How to Apply for a US Passport 2020 – Get a US Passport in Five Easy Steps

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future updates on my videos okay I’m going to show you five easy steps on how
to get a passport so the first thing that you need to think about is the fact
do you need a passport and if you travel within the u.s. you don’t need a
passport I always recommend getting a passport anyway and the reason for that
is once you get a passport then you start thinking about oh you know what
I’d like to travel here I’d like to travel there so if you don’t have a
passport you don’t really have the option to travel you don’t not outside
of the country because you need a passport right so if you do go ahead go
through the process that I’ll show you here
get your passport you’ll start thinking about oh yeah you know I could go to
Canada or you might start off small Canada Mexico then you’ll start
branching out you think okay well maybe I should go to Europe or maybe I should
go to Thailand or something like that but getting your passport is kind of
that first that first thing that you need to do once you have that then you
can start looking to other things okay so the next thing we need to talk about
is how much does it cost to get a passport so if you’re gonna get a new
passport on the website they kind of lay out exactly what it
would cost for you to get a passport so if you’re on their website you just
click on the we’ll start from the beginning here so we’ll click on the
website it’s going to say get a US passport click on that then you move
down here and then you’re gonna see how much does it cost
click the fee there you have a fee calculator you can click on the fee
calculator you can type in all your information and it will show you exactly
how much you call it cost to get a passport so let’s fill out this V
calculator so you can see exactly how much it costs so we’ll put us here we
can just put an arbitrary birthdate here it doesn’t have to be anything accurate
for you obviously you’re going to need to make it accurate but in this case we
don’t so let’s just put just any date here oh yeah I was born in sixty sounds
good so we just click on that date there I’ll make a date January 6
so have you ever had a past a US passport we could say no and then click
Next now it’s going to pull up the passport book passport card our passport
booking card so if you want the passport booking card it’s a hundred and forty
dollars I recommend just getting the passport I got the passport book and a
passport card I’d never use that passport card the passport card is for
sea travel and land travel so let’s say you live in Southern California and you
want to go down to Mexico go down the Tijuana you can walk across the border
using that card if I want to go to Canada I can walk across the border and
use that card but any air travel you’re gonna need your actual passport book you
can’t use a passport card so just keep that in mind if you’re going on cruises
you can also use a passport card there are certain sit there are certain
countries that will accept like if you’re at sea that will accept the
passport card but not all countries do so you need to be aware of that as well
but my recommendation passport book works everywhere so why not get what
works everywhere you don’t need to get the additional one unless you live right
near the border and you do a lot of crossing over the border then then you
would probably want to get a passport card but other than that there’s really
no the only the only other issue there all the other thing that I can see is if
you have a passport card it’s a it’s another form of ID so it’s another
government-issued ID that you can use for purposes like that okay so once
we’re on here let’s just click click passport book it’s a hundred and ten
dollars we’ll click on that okay so there’s the next screen that pulls up
here is the standard expedited or expedited at agency processing so the
standard no fee it’s going to be four to six weeks and you’ll get your passport
the expedited is sixty dollars and that’s two to three weeks and then you
have another expedited here where you’re going through the agency processing and
that will cost sixty dollars as well but that’s eight business days now in the
eight business days you have to show like that you’re going to be traveling
in the near future in order to to meet that qualification let’s go ahead and
click on standard and then standard delivery or you can get one to two day
delivery and my situation just standard delivery it’s it’s that
fine so now that I come all the way down here it’s pretty much gonna show me
exactly what I owe and in this situation it’s going to be a hundred and forty
five dollars so that’s how much I will Oh
so that’s what I’ll write my check out for one hundred and forty five dollars
so now that I know this information I can go ahead and move forward and go to
the next step okay so step number three is you need to get a picture so what I
do is I just go to a local copy center in this case I went to a UPS store and I
had my picture taken they’ll give you two pictures or two
inch by two inch and that will be what you need for your passport now if you
want to take your own picture you can do that but there are certain things that
you need to consider when taking a picture one of them is you can’t do one
of these you can’t do a selfie that is not going to it’s not going to pass when
it comes to getting your your passport and they have some other criteria on
here I will post a link in the description so you guys can check out
