How the Las Vegas Gunman Planned a Massacre, in 7 Days of Video | NYT – Visual Investigations

The surveillance footage is
remarkable in its banality. It shows Stephen Paddock,
the Las Vegas gunman, in the days before
his mass shooting. He cuts a lonesome figure as he moves through
the Mandalay Bay hotel — playing video poker
for hours in the casino; buying snacks at a newsstand; watching a LeBron James
interview in a restaurant; and at times, chatting
with hotel staff. But this picture of an ordinary gambler disguises a far more sinister intent. Through this previously
unseen footage, we’ll show how Paddock
methodically planned his attack, and how, over seven days,
hotel staff unwittingly helped him to move bag after bag
of weapons to his room. The videos, obtained exclusively
by The New York Times from MGM Resorts, begin
on Monday, Sept. 25. At the V.I.P. counter,
he checks into a suite on the 32nd floor, and
books an adjoining room, which he will check into
four days later. He doesn’t immediately
bring in suitcases. Instead, he spends
two hours in the hotel, going to his room and eating at a sushi
restaurant downstairs. Just before 5 p.m., he drives his
Chrysler Pacifica minivan to the valet area,
where a bellman loads the luggage cart
with five suitcases. Paddock asks to stay
with his luggage, so the bellman brings him
through the service elevators to his room — something
hotel management says is not unusual. Paddock spends the next
four hours in his room, and at 9:40 that night,
he leaves the hotel, bringing two suitcases with him. He drives one hour to
Mesquite, where he lived. Cellphone records show
that he stays the night and spends most
of Tuesday here. Around 8 p.m., Paddock
returns to Las Vegas, but he stops at the Ogden, a downtown
condominium complex. This is interesting
for a few reasons. Paddock was also renting rooms
here for the entire week. He checked in the
previous Friday, when a music event called
the Life Is Beautiful festival was being held in
the surrounding streets. Internet records recovered
by the police show that he searched for
that festival’s lineup and its expected attendance. This was similar to his research
of the Mandalay and the Route 91 Harvest Festival,
which he would later attack. So, the Ogden and
the Life is Beautiful festival could have been used for planning,
or may even have been a target. Later Tuesday night, Paddock
returns to the Mandalay and a different bellman
helps him to move seven more suitcases
to his suite. Again, he uses the
service elevator. He tips the bellman,
who had no way of knowing these cases were packed
with guns and ammunition. He gambles for eight hours
until morning. Paddock was a regular
at the Mandalay, and several casino
hosts knew him. The videos show
their interactions as being completely normal
and in no way alarming. Remember, in two days, Paddock has brought
12 cases upstairs. He spends most of
Wednesday in his room, and that evening repeats
a similar pattern. He leaves the Mandalay,
again carrying two suitcases. He stops at the Ogden and
drives home to Mesquite. On Thursday, he buys a
.308 bolt-action rifle from a gun store and
visits a nearby gun range before driving back
to the Mandalay. That night, he again
uses the valet service and a bellman to carry
a white container and three suitcases
to his room. His arsenal of weapons
is growing. Again, he gambles
through the night. It’s now Friday,
and at 8 p.m., the Route 91 Harvest
Festival will open in the fairgrounds
across from the Mandalay. Paddock stays in his room
until around 3 p.m. and uses his laptop
while the suite is cleaned. He checks into the
adjoining room, 134, using the name of his
girlfriend, Marilou Danley. He also tells cleaning staff to leave behind
the food-service cart. Two days later,
Paddock would use this, and one other service cart,
to create a surveillance ring during his attack. Overnight, he makes a
brief trip to Mesquite. Arriving back at the
Mandalay at 6 a.m. with two more suitcases. Soon after noon on
Saturday, he places do not disturb signs
on both room doors. He declines housekeeping. He takes an elevator
to the valet area and sits, waiting for his car. He carries two more
bags to his room. He gambles some more, and that night he makes
a final trip to Mesquite, returning to the Mandalay
at 3 a.m. on Sunday morning. He gambles
through the night in the high-limits
slots area, and returns to
his room at 7:37 a.m. It’s 12:16 p.m. when
we see Paddock going back to the
parking garage. The guests exiting the
elevator have no idea that in 10 hours, this
unremarkable figure would commit the
worst mass shooting in modern
American history. He returns from his car,
bringing two suitcases and a smaller bag inside. Since Monday, he has
brought at least 21 cases, two smaller bags, a laptop bag
and a container to his room. This is the last time
we see Paddock, arriving at the 32nd floor. Through the day,
he opens, closes and locks both rooms repeatedly. At thirty-six minutes after 9,
he locks the deadbolt to room 135
for the last time. Four minutes later,
Jason Aldean, who’s headlining
the Route 91 festival, begins his act. Paddock then turns the
deadbolt to room 134. At 10:05, his shooting
rampage begins. In under 10 minutes,
he would kill 58 people and injure over 700,
before taking his own life. He had amassed
23 guns and thousands of rounds
of ammunition. Almost six months
since the attack, Paddock’s motive
remains unknown.

