How To Get A Vietnam Visa – Short & Long Term

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  2. I just got my passport renewed last year and I had roughly 7 months left on it.I don’t know if this is usual but when I got my new passport they had tagged the spare 7 months I had left on to my new documents.Very happy with that outcome.

  3. Other info on fees…

    As of February 2017, Vietnam introduced an online e-visa system for citizens of 40 countries, including America. You apply online and in three days, you’ll receive notice of your status. To apply, go to the dual-language Vietnam E-Visa Web Portal.

    For Asian travelers from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea, you can stay fewer than 15-30 days without needing to get a visa in advance. Europeans from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom can enjoy a free visa exemption for visits less than 15 days.

    If either of your parents are Vietnamese, you can apply for a 5-year visa, in the case you were born outside of Vietnam or can prove you are of Vietnamese descent.

    For those from anywhere else, including America, this section is most important to you.

    Stamping or online visa fee:

    Single entry: US $25

    Multiple entries (1-3 months): US $50

    Multiple entries (3-6 months): US $95

    Multiple entries (6-12 months): US $135

    Multiple entries (1-2 years): US $145

    Multiple entries (2-5 years): US $155

  4. Here I am trying to study and got distracted by your videos haha. Thanks for the info, to me it's better than web pages since you experienced it. Well going to the Philippines next week btw hopefully someday to Vietnam. Anyways thanks

  5. Visa Information For British Citizens…

  6. Thank you for the information.
    the visa link posted in the description is: however what is shown in your video is : , so which one you refer as more professional?

  7. There are locals offering somewhat dodgy but real one year business visas on the Da Nang expats' Facebook group that are much easier to get than through official channels. If you're looking for something "on the up" contact Henry at . He's a good guy to business with. You could always marry a local and get a two year visa with no in-and-outs. =)

    As for visa runs make friends with the expat or two and share a car to Lao Bao to the North. Personally I took most of my runs to Thailand where I'd crash at Buddhist monastery for a week. Cheap and quiet.

    If you need some camera gear while in Da Nang check out Anh Đức Digital in Hải Châu. Some of their prices are amazing. I picked up a new Fujinon lens for about $180 where the same lens cost twice as much as in the States. Most of their prices are not that good so Lazada makes for a decent second choice. Importing something can be a real hassle resulting in said package stalled in customs for many weeks.

    My favorite place for Mi Quảng cá lóc was Mỳ Quảng Dung, 99 Nguyễn Thị Định, An Hải Bắc and for Bún bò Huế Quán Thảo, 135, Dương Trí Trạch, An Hải Bắc (a place I've eaten at well over 500 times). While there check out the banh canh shop (unnamed) around the corner at Nguyễn Công Sáu and An Cu 4. The last two are breakfast only and cost 20.000d.

    I lived in Da Nang for two years having just returned last year and was the inspiration for my recently published novel "The Beauty of Aqua."

  8. Vietnam now is like China of the 1980s and 90s. As soon as this communist country become economically and militarily strong like China of the 2000s, it will become pushy with its weaker neighbors and would impose more and more restrictions with its population. That's a given in every communist country. I hope Reekay doesn't plant his roots there because like some western vloggers in China today, they have nothing much to say but regrets. I know they try to be as "balanced" with their opinion but, I can tell they do so because they're under political duress.

  9. A few suggestions to your viewers/subbers who are interested in VN, when filling out the forms, pay particular attention to the date format (I believe it is DD/MM/YYYY). Everytime I visit the Consulate someone makes this mistake on their paperwork. Also, I found it more convenient for me to pull up VN consulate government website and complete the application and print it out, go to the Consulate since I'm several hours drive time from there, and get the stamp in my visa (or you can mail it to them for the stamp). You will avoid any lines and wait time at the airport getting a visa in your passport. I disembarked the aircraft, went through customs and immigration in a matter of minutes. This is my experience using the visa. Though, using the letter will save you some pages in your passport if you are getting close to the last page or two before it expires.