the website and they do show you some other stuff on here as far as what to do
and what not to do so this picture right here is fine the picture right next to
it here you can see that’s not a good picture it’s underexposed this picture
here the white balance is off so it’s showing that blue tint and then you have
a normal picture here this is fine then you have this picture here where you
have that big shadow in the background so that’s a distraction and that will
not qualify so it’s just easiest to go in and take the picture costs I think
this costs $14 so it’s anywhere between ten and fifteen dollars to get your
picture taken and then you’ll have one additional one too which you can’t
really use I guess because you’re only going to need to use one so you send one
in then you keep the other one and the picture obviously has to be an updated
picture you can’t take a picture from ten years ago like have a picture from
ten years ago and make it two by two and then send it in you want to have a
recent picture okay so step number four we want to talk about forms so there’s a
specific form that you need to fill out for a new application and it’s ds-11 so
this ds-11 form is where you’re going to fill out now they have two options here
the first option says form filler and what that does is you click on that and
then you just fill out the form online and then at the very end you generate a
PDF file when you generate that PDF file can print that out has all the
information on there I highly recommend using the foreign filler because it will
show you where you need to input all the information so if there’s information
that has to be on there it will show you that it has to be on there now if you
try to skip ahead it’s not going to allow you to skip ahead so it’s almost a
fail-safe so you don’t so you make sure that you all the things that you need to
put in you put in the next form is the just a PDF so I can print out a PDF it’s
blank and then I can fill in all the information so I handwrite all the
information in there myself so those are the that’s the way you fill out the
forms once you’ve filled out the form and if you do the form filler it spits
everything out you have your form in front of you and then you can move on to
the next step so step number five you need to find out where to go so you have
your birth certificate you have a photo ID you have the proper documentation and
you have your check your picture so now let’s find out where we’re going so on
this you just look at if you want to just do the four to six weeks this is
where you click now if you have other other requirements let’s say you want to
do expedited then these are the facilities and then less than three
weeks then this this is the facility so it’s pretty pretty easy okay so now
we’re on this screen we can go ahead and click the zip code and then I can click
the state if it will allow me to do that actually it doesn’t look like it’s done
do that now you could do photo on-site so if I want to click photo on site I
don’t have to worry about taking the picture myself or going to copy sin or
anything like that I can get the photo taken there so that’s another option it
could save you some time so click photo on site click search and
then it will open up all these different places that are in your area so you can
go and get your passport taken care of that way so it’s pretty easy you do when
it comes to your ID you are going to need to take a picture of the front and
back of your ID and you’re going to need to bring in your birth certificate they
do take your birth certificate but they will mail that birth certificate back to
you so you’ll have all your documents in order once you once you get everything
back and that’s eat that’s it it’s simple as that all you need to do is go
through those steps you pay the hundred and forty five dollars and you are ready
to go you’ve youth your going to be getting your past
within four to six weeks and then you can start thinking about travel and I
know when I got my passport that’s when I started really thinking about how I
can go here and I can go there it’s kind of like when I was a kid and you get a
bike for the first time and you realize you have more freedom to go further like
when I was a kid before I had a bike before I had a skateboard I was just
playing in the front yard then you get your skateboards you get a bike and then
now you’re riding all down the neighborhood going to friends houses and
all that and then you get to the point where you get a car and now you’re
driving to all these different destinations so you just kind of branch
out further and further when you get a passport it’s the same way because you
get that passport and you feel the same you’re like I can go here I can go there
and you start planning travel so I highly recommend getting a passport
because it it makes you think about going places and plus if you spend one
hundred forty five dollars or a hundred and ten dollars or however much it costs
to get the passport you want it’s an investment right so you want to start
thinking okay well I paid this money for this card I have it for ten years
I might as well use it so something to think about you guys have any questions
please post some comments below if you like this video please give me a thumbs
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  2. When you said “write a check of the total $145.00” meaning you’re going to give them 1 check.
    Can I put the department of state & the execution fee on the same check?

