you really are a great comedian! I must add that I have an awesome cat whose name is also Marko. Although he's rather more of a thriller guy. In Estonia where I live and also in most other European countries there are two very important things Americans should keep in mind when visiting or staying at someone's home. 1) Take your shoes off when coming in. We don't wear our shoes in the homes. 2) No putting your feet on the coffee table! That would be considered rude and vulgar. But everything else mentioned in the video applies to us too. 😊

  4. This is a great topic that you discussed. As a newbie in traveling, I should know these stuff. Thank you, guys!

  5. Who else doesn't do this, BUT has had it too many times and doesn't understand why people need to be told?

  6. German proverb:

    It's the innkeeper's role to make the guest feel at home, it's the guest's role to remember they are not.

  7. Here in Canada, you put on and take off your shoes at the door. Its so bizarre to me to see people wearing shoes inside their house. lol. Vive la difference!

  8. My mom's cousin had a step daughter and she had a medical appoitment in my city. She called asking if she could stay overnight to attend the appoitment the next morning. She stayed for 2 months. Now we hate each other

  9. Excellent video! Cooking, cleaning and other chores are always a nice thing to do. Definitely bring a small gift for your host.

  10. Your timing is impeccable! I'm getting ready for a trip where I'll be staying with my friend. Will definitely keep your tips in mind, thanks!

  11. In Russia its expected to take your shoes off at the door. Most people have a ton of extra slippers for you to wear around the house and they’ll offer them to you. Great advice on bringing a gift, it always feels awkward to come empty handed.

  12. Thank you, but too late, I think I have done all the don'ts when I stayed at my brother's in Edinburgh!
    In Egypt, you need to take your shoes off at the door if you're a guest at a Muslim's house because anywhere in the house is considered a prayer area, so stepping in your shoes will be considered a taboo. Another thing is to bear in mind that women are going to be wearing hijab once a stranger is in the house (normally we don't wear hijab at home), so be kind not to wander around the house freely in case the lady of the house is not wearing her hijab. You also need to be present at home when the man is there. So, if you came back and the woman is there by herself, try to excuse yourself and go around or sit in a cafe till the man of the house is back! Above all, try to lower your gaze whenever there are women in the house. Doing this will make the host and hostess welcome you as long as you can imagine because you earned their respect! ✌️ Peace

  13. Haha the acting in this is so funny 😂

    P.S. I’m a small YouTuber just 3 subs away from 100! 🙂

  14. Great tips guys! I’ll be sure to pass it on to my Busabout passengers in Europe this season 😊

  15. This video shouldve been titled how to be a good airbnb/homestay traveler. If you are staying at a hotel a lot of these don't apply

  16. We never stay more than 2 days even with family. It just gets tough. Also, some days we go over near lunch time, other days at dinner, that way everyone can have private time to do their own things. It works.

  17. I think the title should be changed for House Guest travelers. Cause most of these don't apply to travelers on a trip where they're accommodation isn't a guest home.

  18. Great tips! I would probably also tell your house guests you have security cameras in your house so you aren't secretly recording them as that's illegal in some places!

  19. My suggestion: Airbnb whole place to yourself haha x

    I feel too stressed being in other people’s space 😬

  20. I recently was hosted by an Italian family and omg yes DO NOT show up empty handed. I showed up with gifts from culture and they absolutely loved them! Sometimes the smallest gifts have the greatest meaning! I also have a travel related youtube channel if anyone would like to check it out and leave some feedback that would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  21. I am too private a person to enjoy couchsurfing but I appreciate the idea of it! Airbnb is more my style.

  22. Hosting people is actually a huge deal in Turkey,, even giving up your bed for a guest (especially family)! Definitely love the video guys, keep them coming!

  23. I've never did couch surfing before, but I would like to try. Some days agao I booked a room on Airbnb for my upcoming stay in LA and I'm so excited making this new experience.

  24. Ha ha what a fun video ! On a side note, i Cannot recommend using “ring” enough. We are using it in our home since years in Mumbai, India!

  25. Dudes, it's a common sense! If it's not, I'm gald I never hosted anyone 😀 it's horrible, if ppl actually are that unaware.

