How to fill up Japan visa form

First, we double click on google chrome browser Now, we write the URL Select Japan as visiting country Select India as resident country Click “GO” to proceed further Click ALL ABOUT VISAS Click “Temporary Visitor Visa for Sightseeing without Guarantor” Click Visa Application Form Click Visa Application Form link to view Click here to download this form Click on SAVE button Enter your surname Enter your first name Enter your date of birth in the format of day, then month, and then the year Enter your place of birth in the format of city, then state or province name, and then name of country Select your gender Put tick on your correct marital status Select your nationality or citizenship Put tick on your correct type of passport Enter the passport number Enter the place of issuing your passport Enter the date of issuing your passport Enter the name of issuing authority of your passport Enter the expiry date of your passport Enter the correct purpose of visit to Japan Enter the intended length of stay in Japan Enter the date of arrival in Japan Enter your port of entry into Japan Enter the name of ship or airline in which you are travelling to Japan Enter the name and complete address of hotel including the telephone number Enter your current residential address including the telephone number and 10-digit mobile number Enter your current occupation and position Enter the name and address of employer including the telephone number Read and answer the questions in yes or no related to your crime and security background Enter the date of application Signature of the candidate is to be done here

10 thoughts on “How to fill up Japan visa form

  1. Hi I am Italian and at the moment me and a japanese company are trying to understand all the steps for obtaining a working visa for me. Do I have to fill in the visa application form? Do I need to book a flight even if I don't know yet if I will get the visa? Thank you

  2. If i am applying Visa for myself and my wife do i need to produce both of us bank statement ? or my statement is sufficient?

  3. Hi, if we don't have any Other Names or any other fields, leaving the field blank will not create a problem right? or should we fill N/A ? Is N/A a requirement or could it be optional?

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