How To Get an F6 Marriage Visa in Korea | Intercultural Marriage in Korea

hey guys this is Celia and welcome back to my
channel today I wanted to talk to you guys about the process of getting an f6
visa in Korea the f6 visa is the Korean marriage visa so if you’re married to a
Korean man or you’re married to a Korean woman this is the visa that you would be
under after you get married it’s not an automatic thing you have to apply for it
and the process can be a little bit daunting because there’s so many
documents that you need to get well that your husband or wife they have to get
but as long as you stay organized it’s not that difficult I know when I first
looked at the process I was a little bit overwhelmed but I just kind of made a
list and we just went through the documents and tried to get them and so
hopefully this guide will help you stay organized and kind of make you feel less
stressed out about applying for the visa so let’s get started how to get an f6
visa in Korea okay so I have my little notebook here where I wrote some stuff
that I wanted to tell you guys because the list of documents is actually quite
long but the first thing that I would say that you have to do is just call
immigration if you’re in Korea just call immigration first they you can ask them
to send you an updated list with all the requirements and they will email it to
you whether you call in Korean or in English I just I basically said I need a
list of requirements and they emailed me not only the list of the requirements
but also they emailed all the forms that I needed to fill out like the
application form and a details form that was all emailed to me but the list of
requirements is in Korean only so your husband is going to have your husband or
your wife is going to have to basically be the one to read that stuff it is in
Korean if you if you don’t speak Korean then your Korean
husband or Korean wife is going to have to be the one to kind of take the lead
this this video specifically is probably more appropriate for Americans or
Australians or Europeans the requirements form has a very long
requirements list those requirements change if you’re from a southeastern
Asian country there’s like a health check that you need and it’s a little
bit more complicated if you’re not an American or you’re not a European person
so this guide is probably not going to apply very well if you’re if you’re a
Vietnamese woman marrying a Korean man or if you’re Thai and you’re marrying a
Korean woman just because the the guide has extra things that you have to do if
you’re from those countries and I we skipped those parts because they don’t
apply to us so I don’t actually know what those requirements are in detail so
I can’t really give any guidance about that but I’m sure there’s other YouTube
videos that cover those kinds of marriages and changing your visa for
those countries so after you get the the list of requirements kind of figure out
how long you think it’s gonna take you to get all these documents and then make
an appointment right away you have to have at least in the Seoul immigration
office you have to have an appointment in order to be seen by by an officer and
if you are like me and your visa and your previous visa expires during the
February March time period it’s going to be almost impossible to get an
appointment during that time because immigration is so busy during that time
there’s no appointment slots open and they won’t see you without an
appointment unless your visa expires the same day and then they might see you
I wouldn’t really I wouldn’t really try that just time it my visa
didn’t expire my new visa didn’t expire for about a month and we made the
appointment about a month and a half in advance just because I heard that it
could take more than a month to process and also I wanted to avoid the rush at
the end of February and beginning of March so make an appointment if you’re
going to change your visa immigration will not see you unless you have an
appointment so things that you need to prepare are the form spouse that you
need to prepare is there’s a hundred and thirty thousand won fee that you have to
pay for the visa you need to bring your passport you also need your ARC and you
need the filled out application which is in the little packet that
immigration will send you when you call them and ask them for the requirement
the application is is in there you’re also going to need that’s basically all
you need for you and the rest of the stuff is really things that your spouse
is going to have to get and it includes things like the basic certificate their
family registry there’s also a person person that put like a personal ID
certificate which is basically like your husband or your wife they they certify
that you are who you say you are and it’s basically like a form that is part
of the packet and they just have to fill it out and and sign it
you also need your marriage certificate and all of those things can be printed
out online I know that when I saw other guides like they talked about going to
like the gu office and getting these documents but if you have access to a
printer you can get all of these all of these documents online on the website
you can just print them out and that’s what we did we just got those online
those were actually quite easy to get there’s also an invitation form that you
need to fill out and the invitation form is just
part of the the documents that they send you and it’s in Korean and your your
spouse is gonna have to fill that out but the document is basically the same
as the form that you fill out in English which is kind of weird it’s basically
one that your your spouse fills out in Korean and the personal details form as
well which is about you which is basically the information form so you
have like three application forms you have to fill out and that’s part of the
document and then you need the family registry you need the basic certificate
for your spouse and you need the personal ID certificate for your spouse
and the marriage certificate as well and again you should definitely call
immigration to make sure that they send you an updated list because this could
change it has changed in the past so make sure that you have the most updated
list then the next part is a little bit more complicated and more difficult to
get and this may take like a week or two to secure depending on what the time of
the year that it is and this stuff is just for your spouse but it’s only four
years these are tax documents basically and it’s only for your spouse if your
spouse makes enough money to support you the way that it works the application
form the requirements list will have a like an income threshold that your
spouse or you as a as a couple need to match in order for the visa to be
approved because basically what happens when you have an f6 visa especially if
you go from e2 to an f6 you go from your employer owning you to your spouse
owning you so your spouse or your husband in my case owns you now and so
they have to show that they can provide you with shelter that they can provide
you with the ability to live in Korea and so they have to show that they make
enough money the threshold is not very high so it’s not
hard to meet and of course you can use your own income so if you work if you
are a teacher or whatever you can also use your income to meet the threshold if
your husband’s income is not enough or if your husband is not it’s not working
right now it is a student that’s fine so but you will also need to get these tax
documents for for yourself if you are going to apply it with your with your