  10. Good info, When I went to Vietnam in 2016 I did not have an invitation letter. I went to a travel agency while in Bangkok and received the visa through the travel agency. Along the way, I met a guy from the UK he had no visa and he received a 15-day visa on arrival.

  11. Very educational and informative video about Vietnam tourist visa program. It will surely come handy for me when I retire in three years. Much appreciated. Tony Montoya, Phoenix, AZ

  12. You also have the option of an E visa. The advantage here is you can go straight through immigration as per normal. You don't have to front up to a separate counter as you do with visa on arrival. Trouble is E visa seems to only be available for up to a month. I'm going for 6 weeks this time so will need VOA. Travel tip. Get off your plane asap so you get to the VOA counter first. It can get busy there. If you have checked luggage you'll have to wait to collect it which isn't ideal. But never lost a bag so far. You can also book a seat at the front of the plane to get off quickly. I fly Jetstar which uses air bridges but some airlines like Vietjet don't and transfer to the terminal by bus. No point booking a front seat with them.

  13. Thanks for the info. I'm not a US citizen tho… Where can I find information about long term visas for non-american citizens? Thank you

  14. Interesting. Not going to ever to ever visit Vietnam due to it being a communist country. Don't go there especially if your a vet. Could be arrested for war crimes.

  15. Back in 2015 when I went to Vietnam the visa letters companies were popular. So popular that the U.S. government filed a complaint with the Vietnamese government that its citizens were being ripped off. Americans would pay for a visa letter that when they produced at the airport only to find out it's bogus. The other alternative is to go to a Vietnamese consulate or their embassy. I went to the one by the United Nations in New York. Also another complaint was the cost of the visa was arbitrary. In New York it was $100. Then I went back in 2017 that same year they instituted an online visa in March that year. For $25 you could get a 30-day visa. $50 for multiple entry visa. With this visa you can enter at international land borders and the international airports in Vietnam. If you're going to Cambodia you need to be sure you cross at an international border that accept the e-visa. If you go online it's very confusing. A lot of companies use the term "official" but that is untrue.Usually the .com in the web address gives them away. This e-visa is much better because you cut out the middle man and not risk dealing with a bogus company. As Henry mentioned the company he first dealt with was taking long to send him his authorization letter so he tried another company. I think Vietnam made the change because they realize that tourism brings in big bucks and Thailand was getting a lot of tourism dollars while they have been missing out. Now they want piece of the pie so they make life easier to get a visa unlike in the past they made it difficult.

  16. Great info. I did the E Visa, but I think thats only for 30 days. What about a drivers license since yoi bought a bike? I've read that you don't want to be caught without one, harsh penalties. Could you address that in a future video. Thanks

  17. I just sent my passport. To the Vietnamese Embassy in DC.. Got it back within a week. Very easy to do. The visa was placed in my passport so I didn't need to mess around when I arrived in Vietnam.

  18. From my experience, I have never been asked to produce a “onward ticket” when I land at Manila. However, before I can get on the plane to Manila, I must give the ticket Agent a flight # for the return trip.

  19. Besides Thailand and Cambodia, from Hanoi you can also take a 4 hour bus ride to Lang Son border into China for a visa run or a visit to China. Buses back from China are usually full as there are lots of Chinese factories on the Vnam side near the border, so seats should be reserved. Nothing much to see in Nanning China, but they have flights to lots of cities in China.
    The Chinese Immigration site describes it as an entry for those crossing into China by foot. So I did.

  20. Along with making a second copy of important paperwork, I also have a copy on my flash drive and I will even take a picture of the document with my phone.

  21. Ok 165 USD for 1 year multi enter VISA then you have to add the costs for 3 visa run at the end I don't think it will be cheaper than the one year visa in the Philippines……

  22. Geez, does this sound like a pain in the rear…Not much if any English being spoken and a visa run (12 hr R/T by bus) every 90 days at whatever cost…4 times per year is going to get old really quick imho…Its not like running cross town in the Phil to the immigration office every 2 months to get an extension…I'm in the Phil and only deal with immigration 2 times per year as I get 6 months at a time…Roughly costs me $350 USD per year to stay here and I have to exit the country before my 36 months is up…They make it pretty user friendly for the people on tourist visas…

  23. I just got my visa letter last week. I'm told that Cam Ranh international airport in Nha Trang also accepts visa-on-entry.
    The visa company I used confirmed this for me before i purchased.