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  1. In October, we pieced together 30 videos to understand how the Las Vegas Massacre unfolded:

  2. We should have multiple videos about the victims and how their families and friends feel, not how this monster just hung out for 7 days before he brutally murdered many people.

  3. Is motive remain unknown? R u kidding me? Its revenge like it always is. And you think you are just victims in all this but you are not. You want to crush them thinking that it make you stronger creating more criminals in the process since hate only bring more hate and you want me to believe that you are nothing but victims in all this. There will be serials massacres as long as you wish for it. You think you can condemned people even when history as proved that you are always wrong to abuse of the abused. Its been more than ten thousands years that your are wrong and you still think that guilt is a human feeling. Most of you really did understood nothing. It doesn't mean that he was right to return your hate to the senders. He was just as low as you all are. The problem of those people is that they are hurt and they think that in your hate for man kind you are the only responsible for their anger. They suffer in hate because they wrongly choose to follow most of you as an example. They don't understand that this world is wrong and you ave to think differently to be free of is hate. You ave to live out of the system otherwise, you will get hurt by the stupidity of those who call themselves the law in their inferiority complex. The truth is that most of you are weak. You understand strength upside down. You think doing an eye for an eye make you strong when it only make you more blind, hurting those who are weak as most of you are in the process. What goes around come around. Its blood you wanted, its blood you got. Its simple.

  4. Everyone knows that it’s only suspicious when black, brown and yellow people are around and then the white man does the shooting

  5. My mom came to Vegas like 5 days after the shooting and stayed at the Mandalay Bay for a Tableau Conference. Imagine if the conference was earlier……..

  6. The reporter clearly didn't do his math. Should have deducted the bags he left with and added what he came back with each time to get the correct total of bags plus container. Be interesting if the tally matched the police tally. Wonder where the surveillance is from the condo building

  7. And this is why I tell people that there is no gauge for what is considered a "law abiding citizen". In every aspect of the term, Paddock lived his lavish life as one, legally stockpiling enough weapons to arm a small militia. There is not one single person on this earth who's infallible to falling foul of either the law or their own emotions, which is the primary reason firearms should be kept out of the hands of the general public.

  8. Did you guys see the list of altered Youtube searches, where every search of this guy being an extreme left winger was blocked, covered up, or deleted? Scary stuff.

  9. The Guy Was An Arms Dealer — Nothing Odd About That. Network Newz Didn't Show 1 Injured Person From The Event Except 1 Guy w/A Scrach On The Back Of His Neck. Event Site Next Morning Showed NO SIGNS Of Bullet Holes or Damage. All Talk & No Evidence. No mention of F.B.I. or DHS IN Shootout Just North of Vegas A Few Hours Before Vegas Senerio. Hushed-Up By YouTube A Month After Affair, How Convienient !××! Now Jefferey Epstein Amongst Others. Thank You DON TRUMP !!!

  10. To all you people thinking the hotel should have noticed……a hotel like this has thousands of rooms and thousands of employees. These are MASSIVE operations.
    They are not setup to notice if a person arrives multiple times and takes a lot of luggage up.
    Besides, that just wasn't considered unusual before this occurred. Even today, hotels don't have ANY way to know what is inside someone's luggage.
    Hotels are not like airports. Yet.

