How to get Thailand Multi Entry Visa (METV), Thailand Multi-Entry Visa Application and Requirements

Hey guys thanks for tuning in to nomadic travel. Today I’m going to be helping you out with the time multi entry visa. I know I had a lot of questions before I applied for it so I want to make this video and put up and help you guys if you plan on coming to Thailand for more than six months, or up to six months there are some limitations and requirements that I’m going to go over in regards to acquiring your multi entry visa and then keeping it without being penalized for overstaying. So first off you need to send in your actual passport, you need to send it down physically to whatever Thai consulate or embassy that is located close to you. I actually sent mine to the Los Angeles Thai embassy down there the consulate sent it back within three weeks I think. You also need to have a photocopy of the front page with your picture, date of birth, place of birth and everything on it. In addition to that you need to have proof of residency, if you’re an American citizen like myself I included my social security card, other than that you need to send about one hundred fifty dollars for the application. You need to send in a visa application as well with a little explanation of your intentions for your trip you need to have proof of where you’re going to be staying at a hotel somewhere. Mine was originally in Chiang Mai and I’ve spent a month on Koh Samui and I’m going on my second and third month on Koh Phangan, which I’m going to have to go to the immigration office by the end of the month to request my first extension, which is about two thousand baht to get your 30-day extension after each 60-day period. After that I’m going to need to leave the country and then come back again. I can do that up to two times which will allow me to stay up to nine months so other than that you will want to have proof of employment for myself. I have my own business registered in the United States so I provided proof of that and that took care of that. Other than that, you also need to get two copies of professional photos such as the ones that you took when you got your visa. Go back into a Walgreens or some place that takes professional visa photographs and send some new ones in along with the application, your passport, the fee and a copy of your flight Itinerary. already paid for preferably with return status, as well as your hotel accommodations and anything else that I listed. Most importantly, you also need to have over seven thousand dollars in your bank account and you need to have a verified bank statement proving that. You can’t just put seven thousand dollars in your account the day before you print it off you need to actually have that much money in your account and prove it . So if you have any questions just let me know. I’m sitting here outside of our bungalows here on Koh Phangan so if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. I will provide links to the application as well as to my blog post about the multi entry visa for Thailand. Let me just show you the location here by the beach where I live… so yeah, every morning I have to wake up to this and over there you can see Koh Samui. So yeah, it’s really not that bad. This is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and i look forward to spending another six months here. Not all at once, i’ll probably jump around some more maybe go back to the mainland for a couple months but if you guys have any questions leave some comments below. Please subscribe to my channel and i look forward to sharing the rest of my trip around the world with you as I will be travelling through Southeast Asia some of Europe and also South America. Thanks!

13 thoughts on “How to get Thailand Multi Entry Visa (METV), Thailand Multi-Entry Visa Application and Requirements

  1. Do I get 60days from the day I arrive in Thailand or 60 days from the day I was issued the visa? Thank you.

  2. You sent your documents direct to a Thai embassy? I thought you had to go through an embassy or consular of your home nation? Great video btw.

  3. Once you've used up your 9 months (including 30 day extension) is there any way to get another 6 month visa "without" going back to your home country?

  4. I have 3 questions
    1) Technically it appears that you need 6 months of bank statements over $7K. Did the LA consulate actually require this? I live in Ohio and i'm not sure if there are differences between the DC or LA consulates.
    2) Regarding hotel confirmation: I am planning on staying with a friend. Any thought if that is acceptable?
    3) Regarding return flight: I don't exactly know when i'd be returning to US. Any advice as to how I could keep the return flight flexible, but still within the normal duration?

  5. Regarding the proof of accommodation, what is the duration for that? For example, I will be staying in a hotel. If I book it for a week, is it long enough or does it matter ?

  6. Retired – can i go on my current usa passport
    i dont have 7,000 in the bank anywhere?? what can i actually do ???
    thanks income over 1,600

  7. thanks for the info, trying thaicupid…chat a few girls hoping to make a connection
    could try by the end of August…do you know any causal friends lady types
    that would be interested to assist me?????
    good and bad about thailand— Thanks again Steven

  8. Hey man, how much money did you save before leaving for this journey? And do you have a source of income coming in from your business in the US?

  9. Thanks for your Vlog. Im Australian and have just received my 6 month METV. A few questions 1. My Thai consulate ( Brisbane ) said that I was entitled to only one 30 day extension whether it be after the 1st 2nd or 3rd 60 day period, but you were able to get 30 days after each 60 day period ? ( I understand I have to leave the country twice ) . 2. Where did you stay on Samui and Phangan ? and cost ? . as I intend to spend most of my time there. Thanks in advance

  10. Hi, I'm interested in moving to Thailand to study muay thai at a camp somewhere in Thailand. I would like to stay in Thailand as long as I possibley can. What kind of Visa would I qualify for and how many days will I have to study muay thai in Thailand?

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