How to Complete IMM 5257 – Canada Visa Application 2019

kia ora it’s your boy Michael and
welcome back to another exciting video since we got a very good feedback in
regard to how I managed to get my Canadian visitor visa approved and a lot
of people were asking how I did fill up my form which is the IMM 5257 so I want to say thank you for your continuous support as currently we
are on 1309 subscribers as of the moment please do continue to like comment and
subscribe to my channel and also shout out to those people who commented I
really want to say thank you as well for the great feedback that I’m gonna post
it right now and just a disclaimer my answers would not basically be the same
as yours because we do have a different situation and again just to clarify I am
not an immigration consultant or advisor so I don’t have the answers to some
particular questions so what I can only answer are the questions where I do have
experienced those things so anything outside the application of Canadian
visitor visa without a relative in Canada I’m sorry but I’m not able
to answer those questions because I don’t really want to give out wrong
information so we have a different scenarios we do have a different
situation currently I’m staying here in New Zealand I think that’s actually
helping because I have our work visa in here I think that helps but I’ve got a
lot of comments saying that the video actually helped a lot some people
actually got their visa as well through the help of my previous video if you
haven’t watched it yet should be right here just click it there so now let me
show you how I completed my IMM 5257 form First go to google and type in
IMM 5257 that’s the name of the form and click on the first one
which is the PDF form and you’ll be routed to this page you need to click
the open with different viewer it’s on the right side and then just save
the file now since I already have saved this in my computer let me just cancel
this and open the PDF form this is how the PDF form IMM 5257 looks like in the first one the UCI you don’t need to put anything, just go to number 2 I want service in which is the language so just click English or
your French and then what is the purpose so this is a visitor visa and of course
you need to put your personal details last name and the first name, and for this I am just putting a generic one and of course if you’re married or if you’ve used any
other names before you put in here your maiden name which for me of course no so
the third is the gender so male female unknown male and the date of your birth
I’ll just put in 2000 January 1 Place of birth so just
putting in here Manila which is the capital of Philippines and country or
territory would be Philippines of course it’s just scrolling down. Letter P – Philippines let’s go to number six citizenship this is not like Filipino
its F it’s for country so it’s P like it doesn’t work typing the name of the
country so let’s just type in the first letter just be Philippines there you go
number seven current country for territory of residence currently I’m
here in New Zealand together N and what is the status of my visa I’m a worker
here work yeah so this is the validity date of your
visa just put in here this is not really something that I’m going to send anyway
so I’m just get or put any date okay number 8 previous countries or
territory of residents it says in here citizenship other than the country of
your citizenship or your country of territory of residence so if you hover
your mouse pointer there’s something that would appear just read it
so no for me so this would gray out the information that doesn’t need to be
filled in okay so let’s go to number nine country or territory where you’re
applying number ten your current marital status I am single so again it would
grayed out the information that doesn’t need to be completed the number 11
have you previously been married in a common-law no language what is the
native language Tagalog for me which is of course my native tongue national
language English or French it’s English for me okay have you taken a test the
test I’ve taken IELTS but they don’t really require you to show proof
that you’ve taken one but it’s a yes for me okay passport details so passport number of course this is not my real passport
number so PH10001000 country or territory where it’s issued its
Philippines okay the issue date this of course would
depend or you need to look at your passport the entry date and expiration
date would definitely be there okay I mean maybe just ten years twenty
twenty-nine okay so for this trip will use a passport issued by ministry of
foreign affairs in Taiwan okay this is no but it’s already grayed out so I
don’t think I need to put any or tick any of this same as this Israeli so
it’s already grayed out no need national identity documents have
you. Do you have? yes I do okay I do have but I just put in no but if you have
PRC and anything like that just put it there US PR card I don’t have of course PR its permanent residency card US so that is no it will gray out again other information okay so this is the current mailing address this is where everything will be mailed out I don’y have PO box just street number of course it’s not my address so
the street the city the town and here would be New Zealand Not Namibia so let’s look for New Zealand there you go. Postal code let’s just put in 1,000 and there is no district
okay is it the same yes same residential and mailing address and the telephone so
definitely not the US or Canada its mobile phone cellular and just put in
here the country code 63 for Philippines I think okay I don’t think we need to put in
