How To Get Canada PR | Step By Step | Express Entry | Canada Couple

we submitted our application for express
entry on 30th June 2017 and we received the stamp passport on 31st August 2018 and
today we will be sharing all the steps that are there for Canada PR Express entry
but I don’t want to do that in the modern way which is white board
animation I have some idea about doing this in a classic old-school so we have our blackboard ready our
teacher ready and we have the chalk ready she will be showing you all these steps
to get the PR you may start now so ma’am has written all these steps on the board but
before going into details of all these steps I just want to quickly tell you
what express entry is that is the system created by Canada government to only
invite skilled applicants on the basis of the language their qualification and
experience otherwise everybody would like to come to a great country but they
only want to invite qualified and skilled people now let’s talk about the
steps to get Canada we are the very first step is giving IELTS exam that’s the
language ability test then comes ECA ECA stands for educational credential
assessment then is creating your profile in the Express entry pool for ITA. ITA
stands for invitation to apply then after creating the profile the next step
is to arrange for all the documents required for the process then comes the
stage when you get the invitation from the Canadian government to submit your
file after that you have to give your medical tests and sumit all the
documents required by the government and then finally you get the visa stamp on
your passport and you land in Canada that’s so simple isn’t it so if you have
searched on the internet or you have checked out other YouTube videos you
might see the IELTS steps as a second step but we are sharing our personal
experience is that you should go for IELTS test first so that he’ll know your
IELTS course because your CRS total score will be depending on your age your
qualification your experience and your IELTS score so you
know that you can’t change your age you can’t change your experience you can’t
change your qualification but you can change your IELTS score and if your
score will not be good there is no point paying fees to the agent or going for
the ECA you know that you will at least need 440 because last cutoff
in December was somewhere around 438 so even if your CRS score is below 440 it
is very unlikely that you will get the golden mail which is PPR so let me show
you on my laptop how you can calculate your CRS score. that should be the first
step before even giving the IELTS after getting IELTS you should do the
calculation of CRS and see if you need to give IELTS again or not
so IELTS would be the most important step let’s check the CRS calulator on
the laptop ok so this is the CRS tool by which you can get your CRS score this is
the URL but I will be given that in the description so we don’t waste much time
and also I have filled all the details beforehand so that we can make the video
shorter first thing you need to select is whether you’re single or married and
if your spouse is citizen of Canada you need to select yes you will get more
points for it will your spouse and common-law partner come with you to
Canada I would say yes because in near future if your wife or husband would be
completing you need to select it yes and also you will be filling the educational
and IELTS details for your spouse and you will get more points let’s move on
you need to fill your age and you get points for your age as well the lesser
your age will be the more points you will get and here we had master degrees
you have selected master degree you will get more points for master degree and
obviously you will get maximum point for PhD so in my case I’m selecting masters
I don’t have any Canadian diploma certificate so I am saying no yes we
have gone through the English test and that was IELTS. TEF is the French test
so in our case I chose IELTS and selecting IELTS here selecting the
scores this is very important because you will realize how much score you’re
getting on the basis of IELTS score so in this
case I have selected seven in speaking eight in listening reading seven seven
point five writing seven which will make it eight triple seven and at the end when
you calculate your score you will come to know how the IELTS scores impact your
total score. no we don’t have any other language test if you have
capabilities in French as well you can give TEF canada test as well and you
will get more points for French test do you have any certificate
qualification from Canadian province in my case it was no in your case you can
select yes if you have in case you have got an offer under labor market impact
assessment which is lmia you can select yes in my case it was more do you have
nomination certificate province province or territory which is PNP but
in my case it was no if your brother or sister is there in Canada you get more
points but in my case it was no now see the benefit of adding your spouse as a
secondary applicant in the CRS calculator you will be populating data
for your spouse as well experience education and as well as I’ll so if your
spouse is also giving IELTS test the total CRS score will be impacted and you
will get benefit of it as well that’s why it is important to go through the
IELTS test if you are a married couple now let’s see the final step is to
calculate these four and it will show you the detailed information about the
points that you are getting for your age for your education for your IELTS test if you have filled the details for your spouse you will get the scores for
your spouse qualifications as well and other details on the basis of your
education on the basis of your experience and at the end you will see
the total score which is 477 which is very good because on an average these
CRS core cutoff is around 440 to 450 so first thing I would say to go through
the CRS calculator so that you can analyze and judge how much score you
need in IELTS and this is free of cost you can go to this website I will
provide a link in the description so go through that first of all this should
be a first step so that you know how much scores you are making on the basis
of your age your I’ll score if you have not given
you will have some idea how much score you need to make your score at
least 440 to 450 again I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of
the Isles for if you can see here clearly you can’t change your age
obviously you can change your spouse or this scores your spouse got and your
