How to fill up Schengen Visa Form

First, we double-click on google chrome browser Now, we write the URL Click “All About Visas” Click “Short Stay Visa” Click “Tourist” Click “Visa Application Form” Click Short Stay Visa Application Form in English Click here to download this Visa form Click on “Save” button to finally download this form This is the Visa Application Form for Schengen Now, we start filling this form Enter your surname same as in passport Enter your first name same as in passport Enter your date of birth as in passport in the format of DD-MM-YYYY Enter your place of birth Enter your country of birth Enter your current nationality Put tick on your correct gender Put tick on your correct marital status Write NA, if you are not minor Write NA, if you don’t have national ID Put tick on correct type of travel document Enter the type of travel document number Enter the date of issuing your travel document Enter the date of expiry of travel document Enter the place from where you get issued your passport Enter your complete home address including your e-mail address Enter your contact number Write NA, if you are not a resident of any other country Mention your designation Enter your complete office address where you are working Put tic on main purpose of your journey Enter the member state of destination Enter the member state of first entry Put tick on correct number of entries requested Enter the intended number of days to stay Have you get issued Schengen Visa in past three years Write NA here Mention NA as it is only applicable in transit case Enter the intended date of arrival in Schengen Area Enter the intended date of departure in Schengen Area Enter the name of hotel Enter the hotel address Enter the hotel contact number Enter the name of inviting company Enter the inviting company address Write Myself if you are paying yourself for your expenses Put tick on all expenses covered during stay Write NA, if no family member is an EU, EEA, or CH citizen Enter the place and date from where you are submitting this form Enter the place and date from where you are submitting this form

90 thoughts on “How to fill up Schengen Visa Form

  1. its really useful video thanks you for uploading of this visa ,it really helped me to filled application form

  2. I am going to attend an business exhibition in Germany. here I have few questions.

    1) Where should I put tick mark in point no. 21 : " Main purpose of Journey" ??
    2) I will be residing with my friend in Germany. And I will be attending the Exhibition with one of my colleague from my Parent company.
    So, please guide for point no. 31 [ should I have to write my friend's residence address and details !! ] , 32 [ should I have to write my parent company detail or my friend's company details ??]

    Please reply.

  3. what do u mean by minors? signature done in case of minors?? and if someone is going on a private trip on own expenses than what is the inviting company??

  4. I and my fiancee will be applying for visa now (sept) for visit in Jan next year after getting married in Dec this year. So basically we would not have a marriage certificate nor an affidavit for the marriage at the time of document submission (we are applying from US and not India). Does anybody know how to tackle this?

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  6. If one has a name-serie for example Alan Bert Christiaan. How should he write it down as surename and first name? In his passport there's only the name-serie, no distinguishes in surname and first name

  7. On my passport, I do not have a surname. My entire name is given in the "given name(s)" section itself. But while filling the Schengen Visa form, filling the surname field is mandatory. What should I do ?

  8. No details on possible options to answers, just a narration of what has already been written on form. Waste 🙁

  9. hey,can i apply for fance tourist visa from india . i carry a Nepali citizenship . if yes what documents are needed ??

  10. Very informative video. I had a query.
    If I am travelling multiple countries under Schengen VISA and have done hotel bookings in multiple countries then should I mention all hotel names and address in VISA application ?

  11. Hi there, thank you so much for uploading this video. I have question for you regarding to the information of inviting side. I have offered by a university for 8 months computer course and my accommodation will be provided by university. So could you plz tell where do I need fill this information. Because I'm confused with section number 31 and 32.

  12. how can i make bar code in my visa form ? bcz last time in my mother's visa forms agent maked a bar code in the end of visa form .. pls reply me soon…its urgent . thanks

  13. For 28, what should I write because i will be visiting russia after euro trip. I have student visa for Russia. What should i write in issued by..

  14. hi hello boss can you tell me please I can fill the form b also. you can check it on vfs Italy.

  15. I am now in Russia
    But I am citezen of Uzbekistan
    Can Try for visa here as well
    Or Do I have to returnn to my country?

  16. Hi please I'm from Ghana and currently in Dubai. Is there a way that I can apply for the Visa here in Dubai with no complication?

  17. hello brother I am 2 time rejected France embassy form doha and they getting my finger so now I want Netherlands schenzen apply so have any problem my finger France embassy

  18. Please any one tell me.I have job offer letter form the employer in France . How can I fill the form as tourist or other option in the form?

  19. Hello can you please help me out if I have been invited by my boyfriend what should I choose on the main purpose of journey no. ( 21 )

  20. i am a filipino working herr in saudi arabia i have invitation from belguim is it possible for me, and can i have the necessary and details on how to apply and fill up and the requirements as well, tnx so much

  21. I have sposership from itly .i applied for Itly tourist visa last year but I got I want to apply for France question is.last time I mentioned sposership in visa form.but now it is necessary to mention my relative in Eu.

  22. if i show a proof of 120 euros per day like mention on website to travel france, do i need to show booked apartments ??

  23. if the applicant is self employed or owner of the firm then should we fill company address in the 20) employer addresss?

    can we fill aadhar card number in the national identity number ?

  24. hlo sir / madam how are you
    my question is I am Pakistani I am working in Saudi Arabia if i want to apply visa for Italy. can i apply from saudi Arabia Or only can apply from pakistan please reply

  25. hello, im a filipina and working here in qatar, in applicants home address, should i put my philippine add or here in qatar? thanks

  26. Please am filling a schengen visa application form to visit a friend who has invited me to visit him and in the cost he is the one paying for all the expenses thus my flight ticket,accommodation,food and everything so please am asking which of them should I tick

  27. Hello sir, how should we write about the place and date? Do we need to write our current place and date where we are filling and when we are filling the form


    Date and Time of form submission place and time when we are submitting the form???

  28. Kindly let us know the the tips or to be need to follow the way during to fill any countries visa form

  29. Please tell me how to Fill German Visa Form for Pakistanis because Old visa Form are not Apt from German EMB Please make Video with New Form .

  30. Please help me what should i fill in point 32 and 33 if the inviting company is not from italy by calling me for international conference in italy

  31. i want to know if my kids are applying with me they are at age of 5 years do i need to fill separate application? and what should i write in the section where they mention if you are minor ?

  32. Sir / madam i wanted know that what r the document i need to submit for the schengen visit visa from sri lanka
    I have a conference in germoney by the christian socity.

  33. Hi,
    Thanks for video. I confused when I online France form filling. Point no. 19, YOUR JOB. I am a IMPORTER AND SUPPLIER. my mainly imports COSMETICS products. But there are no BUSINESS MAN OR SELF-EMPLOYED option. If I select OTHER then If Specify is IMPORTER AND SUPPLIER and then Sector select FASHION AND COSMETICS , it's right or wrong. I confused. Please help me what should I do.


  35. Sir mera name abhijeet Singh hai..but passport te mera given name abhijeet singh hai and surname wala column blank hai..plz guide schengen visa form fill krte time surname wali option blank chor du ya Singh fill kr du…ya fir schengen visa form mai bhi surname wla column blank chor kr given name pr abhijeet singh fill kr du…plz guide

  36. Hello sir,thank you for your video,then how to fill form number a self employed.just filled self employed or my business is construction of building, travel agency.pls reply me thanks

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