  26. LOVE this video! We have thought about making our townhouse an airbnb when we are on our travels. I might have to have this playing on the TV when the guests arrive haha!

  27. Misleading title…definitely expected something else from the title! It should say "travel guest"!

  28. You mention that as a guest you should spend some time in the host's home so they don't feel like being used as a hotel. Do you feel this applies to couchsurfing as well, or just when staying with friends/people you know? Would a couchsurfing host be insulted if you only sleep there and spend the entire days as a tourist? Any couchsurfers or hosts, feel free to answer!

  29. Such a brilliant video & a much needed addressed topic. Thank you guys
    Greetings from South Africa

  30. Such a brilliant video & a much needed addressed topic. Thank you guys
    Greetings from South Africa

  31. Hey in India
    It is considered rude if the guest offers to do the dishes or cleaning. The host feels that his work was not upto the mark thats why the guest is offering to do the chores.

  32. very cool! yup! me too!! I was a former Girl Scout and I know that rule too, Leave a place cleaner than you found it. I was just in Michigan last weekend for my best friend's & her husband's now 3 month old's Luna Baptism, i was named godmother of Luna. Chelsea & I are both Wisconsin Natives, but she lives in MI now. I kept a commentary of our trip, letting her know where we were on our trip and all. once we got there, i gave her a call and told her we made it and will stopping by once we check in to our hotel. (me and my dad made the trip) and once the kids were up (2 yr old Stella & 3 month old Luna) played with the kids and went to the park. Stella gave me two big bear hugs when i was up. she's def coming around with me and she'll play with her Auntie Adri (that's what she calls me now lol) she's not afraid of me. it was just she doesn't get to see me a whole lot, she was warming up to me. i did help with kids the best i could. i also helped with dinner. we did a lot of chit chatting and catching up. we had to whisper quite a bit, as the girls were sleeping. i was over there Saturday afternoon well into the evening and Sunday afternoon before leaving to back to WI and opening baptism gifts. And i let her know when we were back home and my dog was doing better. Iszy, our dog has Vertigo. but she is doing a lot better. not 100% yet, but doing a lot better. almost back to her Dizzy Iszy funny puppy ways. Dizzy Iszy is one of her nicknames cause of how funny she is and Izbiz is another one.

  33. In Chile as a guest, you MUST offer help with the cleaning, and even if your host tells you there's no need, ask again (why? cause we are weird i guess) otherwise we will think you are just lazy (even if you are not), also chilean moms will try to make you eat everything they can find and if you don't want to eat more, they'll act all hurt but it's just game (but also, maybe it isn't so EAT) <3

  34. I couched surfed few days back in newzealand for first time.I guess I covered all the do’s and behaved myself.

  35. Hi guys.Love your travelog.You guys just left New Zealand ( where are I am from) We are flying from Auckland to Sankt Petersburg for Scarlet Sails . I think you will love it! You still have a time to get visa)) Hope will see you guys there one day)

  36. In Italy (and many other places) do not put your feet (ESPECIALLY NOT WITH SHOES ON) on any surface other than the floor or a foot rest. Most people prefer you don’t have your shoes on throughout the house at all

  37. Rather than cooking (other people using the kitchen for things other than snacks or breakfast stresses my mom out) my family always said we need three things from a guest: 1) what time they are arriving, 2) how long they are staying, and 3) what night they are taking us out for dinner. Obviously, this is with older/money-making adults but a rule of thumb I love

  38. Guys please do visit northern areas of pakistan . Its so beautiful. Im sure u will fall in love with pakistan once u visit

  39. My Momma always said.. The Best house guest is.. the one that didn't seem like they were ever there.. Clean up after yourself!

  40. I guess last time I respected all of these except cooking for the host because I'm a terrible cook haha. Time to get some lessons.

  41. Another point would be don't talk about politics/religion unless invited to do so. Sometimes longtime friends might have different philosophies about the world, be sensitive and mindful about those conversations. I've hosted many, many people over the years and I wish it was cool to have a "Good Guest" cheat-sheet so I don't have to feel annoyed when I find out my guest is feral!

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