How to get a B1 or B2 Visa

hey thanks checking today, today we’re going to talk about the process of getting a b1 b2 visa now unless you’re a Canadian in order to get a b1 b2 visa or tourist business visa you actually need to go into the consulate so it’s a bit of a it’s a two-step process you need to jump online and fill out the consular processing the d/s forms but then you actually go to the console interview and this is where things can get a little bit interesting when you’re filing for a tourist business visa you really have to be able to explain the temporary purpose of your trip so if you’re going to let’s just say you coming to America to go to a conference you would really need to present the details of the conference and in addition to that present a reason why you’re going to be going back to your own country a lot of time that you’ve got a family there are you have a job where you are in your own business too many times people show up to these appointments showing their reason to go to America all my brother lives there my sister lives there and forget to show the most important part which is the reason for coming back so when you go you won’t have things like a letter from your employer saying hey we granted to three weeks vacation if you have an ill mother you have parents that you take care of a letter from them saying why you needed back proof of appointments employment get creative with things family the last thing you want to do is go into that appointment and talk about how much you love America and all your contact in America you want to talk about your contacts in your home country and your purpose for the trip so just remember that and feel free to call if you have any questions we can assist you with some of those

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