    On the website it states to write one check to U.S department of state and to write another check to the facility.

    Also…. another question when I’m paying the execution fee the email stated to pay to “Postmaster” but on another video it states to pay to “facility name”, which is it?

  3. I applied to get a passport and was down in 15 minutes max.. But my post office opened a passport center separate from the regular postal operations.

  4. I applied for a US passport three weeks ago. I provided the documents needed before submitting, my ID, birth certificate, social security card and photos. Two weeks later I received an email saying that the documentation provided was insufficient. Now I'm required to fill out DS-5520 questionnaire and I have to provide five or more documents that are at least 10 years old which includes a driver's license a school yearbook with my photo and name and the year it was issued and a newspaper with my picture and name. Can you please explain this.

  5. Thank you for this! I sometimes get a little anxious when it comes to doing any kind of federal form work but you explained it very nicely.

  6. 30yrs old and Never traveled anywhere really other than out of town on 3-4hr drive. Have my forms printed out and will be doing the process soon. I went a head and got the card also since I live in Texas so Mexico is somewhat near. As well as where cruises set sail.

  7. Problem: I tried twice to complete a site you described: and it would not print the info I I filled in out. I tried both the fill in form first and then the PDF. In both instaces, my info would not generate and all that work was for nothing. Don't get It. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE.//Also, my State will not give anyone an original BC, so what kind due I get a certified computer copy of a photocopy. Not sure about this and the entire damned process is nebulous. Figures; it's the government.

  8. Hmm seen something that you can not fly into Canada with the card but how about if your already in Canada and want to fly from Niagara falls or Toronto Canada to Calgary Alberta Canada can that be done with just the photo passport or enhanced ID since I'm already in Canada since it only says that you can't fly into Canada with enhanced ID only by land or ship but how about once your inside the country

  9. Why US department of state need original documents, why can’t they just take photocopies of documents & verify it themselves?

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  11. When it says that you need a state-issued ID/photo ID, does a learners' permit with a photo count? My learners' permit has my photo, dob, etc and some websites say I can use it while others say I need to find another form of ID.

  12. You "CAN" use the passport card for domestic flights if you do not have a state ID with the star on it "real ID" but you should know that if you are any kind of travel guide

  13. I was born and raised in the USA; but I am adopted and my birth certificate was never amended to show my full name after the adoption. I have a Social Security number and an account with Social Security administration. What other forms of identification can be used in lieu of a birth certificate to prove my US citizenship?

  14. Honestly, I would get the passport card for additional identification. In this climate where folks are stopped to be asked about their citizenship, particularly if they're of Hispanic descent, I would get it just to have something handy. Also, the REAL ID law will be taking effect in October 2020, so if you don't have an updated driver's license, you may not be allowed to travel domestically by air. Either get the passport with the passport card, or get a new updated driver's license.

  15. I currently don't have access to my birth certificate but I do have my Social security card and military ID would that be sufficient?

  16. Thanks for the video😁. I recently turned in my application to the post office to receive my passport card for the first time. I chose the passport card because I'm going on my first cruise to the Cayman Islands and Cozumel in November. I also updated my license. The passport card is only good for sea travel, the Caribbean islands and Mexico. The only Caribbean island that doesn't accept passport cards is Cuba. I will get the passport book later. I was able to do my passport photo and turn in my passport application at the post office. Certain post offices will do your passport photo. It was a pretty easy process.

  17. I have a question my dad is a citizen which automatically makes me one when I came to the US but what do I do to get green card replaced with my US passport?

  18. what happen if I go to foreign country and had a cosmetic surgery so i look different from the picture i have taken when i apply for the passport?

