How To Create Google Alerts & Track Flight Prices with Google Flights

Hey friends! I’m Tasia, welcome back to my YouTube Channel,
where I share tech tips, social tips and app reviews. This vid is all about the power Google Alerts. And Bonus: I’m also going to show you how
to track a flight you’re interested in, so you’ll know when it decreases or increases
in price. Come on, let’s get after it! A Google Alert is a customized Google search
that is going to automatically send search results to you. So, think, when someone mentions your brand
name, or specific phrases, you’re going to get an alert. Head to If you have a gmail account and you’re already
signed in, you’ll already have your email linked. If not, you can sign in from this page. If you don’t have a gmail account, you can
still use google alerts. Here is what your page will look like – very
similar, you’ll just fill in the email you’d like the alert to go to. Now, go ahead and fill out whatever search
query you want to monitor online. You’ll definitely want to select ‘show
more options’ so you can customize that query. Then just hit ‘create alert’. So, say you want to track flight prices, but
don’t have time to sign on every day to check prices. From Google, type in the flight you want,
or head to You can fill out your desired flight details,
then just hit the toggle on button to track prices. Now you’ll get a google alert for that too! You can setup alerts and track flight prices
via the google mobile app too. It’s really that easy! If you liked this video, I want to know. Give it a like, a share, or leave a comment
below. As always, thank you so much for watching
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10 thoughts on “How To Create Google Alerts & Track Flight Prices with Google Flights

  1. I really like your videos! I had no idea about google alerts and now 2 mins later I know how to use them. Keep making videos, I think you will eventually take off.

  2. At 1:10 it fades to google search… do you open an new tab? I also did not find an alert toggle button after putting in my flight information. Can you please fill in the gaps in that section.

  3. Alerts for flight tracking are only done thru emails now. For whatever horrible reason. I could have saved $200 on a flight two days ago.

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