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What’s up guys?! How you doing today? Welcome back to this Youtube Channel Its your guy Igor here Today’s video is the most requested one that you were asking from me guys… Since I created the video… How to get citizenship in Canada? Lots of you were asking me…this question How to get Permanent Residency in Canada? Well here you go…!! I am creating this video.. For
you Specifically I have mentioned it in several of my videos How to get it.. But I guess not everyone wants to watch through all of them… And understand where it is… So I am going to create this video… For you guys.. So you can see right away by searching “How to get Permanent Residence in Canada?” and you are going to get it…. All the information in one video… short video.. just for you guys… Let’s start… Alright so.. As some of you may already know… I got my Permanent residence…through express entry myself I came to Canada as an international student.. and then I went through express entry You don’t have to come to Canada.. to do an express entry.. and in this video I’m going to tell you How that express entry works? Basically how it works is this. You submit your application… that you are interested to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada into express entry pool basically just imagine a bucket there’s a bucket of applications… Depending on your age, your education, your level of english and your work experience in your home country also your education in Canada… If you have it would give you extra points… and work experience in Canada will give you extra points.. You get a certain amount of points… and you get into a bucket… so that bucket is full of applications.. depending on how points they have… what Canada does? is they look at those guys who have the most points.. and they take I don’t remember exactly the amount how much of people they take and which period because on every certain..period they take the top part and they say ok this guys.. this like small portion out of the pile…from
the top they take and they say okay from this file of application they take the top part they say ok we need for example 2000 people they take first 2000 files and say this guys you are invited to apply for permanent residence What it means is…basically Now you have to submit all of your documents you have a certain amount of time its like 3 months or 2 months..something like that make sure you check the links in the description of this video… to learn and more specific details this video is just to give you an idea… how to works…I repeat I am NOT an immigration
lawyer and I don’t do immigration for people Its just to help you out guys…. To provide you with information so you don’t have to read… the resources and lots and lots of piles of
information online just to get the understanding of this clear
picture Now you have submitted your application
and let’s just say you got invited right away your English is good enough…your education is good…your work experience is good.. you got invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada from your home country So now you have to submit all of your documents that’s why… you should have your documents ready before you submit that application because that might be not enough time… and if you fail to submit your documents in that time frame… you might be refused… like.. you might be disqualified for the application so you don’t want that right? so your main goal right now if you are watching this video before you
did it… is to get your English test get your IELTS make sure you got 7 in all bands so that your going to be able eligible to apply for permanent residence also make sure you have your World Education
Your education search by World Education Services…WES
Remember that WES World Education services
they are going to certify your education from your home country for permanent residence in Canada So basically what you need is… IELTS and WES Also if you are planning to come to Canada.. there is a requirement, for how much money
you should have… because if you are planning to come to Canada Government doesn’t want you to be a burden on the economy right? so this is what I googled it…alright… I googled it for you… For 2 people you need $15530… basically the amounts are here I googled it you can do the same thing if you want to its
here for 3people $19092, for 4 people $23181 for 5 people $26291 why do they do that? basically it is because..if you come to Canada… on express entry you are here…and you don’t have money.. you are going to end up on a street so Government want to make sure you can afford living at least 6 months with your family so you can settle down…. so you have to have that money… the only way you can or by pass is this if you have a job offer in Canada but for that you need to have a work permit so you have to be working in Canada already then you don’t have to show this amount of
money and that’s how I did it because I was working full time when I applied and basically this is how it works If you don’t want to do the application right away I’ll leave you a link under description for this video for calculating where you can check how much points you have at this moment so if you have enough points right now you don’t have to worry of getting more points for your immigration For example if you don’t have enough points then you have to get something improved… like for example.. you can get Canadian work experience Canadian education… or you can improve your English to get higher score… to get permanent residence So how it works is this… if you have enough points… I encourage you to submit your application…
in… keep in mind that you need all those documents… because in case… you get invited to apply and you have to submit all the documents If you say your English
IELTS score is 9 but then you submit your documents and it is 7… it might be a misinterpretation and they might even not let you do immigration for next 5 years… Make sure you have all the documents… and make sure… you put in the information everything whatever is specified in your documents or even better if your not confident you can always get an immigration consultant or a lawyer to do it for you to clarify this situation for you because I’m not immigration consultant but as long as you are honest with your documents
and you fill exactly what you have this is how you are going to get it alright?! you are get in Now check your points… in the description of this video.. so you check how much points you have… and I’ll leave another link for how much was the latest draw so you can see what people were invited Now you see that you are going to be invited… that you are in that point range… get your documents done… if not plan ahead… if you don’t have enough points… with your experience…your education and English level may be you can improve your English If you still don’t have enough points… you can save up money to do education in Canada it will give you extra points… if you still don’t have enough points… after graduation in Canada for 1 year you get 1 year work permit for 2 years you get 3 year work permit
so you can get Canadian work experience and you can add it up there that’s how most people do it… they don’t have enough points…they do education
in Canada.. it all combines together plus your English
improves and this is how you get in.. so they are inviting the top % of people with the highest score… if you don’t get invited right away.. If your score is not that high.. just wait there is a chance that this bar is going to go down and you are going to get selected… if you are on the third bar… and these people are getting invited in the end there are less and less people
in the pool unless new people put in their applications
so if you are here one day it might drop here and you are going to get your invitation This is how you are going to get your permanent residence in Canada by just… getting those points and everything so it takes 6….6 months to get it done It’s not that difficult… and this is how it entry WES Money, IELTS Check in the calculator right now in the link
under this video how much points you have right now? If you are eligible? Start getting your documents ready… and if you are not…and you still want to come to Canada… think about getting education… think about getting Canadian work experience… and then check the calculator how much points you would have This is how…thousands of dollars lawyers charge you for this.. what I’m giving you for free guys in this
video So make sure you hit the like button…
and if you are new to this channel… Subscribe! And also I want to see your comments because.. these comments have created this video guys… It’s not me who has created it… You guys request…I create Not every single comment I am going to create a video.. But you know guys I create 5 videos a week and there’s high chance that you are going to get it guys… Make sure you comment and I’ll see you in
next video.. Have a good one guys!!

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  15. Go back to where ever the hell you come from, us Canadians don’t want your types here. Just get the fuck out. Speak to me with a accent and I will tell you where to go and how to get there real fast.

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