  19. First time applicant's DO NOT make out one check for $145. You need TWO checks. One for $35 which is for the execution fee that is paid the the acceptance facility (post office, court house, library, etc.). The second check is for the $110 fee for the actual passport, and it needs to be made payable to the "U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE." Do not make it out to the State Department or U.S. State Department, it will be rejected. It has to be made out the Department of State. U.S. Dept of State is accepted.

    They give you two passport photos, only submit one. Hold on to the other in case something happens to the application (lost in mail, damaged, etc.).

    You need to bring you ID and a photo copy of it's front and back. Nothing can be two-sided, everything must be single sided and be on 8×11 office paper. I know you think you're saving trees, but you aren't because the department will just send you a letter requesting acceptable copies, so you're actually killing more trees.

    He just mentioned a birth certificate, but it has to meet specific criteria. It has to be an original or certified copy, you can't submit a photocopy. It doesn't have to be THE original. If yours is really beat up and held together with scotch tape, go to the Bureau of Vital Statistics and get a new one. It has to list your full name, date and place of birth, list the full names of your parents, bear the seal and signature of the registrar's office, and be filed within a year of your birth. You need to submit the original along with a photocopy. If your state doesn't allow you make a photocopy, you'll need to send two copies, one of which will be retained; the other returned. You can also request the acceptance agent make a copy, and if they refuse, you should explain that they are authorized agents and a little legal concept call "sovereign immunity." Also, if you have one of those large 8×14 certificates, on the copier hit the "8×14 to 8×11" setting. This had to do with the fact that the record is run through a photo scanner to archive the record in case your book/card goes missing overseas.

    The most important thing to remember is that the men and women at the acceptance facilities on trained the basics of passport issuance. Their job is to make sure the application is complete and shipped to the Department of State. The Department is the only institute that has the authority to issue. So if you get a phone call or letter requesting more documents, don't call in saying "well the post office said it was fine!" They don't issue books, State does.

    A couple of final things. There is a "Other Names" section. Married women, you once had a maiden name, don't forget. Men using a initial, what's it stand for? That dumb middle name you never used; if it's on the birth certificate, in needs to be mentioned on the form. Also, if you were born in the U.S., it the city AND state that are to be listed in the place of birth. On "Utica" or "Appleton" it's Utica, NY and Appleton, WI. If you were born abroad, it's the city and country, not Toronto, Ontario, it's Toronto, Canada. Parents with kids under 16, even if they already have a book, still bring a birth certificate. If the system isn't working that day and the electronic of the previous application won't come up, they are just going to send you a letter requesting one anyways. Better safe than sorry. And finally, if you don't know the answer to a question, leave it blank. In the previous passport section where it asks for the book number, don't write "Unknown" because now you just purgured yourself; no book has been issued with that number ever.

    Okay, rant over.

  20. Great video with commonsense information. I thought about whether I should get the passport card because it's easier to carry in a wallet, but then again the book is accepted in every port of entry.

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  22. On the photo no squinting , my smile has me squinting i took the photo to my local imigration office (I live in Florida) She checked my form and i sent it in two days ago postage was 7 and change easy peasy . Happy trails

  23. The US customs told me that the USA is working on changing the way we travel in the States. Apparently you are going to need a passport card when the USA is divided into regional area's. The USA is going to be like old Europe use be. "PAPERS PLEASE"

  24. How do you get a passport when you have no parents? I'm in the process of trying to get mine and the application needs information about parents. I dont have any info on them at all.

  25. After October 1, 2020, it would be a big benefit to get a passport if you do not have a star on your driver’s license. Plus, I always recommend a passport book over a passport card if you go on a cruise because if you accidentally miss your boat at a foreign port of call, you cannot fly home or to the next destination with a passport card.

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    If you are not travelling you are not living.

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  30. This video was very informative, and you explained everything very clearly! Some of us didn't have anyone to teach us these things growing up, and the bike, skateboard, and car analogy you used fit the context perfectly. So true that once you obtain certain things, the possibilities open up. Thanks!

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    Question though, do you have to use a check when paying for your passport?

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