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Intro Music Hi Friends welcome back to my channel Delhi Boye’ This is My short and informative video on schengen visa so let start with visa information you need schengen visa to travel whole of Europe you can travel any of the European country on schengen visa schengen visa you can apply from any European Country fees is bit different for every embassy schengen visa is a mini visa for all European Countries there are no checks on Boarders they got soft boarders, so you can drive around Europe some time they do spot checks in a joint operation with police, Boarder Force, Local Services and Council they do a complete checks including your car Immigration Status they check, if somebody caring something illegal That’s all immigration some time do a random Passport and visa check usually its a free flow inside europe you can apply from any country germany, austria, france, prague Poland you can use any Embassy to apply visa every embassy rules are bit different and even time process is too different and fees also different but not a huge difference always remember when you apply schengen visa not only schengen any country visa which is difficult Countries like Western Countries U.K, U.S.A and Europe These countries visa is difficult just because lot of visitor come and over stay so just to stopped that they have made their visa scrutiny very hard always keep in mind when you apply a first application with fresh passport and no travel history It’s necessary for them to check your background if you have a travel history around the world then you become the trusted traveler they don’t have to hard checks but if a first application, your document is your history whatever documents you give It’s just to prove some important points Like what you do for living Job or Business or you have strong financial family to support you if you gave a impression, that you not gone return back, they will not give you visa doesn’t matter what you do till the time your immigration officer is not satisfied you will not get visa only way you can take him in confidence Firstly keep your paperwork correct Like your Finance paperwork about your money flow, when and where from Bank Statement last six months don’t pump too much cash into account just to show balance It’s a good sign when cash flow constantly and regularly Because It’s six months bank statement if you try to be chicky, they can easily catch it so it should be a normal salary or normal business easy cash flow into last statements after this secondly your reason of travel, Intention of visit make sure you make a travel plan doesn’t matter, if it’s on plane sheet of paper about your travel from where to where, your Itinerary your travel insurance hotel bookings it can be dummy bookings (anytime cancel Bookings) so the whole travel plan on paper with all the supporting documents attached Travel Plan too include all the places and date of visit and attached all the bookings this all gives an impression, that you are a genuine traveler so let’s recap all points Finances, your job information Like payslips, if you self employed then your tax returns bank statements if married husband and wife and you got kids, then relation proof like marriage certificate kids birth certificate hope you understanding family visa is bit easy as they know family won’t over stay in abroad because you got job and kids got school etc. so that’s why family visa is bit easy but still you need lot of documents after this come flights documents like flight bookings, flight Itinerary etc. so now you have collected all right documents we come to filling forms please read them properly and fill them correctly there are lots of agents, can help you to fill the form there are lot of youtube video to help uou so fill your forms correctly and put all documents in a sequence that’s my finance that’s my travel documents that’s my whole holiday plan that’s my Job or Business related documents and that’s my Passport or any Old Passport with visa try to organize with indexing it will give a positive impact on visa officer make a nice covering letter write your reason of travel what’s your intention make clear that you don’t have any intention to over stay and explain them everything from Intention to bookings after that add all document in folder step by step you can use see through insert’s for this and try to put step by step it make there life easy and it gives visa officer a positive impression visa process time depends on many factors first time application can take up to 45 days because they have to do lots of background checks on all the paper work you submitted please don’t try to forge any document because they can check everything online in a click please don’t try to alter or over right any document please don’t do that if you try and you caught you won’t get any European country visa they will ban you so i am repeating again don’t try to forge any document always submit original documents keep everything clear and original to get visa sure and early the moment you get first visa and you travel as per plan and come back, then you are travel history is the document for example i travel regularly first i went to dubai then uk and then europe like this slowly and gradually i made my travel history so know they now my history, that i am gone visit and come back so you have to do same, when you get your first visa, you have to travel as per travel plan and come back then it will be much easy, on your next visit first time it take 45 days, may be 2nd time it may take 15 days some time uk and europe visa can come in 3 days tourists with good travel history, so hope you understanding me make sure your documents are complete keep clear your intention or reason of visit please give a clear impression on your parer work never try to forge documents waiting time can be anywhere between 45 to 3 days so please be prepare for this so lets start are travel journey first lausanne then Interlaken from Interlaken to will explore the two mountains Grindelwald & Jungfraujoch will continue ahead towards Zurich From Zurich to Paris, France In Paris we gone relax for last two days May be, I am not sure yet but we might go visit center of Paris Eiffel Tower and last day we might go to Disney Land Paris so that’s the plan so far finger crossed, all is well so far if you think i missed some information please do wright in comments below and i will add in my next video explaining, that thing you will find all the useful links below this video in description which can be helpful so if my video is helpful make sure you like and share make sure you comment if you want me to cover some other topic i have not covered yet all is well, so please follow so let’s move on You can follow me on Instagram Link in Description Thanks For Watching The End

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