How to get a VISA ON ARRIVAL for Thailand? | Suvarnabhumi Airport V/S Dubai Airport | Thailand #2

Hello Everyone, My name is Anuj Bansal and Welcome to Anuj Bucket This is our second vlog of Bangkok In which We will show you How to get Visa on Arrival in Suvarnabhumi Airport We will show you whole processThis is our Series of Bangkok You will get all the videos of this series in the cards and the description So click there and watch all videos And Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel just hit this red button and the bell sign In this video we also have comment contest In this contest you can win 2 couple movie ticket every month “Logo” We have just arrived to the Thailand Airport “Music” This is Suvarnabhumi Airport Suvarnabhumi means Land made up of Gold We will show you how does it look “Music” Airport is constructed very well But they don’t have jetspray in toilet “laugh” Its look fabulous Constructed amazingly And Its very Big But not better than Dubai Airport Dubai Airport is heaven “Music” So this is the Bangkok Duty Free All of the Duty free This is Visa on Arrival So Guys the documents which are required for Visa on Arrival No. 1 Your Photograph No. 2 Your Passport, which is valid for 6 months No. 3 Visa application form No. 4 Your Arrival Card Two forms are to be filled 1 is Your Arrival card and Second is your Visa application form Plus you should have your hotel bookings Of all the days you are staying here And your return ticket Plus you should have 10000 Baht per person Baht is the Thailand currency Now we are going for take passport size picture for Swati We already have our Photos, me and my brother in law So lets see So guys The first thing you should have is the Passport size photograph If you forget your photographs then you can get your passport size photos in Suvarnabhumi Airport But it is expensive You get 10 photos for 200 Baht And In India you can get these photos in cheap price 2nd you need your passport of course But The passport should be vaild for 6 months Like If you return to India on 1st Jan Then your passport should be valid till 30th June 3rd is Visa on Arrival Application form and 4th is Arrival Card They both are different forms They both will be available before the visa on arrival’s entry On this desk Sometimes airliners give you arrival card before leaving the airplane 5th document is your hotel booking And 6th document is your return flight ticket Before getting Visa on arrival these two documents are also important 7th thing which you should have is 10000 Baht You should have 10000 Thailand Baht to show them Then they shall give you Visa on arrival If you are a family then 20000 Baht for family are ok This is the way for Immigration Bro its enough Can we take Visa? Guys our immigration is complete There are three steps for immigration No. 1 You will stand in a que In which you will submit your document, Let me give you a suggestion If you are going with your family Only One person can take all the documents of the family and Submit them then they will send you to the second counter Where you will get Step No.2 they will give you a card The card had number like B21 or B22 And you just wait in step no. 2 When they call your card number they will return you your documents return In step no.3 You take your passport and arrival card And then you go to main immigration It will not take more time They will take your fingerprints and will click your picture And they will stamp your passport with Visa on arrival Till 31st Oct 2019 Thailand is not charging Visa on arrival processing fee It is free of cost for Indians Otherwise you will have to pay 2000 Baht for Visa on Arrival Visa process was little tiring Not at all Because You said it will take 1 hour And we have completed within 1 hour Yes It means Within Half an hour We have just completed I hope our luggage has arrived Because we have a connecting flight And Sometimes luggage gets misplaced in connecting flight So, let’s see “Music” This businessman is doing a business has luggage arrived? So, guys we have our Visa and our passport So, watch all the videos of our Thailand series And you will get all the links in our cards and the description Go and watch every video And if you like this video then just hit the like button Because We have a target of 120 likes only you can help us to achieve this target now at the end our comment contest The comment contest question is Which is the most important document for Visa on Arrival? Please mention it in our comment section And don’t Forget to subscribe to our channel Just hit this red button and the bell sign So, it was very nice to see you again be well NAMASTE

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  1. Thank you for the information
    I have a doubt
    Whether i have to carry 20000 bhat cash or credit card statement can be ok

  2. Bro if I am travelling with my wife and the hotel booking confirmation voucher has only my name, still can my wife show the same hotel voucher for accommodation?
    Or do I need to carry marriage certificate?

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