How to insert your Project Fi SIM card

In this video, we’ll show you how to insert
your Project Fi SIM card. You’ll need the SIM card from Project Fi.
Press down on the SIM card to pop it out. Grab your phone and the SIM tool.
If you lose the tool, a paperclip works too. Make sure your phone is off.
Find the SIM card tray on your phone. It will likely be on the top or left side.
It’ll look like this. Insert the paperclip or SIM tool into the hole. Push firmly but gently until the tray pops out. The SIM tray will pop out just a little bit,
so you’ll need to pull it completely out of the phone. Remove the tray and place the SIM card inside it. Match the corner of the SIM card to the tray with the Fi logo facing up. Put the tray back in the slot and push it gently back into the phone. If the SIM card pops out when you’re putting the tray back in, try holding the SIM card
down with your finger as you slide it in. Turn your phone back on and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your phone. If you run into any issues, contact Project Fi support or visit the help center at:

78 thoughts on “How to insert your Project Fi SIM card

  1. The video is incorrect (for the Nexus 6), the Fi logo will not face up. The gold contacts will face up (as this is the only way the cut corner will align properly).

  2. Fi logo will not face up even on Nexus 6P. Google needs to know that all SIM trays are not same on all phones. This video might be good only for Nexus 5X or older Nexus. Definitely not for Nexus 6 or Nexus 6P.

  3. The future of this idea would be phenomenal. Just Imagine not hafting to go through stupid carriers who don't easily support open sim slot phones.

  4. Waiting for you guys to support more phones other than Nexus. Sitting here with a Moto X Pure Edition, and the Fi SIM kit, but won't move from T-Mobile because of stories of peoples Fi service getting terminated due to having the Fi SIM in an unapproved device.

    (I'll jump back on the Nexus train when the next one is announced.)

  5. hey google can you change my google name to Focus Wright i really need it done becuse my google name at the moment is zirx wright and i haet that when i try to change it ity say's changed to recenty help please !!!!

  6. Project Fi makes no sense in Portugal. I'm currently paying 9,90€ per month, for unlimited domestic talk and text and 2GB of mobile data (which is more than enough for a smartphone)

  7. Another video made for americans about how to insert a SIM card in a new phone and still forget that a lot of smartphones have the SIM slot behind the batery :v

  8. I suppose since people still confirm if email addresses and URL's are one word, it's necessary to still have to tell people how to insert SIM cards.

  9. Google, why did u remove TiesGames. Cuz of the Omegle video That was inopprovial ? Why dont you guys remove the Advertisements of naked Womans or Mans 'Unbelievable !

  10. Hmm, I just heard about this and it would be too expensive. Sorry Google, I have to stay with TMobile. I mean heck, I'm already at 10 GB and I still have half the month left.

  11. The instructions weren't clear enough, my arm and my left butt cheek got stuck in an easy bake oven

  12. Important is how to get unlock code for samsangTablet mostlyT257T simcard inserting is not sufficient any body explain guidence to get rid of hurdle

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