  24. Hi with all this talk of visa runs and spending more than 6 months in total per year , perhaps you could do a video on people having to pay tax in Vietnam , Phil’s or Thailand ? As I can see in years to come governments will try and squeeze every dollar they can and tourist /retirees have not being paying tax even though you are classed as a resident for tax purposes and liable to tax if you stay in the country for 6 months of the year or more ? Just a practical video suggestion !

  25. I don't know, that visa run every 90 days is expensive, easy to hit $1000 for the one year.
    I guess it might be a wash if the apartment is only $400 a month.
    Do you pay elecric, internet, etc or is it all included.

  26. my experience/recommendations. 1) ALWAYS pay in USD. Last time I went the folks next to us from Australia could not pay with either AUD nor Euros. 2) Always bring an extra passport photo. 3) Pay the extra "fast track" fees/service – the lines, especially at SGN,can get long depending upon day time. Note: upon arrival in Da Nang at about 2am we were close to first in line at VOA window and the immigration line had only about 4 people in front of us. I emailed saying there was no one to meet us nor a need for Fast Track. They refunded my money : Mr. Nikko * For US citizens the *only Visa option used to be just 1 year Visa. I think it has been ~2 years since they added the 6 month option.
    _Reekay_ i noticed that I had emailed you my info from – the service i used, and they got me my letter(s) in 4 hours… If they are now lousy and took over 2 weeks, please advise!
    ** if any of you (US citizens) travel frequently to SE Asia and are aware of Global Entry i HIGHLY recommend you get the APEC Business Travel Card (a.k.a. APEC Card) – this allows for near immediate entry (and Exit) to all of the APEC nations – Eyyyuuuuuuge Time Saver. I've never waited more than 5 minutes to get into/out of the major airports of: Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia.
    Live the Dream! 🙂

  27. Regarding the "ongoing ticket". It is interesting that Vietnam doesn't require that. When you go to Cambodia, do they require a departure ongoing plane/bus ticket before they stamp your passport? What about the other countries?

  28. What happens after a year on a tourist visa. Can i get another one. Also is it better to marry a VN lady does that help.

  29. There are no additional requirements or sponsorships required for the Business visa-on-arrival, its same as Tourist except you don't have to leave. I have been on this visa for two years. Do not mistake a Business visa for a work visa. I interview companies in Vietnam for USA companies seeking to do manufacturing or outsourcing to Vietnam. It allows you to investigate business opportunities or do work for your employer or client in USA but not have earnings in Vietnam. Teachers here, for instance, do have to have work visas. Cost for agency service for a 1 year was 199.00 USD + stamping fee at the airport …

  30. I'm interested in seeing how the people and especially the ladies are to foreigners. I don't mean the bar girls but the normal people that you can meet through local friends. I have several Filipino friends but I heard that vietnamese people still dislike Americans

  31. Cambodia visa extension is easy. You get 3months when you enter, then go to any travel agent & they send your application & passport to Phnom Penh Immigration. Allow a couple of weeks for processing. You can get up to a 1 year extension. Alternatively, you can do it yourself at the Immigration offices in Phnom Penh, which is directly across the road from the airport. As my experiences are a few years old, I'd check the government website for fees & any changes. Nice officers at immigration, btw.

  32. 10 year 48-page passport – check! Visa letter – check! Job with free accomodation and scooter – check! Small town chosen – check! Flight booked and paid for – check! Driver to collect me at the airport – check! Let the Vietnam Adventures begin!

  33. Problem with hopping over to Cambodia every three months is that they also take up TWO pages in your passport – full page visa and stamp on opposing page. Quick way to fill up your passport. Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines are more sensible – no full page visas.

