How To Bounce Back After Binge Eating On Vacation

this is what I wish I was eating for
breakfast some donuts you can see Lunas muzzle
over here she obviously wants to eat that too that’s the mistake that I made
I went grocery shopping yesterday and I decided on a woman to buy some donuts
yeah this is what I’m eating before I work out later
if only Donuts were a good pre-workout make life so much nicer so it’s been a
few hours since I’ve had that Lora bar and I’m kind of hungry but I want to
work out before I drink my protein shake so I thought I was gonna do a longer
insanity workout those are usually about 40 minutes but I realized that I’m just
I’m too tired this is my first workout of the entire week it’s been a week of
just eating like crap and not working out at all so I know that today is gonna
be a huge trouble for me so I want to take it a little bit easier and do a
15-minute workout from I really like Sierra’s day at home workouts or I think
they’re really intense in there I like that they’re short so I like to do those
when I’m feeling kind of not into working out so at least I’m doing
something so I’m gonna do that and
we’ll see you guys in a bit so I just finished that workout it’s crazy how
hard it is to get back into working out even after taking a little bit of a
break and this is pretty brutal so I’m going to take a quick shower clean
myself up and go out the protein shake I’m feeling so much better after taking
a shower and now I have my post-workout smoothie I think I mentioned I went on
vacation over the weekend until Monday is when I
got back and as you can imagine I was at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico with
all of my friends so there’s a lot of drinking and all have eating things that
I probably wouldn’t normally eat or you haven’t been eating so I’ve been feeling
kind of out of it and on the great not on the best I guess
spirits my head’s been hurting I just really out of it and movie because my
diets just not been great and the things I’ve been putting into my body haven’t
been great so I’m definitely feeling the effects of it right now but I’m slowly
trying to get back into my routine the routine that I had before I left for
Mexico and totally crises right now but ah excuse me
still feeling a little bit out of it but over the past few days I’ve been slowly
trying to get back into my routine which is a tip that I would have if you are in
a similar situation maybe you’ve been or binge eating or
you’re traveling and you just didn’t eat the best and it’s hard to maintain your
healthy routine ease into your routine when you get back not everybody can just
get home and get back into like working out and eating healthy and doing all
those things I’m definitely not one of those people so over the past couple of
days I’ve been focusing on getting my sleep back on track it’s been a process
still not perfect still not how to present there yet but I’m getting there
and today is the first day I got back on Monday so it’s been about three days
today is the first day that I’m working on or actually had somewhat of my normal
routine this morning I woke up first thing I did is meditate and I started
journaling and then I was writing a blog post that is actually something that
expands on this topic that I’m talking about so I’ll link that in the
description bar down below if you’re interested in reading it but I would
totally recommend if you are in a similar situation to ease back into
getting back into your routine because it’s hard trust me I’m going there right
now and I’m having a really tough time so I’m just gonna finish this smoothie
right now and put my makeup on and get ready for the day it’s like noon right
now I think yeah it’s twelve thirty eight and
I sorted for my day that’s just how it is right now so I’m gonna do that and
I’ll be back later to check in hey guys so I put some makeup on and finally
feeling like a lot more awake and a lot more refreshed and I’m looking a lot
less like I just rolled out of bed from this morning which is what I pretty much
did before I put makeup on and shower and all that stuff but I just wanted to
hop on here and talk about a few things so I got back Monday Monday morning know
Monday night and I was dead tired obviously I was paying for all the stuff
that I put in my body that was just terrible for me yesterday for example I
had what did I eat anyway I can’t feel anything you think of what a precious
yesterday but I know for a fact for lunch I ate two small bags of chips and
then I had like a somewhat healthiest dinner I had like eggs with a little bit
of vegetable and a little bit of a starch that cauliflower flour keoki from
Trader Joe’s which is amazing I’ve been obsessed with it lately and then I went
to the grocery store picked up some healthy ingredients so that I can cook
this week instead of eating out and of course I walked past a box of donuts
that’s the ones that I mentioned earlier I walked past the donuts and I couldn’t
resist so getting a box of donuts and sitting
there before bed eating half the box and I guess normally I would feel our guests
in the past I would feel bad or guilty about eating stuff like that especially
once my vacation it’s over I feel like I should probably or I guess most of us
would feel like we have to jump right back into things so if you feel that you
are struggling to get back into your normal routine don’t feel guilty about
it don’t feel bad because it’s just gonna
make you feel worse make sure that you or some people just need to be able to
take things slowly so try incorporating one thing and then adding another and
then adding another on top of that so for me for instance I decided to work on
getting my sleep back to normal so that I could start to feel less lethargic and
more energized and I’ve been adding a few healthier meals here and they’re
still adding a little bit of fat stuff to it like I’m probably gonna heat some
more Donuts right now in a little bit once I’m done filming this but for the
most part my eating has been pretty good like this morning I had the Larabar and
then I had a protein shake and I’ll probably eat again shortly probably like
eggs or a salad or something so there’s nothing wrong with taking time to do
what you need to do in order to incorporate the healthy routine back
into your life slowly anyway those points aside today has been a pretty
productive day for me I’m pretty excited because it’s the first day where I’ve
actually been hitting the ground running as far as work goes I wrote a post that
will be going up hopefully this week I think on medium and I have a few other
things that I’ve been setting up like all of my social media pages and
everything for the humble look so you can expect all of those have content
coming up shortly and yeah I’m really excited like I said it’s the first day
where I’ve been actually productive or functional enough to be productive you
know I’m just trying to get the motivation to clean up my kitchen it’s a
total disaster right now they’re like dishes piled up and it’s just a total
mess I’ve been avoiding it since I got home and now since I finally have the
energy I might as well tackle it so super not interesting but part of life
that’s part of my day that’s what I need to do so I’m gonna go ahead and do that
right now so it’s been about an hour since I lost jumped on here and I still
haven’t done any of the cleaning that I said I was gonna do I instead set up all
my social media accounts for the humble oak and I thought I should let you guys
know I now have Twitter Instagram Facebook Pinterest and of course YouTube
I feel like there’s something else that I’m missing but I can’t think of it
right now I will list everything all the social media accounts that are
associated with the homologue and the description bar down below that way you
can check them out they’ll all have different kinds of content that you
won’t see on YouTube so totally check them out if you’re interested in
learning more about the hum below or my spiritual wellness journey journey or
how you can start your own spiritual illness journey I think it would be
extremely helpful to follow those accounts so like I said I will link them
all to description bar down below for you anyway I think this is all that I’m
going to be talking about for today’s video vlog hybrid situation I have a
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  1. Going on vacation is amazing. Getting back can be tough. How do you guys adjust to everyday life after vacation? Any tips?

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