income as well as well as your spouse’s we only apply I do work um cuz I’m
taking a break but I was working and I did have an income but my husband’s
income was enough to meet the threshold so we didn’t bother getting additional
documents for me because it just didn’t feel necessary so there’s four different
documents that your spouse need have to get and they are tax related documents
but also official documents from his or her company that verify that they’re
working there and that they are making the amount of money that they’re making
now the the documents are all in Korean and I don’t really know how to translate
these so I’m just gonna write them at the bottom after I edit the video I’m
gonna write them at the bottom so you can see the names in Korean but some of
them requires some time for the employer to give that but some of them can be
applied for through the tax office online so you don’t you can just put it
off as well so we applied in February and this is around the time when Korean
taxes are being done here in Korea so we didn’t have one of the documents was not
out yet like like my husband’s company they they apply for for the his taxes
they they file his taxes then there’s a document that they get
back from the tax office that is supposed to be like it’s it’s like
stamped everything in Korea is stamped with a special stamp to make it official
so here’s this document was not back yet because they had just submitted it so he
we couldn’t we couldn’t submit that document because we didn’t have it and
there was no way to get it so we got the document from the previous year we
thought that would be enough because the the salary was the same for the previous
year but when we got to our appointment the the woman the officer said that we
couldn’t use that we needed the most recent year so she gave us the name of
another document that my husband needed to ask for at his job and it’s a
replacement document for the long from the tax office and this document shows
like the payments every month for last year and it stamped with the done with
the company seal I guess I don’t know the name of the document but just in
case that you’re applying at the beginning of the year when you don’t
have these documents there is an extra document they’re gonna ask for and the
previous year’s document is not going to be enough so make sure you call
immigration if you have if you we didn’t call because I I thought it’d be fine
I’m assumed which is a mistake if you are in the same situation that I would
recommend you call immigration ask them what document you need instead
of the official tax office document because you won’t have that one and
they’ll probably tell you and you won’t have to waste time like we did you also
need your lease where you live we need a copy of your lease you need photos
together I I’ve made like I just made like a like a word document and then
copy and paste the pictures into like four pages so it was about 30 pictures
and I tried to show like from the beginning when we first started dating
all the way up until now I also put pictures of my parents-in-law of my husband with my family I don’t
know it was a bit weird sharing like Saffy’s and like family pictures with
like the government or some random immigration office officer but yeah you
need pictures of you guys together using take pictures of your residence um it’s
it’s it’s put at the end of so it seems like it might not be a requirement but
you you want to make sure that your application gets approved I wanted to
make sure that my application got approved so I put pictures of our house
as well and if you remember from my previous video if you’re an American you
need an affidavit of eligibility to marry from the from the embassy the US
Embassy and if if you got that you need a copy of that to apply for the visa as
well so even though you did get married and you’re showing that you have the
marriage certificate you need a copy of the eligibility to marry certificate as
well when you apply for your when you apply for your f6 visa you also need to
show that you can communicate with each other and if you’ve been living in Korea
for a few years you can write on the form you know been living here with
Bubba blah I will speak in English but what she said and but what I did
what I did was I took screen caps of our of our conversations on Kakao and I
printed them and I tried to show screen caps from like years before when we
first heard of dating and screening cups from now as well to show that we speak
in English but she also she looked at that and but she also said she spoke to
me in Korean and asked me if I understood what she was saying and I
said yes she’s like you’ve been living here for four years can you understand
this yeah basically ask me a few questions and like waited for me to
answer and I answered her so she wrote on the paper as well that I I could
understand what she was saying so there’s no like test or anything as long
as you you can communicate if you understand basic Korean
it’s fine but I also had like conversations between the two of us
maybe she thought it’d be easier to approve the application if I just spoke
some Korean as opposed to having to breathe through our conversations yeah
so we so on that day we went to our appointment I was actually really late I
underestimated how far the immigration office was from from my from my job and
I was actually late but the hassle was there first and yeah so we just gave her
everything and she just went through it and then she talked to us about the
document that we needed from from dazzles work because of the the tax
document that we need in so she gave me a receipt told me when I could come get
my air sea and ask my husband to bring that document in so he had to go there
another day and he has to go there another day to turn in that document it
was like the week after he went and turned in the document and then the week
after that I I got a text message saying that the visa have been approved and
that I could I could pick it up around March 7th so it took about two weeks to
get the approval and then another week and a half-ish for to be printed so it
was pretty straightforward but I have heard that it can take up to six months
for the visa process to go through I don’t know why it takes so long and I
got a year on the visa some people I’ve heard some people get longer but usually
people get a year so you have to go back and renew it every year which is kind of
a pain in the butt but yeah so that’s how you get an f6 visa um it’s a lot of
documents especially I think is especially overwhelming because it’s all
in Korean if you can speak Korean well you might be able to not be as stressed
out as I was but once you make a list and you talk with them tackle them one
by one it’s it’s not that big of a deal big of a deal just keep yourself
organized and check off the stuff you found and I
have the document that I was sent from from the immigration office and that’s
from January of this year so if you want to send me a message or a comment or
just the end me on Instagram or tumblr and I can send you the copy that I have
with all the documentation but again I would just recommend you call
immigration and ask them to sent you the most updated one thank you for watching
I hope that was helpful if you have any questions if something was not clear or
if you need additional help you can message me or comment down below and
I’ll try to respond as best as I can and don’t get overwhelmed don’t be stressed
and good luck bye

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