education and work experience very quickly right it takes time but the
thing you can change very quickly is the score that you get on the basis of your
Isles for if you will get IELTS band 6 this will be reduced if you get IELTS band 7 or 7.5 or 8 obviously this will increase and in turn
your total score will be higher than others it increases the chance of you
getting in the cut-off list so if you and the last point is around the cost you should
check the website and see worsen what is it coming out to even
yeah and you don’t want to waste the as we said in Italian after giving exams
again and again so you should be well prepared before giving the IELTS exam
and has you know that this is the first step you see Xcode will be depending on
your final score if your score is not good you won’t be able to get the Canada
PR in the Express entry so I can’t emphasize enough that IELTS score is
very very important and as I have told you that your total CRS score will get
increased only by increasing your IELTS scores so I’m going to share the trick
that we have used to increase our IELTS scores we have already said that in the
Isles video but I am again sharing that if you haven’t watched the IELTS video as well
please go watch that as well now let me show you what is it trick that I have
used to increase our IELTS score so we both achieved 8 band in IELTS scores
and to do practice for IELTS we both have used cambly app which I’m
going to show you right now so let me give you a quick demo of the app so that
you can use it easily you can go to tutors you can see all the available
tutors here let’s talk to Cody hi Cody how are you actually I am preparing for
my IELTS test I just so want to practice and I just want to know how you would be
practice able to help me with that basically for speaking and listening I would like to
practice with online tutors also I want to build some confidence because I would
be going through some interviews when I will move to Canada or when I will be
going through some telephonic rounds so I want to increase and build my
confidence there as well for many of my students who do the IELTS
speaking practice and I’ll give them a minute I time you i’ll time you so as you
have seen in the demo you would be able to practice for speaking listening and
it will also build your confidence for the upcoming interviews that you will be
giving on telephone from your home country or when you’re here in Canada it
will benefit you for interviews and for IELTS exam as well so make sure that
you’re availing the 30% discount that is applicable for few weeks only so make
sure that you’re taking advantage of that discount now once you know that you
have achieved the desired IELTS score to get me required CRS score you can
move to second step which is getting your ECA done so as we told you ECA stands for
educational credential assessment in this one there is an independent body W
es who evaluates your educational degrees so in this one you have to send
your 10th 12th your bachelor’s your master’s and your PhD degree and
certificates to them so we had some added advantage because we both had
master degrees and that in turn increased
CRS score so if you have a master degree that will be added advantage for you so
you have to get the transcripts from your colleges for your masters
your bachelor’s or PhD and you have to send a copy of your all the mark sheets
and the degrees and all with the original transcripts and please make
sure that you are not providing any false information because ECA is also
an important step although in whole express entry step is should not be
providing any false information but ECA is the step where you would be getting the points
for your education so only way for a tional documents and the cost to get the
documents evaluated is approximately around three hundred dollars and this is
including the international courier that will be going from your home country to
Canada now we have got the IELTS scores we have done the educational assessment
now its the right time to create your profile so one important point to note
here is that you would not be able to create your profile online if you don’t
have the IELTS scores with you or the ECA acceptance. creating your profile
online is free of cost they have no charges for it so good for you also
have to provide the NOC code which represent what kind of job you are
looking for in Canada and make sure that your job responsibilities in the
reference letter which you will be providing the next step matches the NOC
code will be providing a link in the description you can check that and find
out your NOC code on the basis of your job and responsibility so once
everything is done it’s time for you to wait and have no sleepless nights
because you have to wait for the cutoff and you have to see like when you get
the invitation so a good thing over here is that they have to draw every two
weeks so good luck yeah approximately two weeks so let’s say your CRS score is
445 if the cut-off score will be 440 you will be
receiving the ITA. if not you will have to wait for next draw so that is why
the cutoff list is moving around 440 to 450 so make sure that your total CRS score
is more than 440 or 445 although you need to start arranging your documents
once you receive ITA but we were very proactive we started arranging our
documents as soon as we entered our application in the pool so we will also
suggest that to you as well because till last year the deadline was 90 days after
getting ITA here but they have reduced it to 60 days and it is a very
time-consuming task so make sure that you are being proactive and start
arranging it before even you receive ITA because there are chances that
you will have to deal with some government bodies to get your 10 marksheet in
case it is lost like me and Mark sheet graduation postgraduate degrees and
transcripts so just be proactive so adding to that it’s like funny we were
married already but we didn’t had a marriage certificate so that’s again a
very important document and it took us a long time to get it so we can only say
this that be very proactive and start arranging all the missing documents
because it’s all available everywhere so yeah and do not leave anything for
last-minute make sure when you receive the ITA within 10 or 20 days you are
submitting all your documents so I will say this is the biggest milestone
receiving your ITA which means your score is more than the cutoff for example if
in the CRS cutoff was 440 and your score is 445 that means you will receive
the ITA there is nothing much but you will receive an email from IRC C so you