  34. I am American and my Fiancé is Vietnamese. I want to move over there but I need a job. Is it possible to go on a tourist visa to find a job and then have that company help me with my work visa? We are trying to get married too but that is a whole other ballpark that is stressful. Something about us being together for 2 years or more.

  35. Processing Time……Processing time during these days is increased to 4 working days by Vietnam Immigration Department

    Processing time during these days is increased to 4 working days by Vietnam Immigration Department

  36. I envy you Reekay and would like to follow you in a few years . My intentions are similar and I will I hope be retiring and begin my travels to Asia . Many thanks for your videos you are thorough and comprehensive in your very complete instructions. I wonder were you a teacher in California?

  37. Hello Brother my wife and I are coming to Vietnam on the 10th of May we are doing a Balikbayan Visa run I noticed in the Video you are promoting a site called Vietnam but in the link below what is coming up is Vietnam

  38. I am moving to Vietnam on April 13, as an English teacher. It is a direct employment… My question is what will the immigration in the Philippines ask to you if you're not coming as a tourist? What are they gonna look for you?

  39. After getting the Visa Letter, would it matter if I arrived from a different country (say U.S. to Philippines, then to HCMC, Vietnam ?). My country of origin would be U.S. but I might want to stop somewhere else first. Just curious.

  40. Reekay, somewhere on Youtube are videos saying that there is NON-FEE for a visa application to Vietnam according to the government law# 82 passed in 2005. is that true?

  41. CORRECTION – I see that the 'STAMPING FEE' is $135 !! oops.. Sorry – it's listed on the far right of the Visa cost box !

  42. Hi, heading to Da Nang in November till March for a extended vacation . I'm curious if you know if a Philippine citizen would be able to get the 6 month visa or if he would need a 3 month and then to reapply . I'd like for my friend to join me on the trip but having a hard time finding information on that .. thanks

  43. I just used Vietnam-visa-online through your link in this video and it worked great. $35 and 48 hours later I now have an invitation letter. I will be in Da Nang within the next couple of weeks.

  44. For the Philippines the outward ticket does not need too be 30 days after arrival. You just need a outward ticket it could be a year in advance.

  45. Absolutely brilliant, this is yet another example of why I am a subscriber. I have been using your insights and observations for the past 5 years on my travels to Thailand and the Philippines. I will be returning to Cebu in September and am thinking about visiting Vietnam which is only a short flight away. As far as I am concerned your information has always been dead on,well researched, and worked out extremely well for me. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us.

  46. I have a 5 YEARS Visa (blue book)….unlimited entries and exits!! It has the same photo as my Passport. I am on my 2nd book as I travel to Vietnam every year and live there for 4-7 months at a time. Been doing it for 6 years now. The cost for a 5 years Visa Book is $120….

  47. Is it true that only United States nationals are able to arrange one-year visas? I have both UK and Canadian passports

  48. I have asked a question about the apartment building name you stay at least 6 times now. You have not responded back to me. Does your building have 1BR apartment available?

  49. Hey. It's getting harder to go and stay in the Philippines. Thinking of returning to Vietnam. It sounds as if extensions are much easier to acquire in Vietnam. I believe the cost of living is better also?

  50. You don't really need the Letter, just show up at the Air Port and do the Visa on arrival. If they ask for the letter, say you don't have one, pay $45 for 30 days one time entry for 90 days multiple time entry for $75 or $95. Don't forgot to bring two 5×5 pictures. If you want to faster and trouble free, put 5 bucks or 100k VND in your passport.

  51. On the Vietnam Visa Application Form that you turn in at destination Airport: on line 7, it asks "RELIGION"? a weird question … can you answer by NONE?

  52. Invaluable information! I'm landing in DaNang in 10 days, I swear I've done so much research my head is swimming lol! Your delivery is very straight forward and concise! Thank you!🙏🇨🇦

  53. 6 month extension in Dumaguete costs 7300p. 3x 2 months extensions run 1930p a piece, total 5790p. I dont pay express lane fees on the 2 months ext.

  54. If I have a throw-away ticket from the Philippines to Shanghai as my proof of onward flight, would I need to show visa documents for Shanghai to leave the U.S.?

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