+ okay it’s 64 for New Zealand 63 for Philippines and
then I’ll put in here 022222200 something okay and then alternate number I’ll just leave this one fax number I don’t have no email
address my email at let’s go to the next one details of visit so
what’s the purpose of my visits let’s see
family visit going there okay how long will you stay of course you don’t have
ticket yet or anything so this is just approximate but of course you put in
here less than six months because that’s the only time you were allowed to stay
in Canada. Funds available for my stay that’s in Canadian dollars I remember
putting in 2000 Canadian dollars in my case they didn’t ask for any proof or any
bank details but of course if in case they’ll ask for you it’s better to have
that ready and available in your bank account now let’s go to the next one the
name and address relationship of the person that you’ll be going to visit putting my
sister so I don’t want to put my sister’s name in here so relationship
sister or maybe sibling then address in Canada I’ll put in here okay let’s say
that Street or 20 the street, the suburb or are the province let’s just make the
capitalized so province Canada the code just 1000 if there’s any other people person beside put in here number 2 okay so education have you had post study education yes I have I studied here in
New Zealand so I’ll put in here but I’ll just put in here no just for us to be
quicker and then the employment your previews work history or work
experiences put any information from in 2019 of 07 occupation it’s really hard to
figure out something random coordinator ok that is my position, company i’ll put in here the company again city of town Auckland and the country would be New Zealand okay for any other experience just put in in #2 and #3 but let’s just move on background information within the past two years have you or
any family member have tuberculosis of the lungs or any contact no this is
health history they have a physical or mental okay there’s no of course not
allow to put any information if it is no so everything is no for me just read
through it guys it’s just an easy question and just put
in what is applicable to your situation there’s also clear section just click it
if you do committed a mistake and it would reset the whole part of this
section okay so number three have you ever committed or been arrested
okay that’s no let’s go to number four
did you serve in military it’s no for me too number five are you or have you been
a member of associated with a political okay it’s no number 6 have you ever
witnessed or participated; so in here it’s no We’re in the last part of this
form which is a signature part so it’s asking do you consent to be contacted by
CIC or any organization it doesn’t really matter if you choose yes or no in
here if you’re comfortable to be contacted by email or so just like that
just say yes but it doesn’t really matter it won’t effect your application I
consent this last part it’s asking you to sign signature of applicant or
parental so since we’re doing it online you don’t really need to sign this part
but if you’re sending it via a paper or going to the embassy and send it or
submit this by paper then that’s a time that you need to physically sign this
because at the end once you submit this form you will be attaching your
electronic signature and just put the date almost done here just to scroll down and you see this validate once you click this validate it would
say validation completes completed successfully if there is any missing
information in the form it wouldn’t let you validate it and it would just give a
read error message that you need to go back okay it says in here please print
the entire application and sign and date the last page this page contains barcode
that facilities data entry of your application if you’re applying online
you don’t need to sign your application form by hand so as I said earlier you
will be asked to provide an electronic signature once you are ready to transmit
your documents to CIC for the electronic signature what I’ve used
just use the MS word and just carefully do a signature or draw a signature
which actually works but it’s a little bit harder but what others do is also
just on a clean bond paper just sign there and take a photo which actually
works as well ok so just click OK We’re done in the bottom of the page it is the
barcodes and I’ve might have forgotten to record the part where I save this so
you just need to click on file and then just save as and then just attach this IMM form to where it should be included on your application hope this
helps if you have any other question about completing this form don’t forget
to just comment down below and I’ll try my best to answer as much as I can and
also I’m answering the questions just basing on what I have experienced because
that’s how I think the best way I would be able to answer a question right if
you’re new to this channel please don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and
notification bell again it’s your boy Michael and see you next time bye!!!!

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  1. Thanks for your help much appreciated. is this the only application form for canada or more forms as well regarding vistor visa many thanks

  2. I applied visitors visa last month August 19 then but i received a refusal letter (denied) yesterday 😅 .. I can't believe their reason for refusal.

  3. sir ung pinil apan ba sa gc key na form at ung 5257 same answer lang.may question kase don na turism at meron naman visit a friend

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