can be happy and start arranging the documents I would say this is the most
difficult stage because you have done all the hard work now you will have to
just wait to be in the cutoff now that you have received the ITA
you need to submit medical certificate and all the documents within 60 days so
as you must have already arranged before is receiving the ITA by being proactive
so you will not take much time and these are the documents that you need to
submit so the big struggle is arranging all the documents from all your jobs so
you have to get all the appointment letters your experience letters and the
reference letter the one document that takes a lot of time is reference letter
to help ensure that whatever NOC code you have mentioned by submitting your
profile on step 3 and the reference letter that you are getting from the HR
of your current company or previous companies it should have the same job
description it should all match and lineup so if it is not it may not be
considered and we see you a lot of questions about proof of funds so for
one person in this approximately 12,000 little daughter and for two people it is
around 15,000 Canadian dollar and you will have to provide your six months
bank statement so make sure that you don’t have immediate fund getting
credited in your account but you have that genuine funds from past six months
or one year in your bank statement and your passport validity should be of six
months as on when you are traveling and your travel date is based on your
medical certificate so if you are getting the medical term let’s say on
1st June of 2018 your expiry of one time visa will be first june of 2019
then comes the PCC it stands for police you have to provide this certificate for
all the places you will lived in for last ten years so for example you will live
in u.s. or at least for six months so you have to get a chance certificate
from u.s. police as well so that’s really important
then there are documents like marriage certificate if you have a dependent
child so you need to have his or her birth certificate medical report based
on the medical tests that you will appear for and another tip regarding the
medical test so make sure that you’re arranging all your documents and you get
60 days to arrange all your documents make sure that after arranging all the
documents then here appearing for the medical test because as I told you that
you will get one year after your medical test is done so the later you are doing
the medical test the more months you will have to decide when you want to
travel to Canada because in the beginning you will get only one time
travel visa and then when you land in Canada you will get the PR so that’s
another trick that we have used we made sure that we are given a medical test in
the end of arranging of the documents and then we had more time to decide when
we want to move to Canada and for the four photos there’s a specific
dimension provided by the Canadian government that you have to follow
including the background so do pay attention to that the fees is around one
thousand forty dollars per person and this is the PR fees which is one
hundred forty dollars per person so if you’re traveling with your spouse
multiply this with two so finally congratulations you are coming to Canada
but this was the last step so simple isn’t it so congratulations you have
received the golden email that’s the copr letter now you should be sure that
you are coming to Canada and meeting us yes so you get thirty days from the day
you’ll see this to get your passport stamped for
Canadian visa I’m sure like you know what gives we were so excited that we
went to the VFS entered the way next day isn’t it yeah and as I mentioned that
this will not be your permanent residency card but this will be only one
time travel visa so you need to travel to Canada and get your PR but this is
also very important because you will be coming to Canada for the first time so
when you go to the VFS Center you have to submit your passport your photographs
and the copr letter that you’ll see in this email and they take approximately
15 days to stamp it and send it back to your home and I also want to emphasize
on a point that this see of your document will hold a lot of importance
until and unless you are not getting a PR card so on the airport to get your
health card to get your driving license that copr will be a very important
document and yes we have heard and read a lot of cases wherein people end up
signing this document or they get it laminated so if you do that it will be
invalid so please don’t do that just keep it as it is you receive it keep it
safe because this was a long video and there are not very steps quickly we can
summarize all these steps for you first you will give the IELTS before going to
any agent or before submitting your application you need to appear in IELTS
and then achieve good score make sure that you’re using cambly app because
that helped us a lot in the IELTS video as well a lot of people used cambly app and they have achieved good and score and moreover you are getting a 30%
discount as well next step would be getting your education evaluated from
WES or any other government body third step would be to create your
profile along with your IELTS and ECA acceptance as soon as you submit your
IELTS and ECA document you need to start arranging for your documents and then
you will receive the ITA and then get your medical
submit your documents and at last you will receive the copr and fly to
Canada now start packing your bags start making a list of things that you want to
take along and start meeting all your friends and family because this is the
only time that you will be able to spend with them and start making good memories
start eating a lot of food we did that here go to every place that is your
favorite because the similar type of food you will not get it here so that’s
one thing see we are talking about food and we digressed from the topic so
please do that. also you can watch on another video what are the things that
you need to pack when you move to Canada and you will also find number of videos
in a YouTube channel that will help you to make your journey together very
smooth for any query you can join us on Instagram you can join our Facebook
group and us anybody that you have related to can the PR and IELTS and
what not and we would really love to know your experiences how our videos helped
you in maybe your journey to Canada what we be planning about it please to
mention that in the comments we would really love to hear that
so till next time

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