How to fill up Malaysia VISA form

First we double-click on google chrome browser Now we write the url This is the website of VFS Global Here, we choose MALAYSIA for visiting country I choose INDIA as a resident country as I am Indian and click “GO” Here we click on ALL ABOUT YOUR VISAS Then, we click “Without Reference (VTR)” Then click on VISA APPLICATION FORM button To view, click on Visa Application Form Click here to download this form Now, click on “Save” button to finally download this form From here, you can have a print out of this form to fill I made a form in MS Word to show you how to fill As I’m Indian, I click on “Oversea” Write your FULL NAME and it must be in capital letters Put tick on your “Gender” Paste your photograph here Write the place and country of your birth Write your date of birth in the format of DD-MM-YYYY Write your Nationality Write your Occupation now Now, write your correct address same as mentioned in your passport Write your office telephone number (if any) Write your 10-digit mobile number Put tick on your marital status Now, write “Passport” in the Type of Travel Document field Write your Passport Number here Write place and country from which you are issuing your passport Write expiry / renew date of your passport in the format of DD-MM-YYYY If you are invited by the company, mention details, else leave it blank Write number of days or months you are going Mention correct purpose of going Write the date of application here Signature of the candidate is to be done here

20 thoughts on “How to fill up Malaysia VISA form

  1. how to convert the downloaded file into the form in which i can fill it>? coz currently i am not able to type anythng in that form

  2. Hello Rising Star,
    My employer from malaysia will send me calling visa by next month. For collection and stamping of visa on passport do i have to visit Malaysian Embassy in personal or i can hire you for the services??

  3. Very helpful Video. I have a doubt, in the section "B" it's written that "For Office Use Only". But you have filled that up. Should we still fill up section "B"?

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