  11. The night me and my father went to Las Vegas we got Luxor across from Mandalay Bay my dad told me there’s a concert across the street I can attend too if I wanted to I told him no Thanks few hours later watching my phone talking to my cuzan on face time I hear gun noises I can see from my south window a light going down the street I start panicking so I grabbed my hotel key ran down the hall thanks god there was a police officer he asked me to calm down and asked why I was running I screamed telling him there shooting coming from Mandalay Bay and how the event was getting shot at then the officer called for help and the freak out happened

  12. Right now, Americans aren't even surprised another kid just shot up a school a killed dozens. It's becoming a culture.
    We should restrict our gun laws. Be like Singapore.

  13. The New York Slime. Multiple shooters present. Military drill in the same area the same day. Just a mouthpiece for propaganda. Not journalism.

  14. One of my good buddies passed away at this shooting. Absolutely heartbreaking. Can’t believe it’s already been two years.

  15. CERTAINLY IF THEY WERE BORN FEMALE HE WOULD OF NOT CAUSED THIS BRUTAL CRIME. This proves its male related. Although its also his individual mind that seperates him from all other males that would never do this crime. Why did he become extremely sick and chosed to commit mass murder? Certainly he had extreme hatred and rage, why? If he was full of love this would of never happened.

  16. hes a miserable loser wanting to take as many with him as he could, those who in his mind had it way better than him, those blessed, you think he would done it if he hit the jackpot on his last night at the high stake area in the casino?

  17. One of the guys who has got killed was my uncle….. still crying these day

    Its not a lie he was working in a restaurant and later he went off to have a look at the event.
    Rest in peace dear Uncle.

  18. I know his motive, he decided to go big on high-limit gambling, and this was his only way out if he lost.

    If he won, then he'll just take the cases and go home.


  20. I find his stop at the ogden very interesting and that was a lot of suitcases. He acted/was just like an international terrorist!

  21. Hmmm, 1hr :15min till Police storm the Hotel Room, with Police working the Concert 2 minutes away, some off duty Police attending the concert, and more patrolling the Streets less than 5 minutes away. The hotel had a Fire Alarm go off in that Room, yet did not Call Fire Department or Police. Hotel Security Guard sent to check room calls in he's been Shot outside the Room in Question, yet they still didn't call 911 for 15min. Cab Driver sitting below Records Shooting, you can tell by the Sound, it was coming from multiple sources close and far away, and many Police at Concert saying I see shots from the roof, some from the 2nd floor, some from the 15th floor, etc. He was just a Pawn set up by someone. Easy to prove, find the Bullet Holes, stick a Laser Pointer in the Holes and see where they all point to.

  22. You want to know how he was able to do this? Because of just how easy it is to get guns in America and build an arsenal for extreme destruction.

  23. wait; thousands of rounds shot and only 58 dead and 700 people wounded. I wish I knew something on ballistic science cause it does not sound right, I guess it's more like 1200-1300 shots fired, I don't know much in ballistics but it sounds very hard to miss his huge target from where he shot.

  24. When this video first came out it was only dislikes.. not all of a sudden it's 100k likes and 11k dislikes.. I LOVE being lied to. thanks Youtube.

  25. Interesting, they said no other hotel had a shooter….I am not talking the people running, if you go back and look at videos of a body laying on the floor behind a potted plant….it is very clear view in the video, people in the hotel talked about hearing gun shots at that hotel, casino lock down immediately, people staying in the hotel ran back to their …..what about th planet Hollywood behind the lined up, not taking shot people.. a lot of shot people dying, and others Carrying to cabs, and putting them in people just driving down the street taking them o the hospitals….people were saving the wounded…..something was going at other places….

  26. What about the media black out after by the cops, the FBI, they even said on camera at a press conference, no information to be released.

  27. i was one block away from the shooting when i was visiting my brother . we were at a burlesque show and when we exited, people were running down the streets away from the shooting. we didin't hear any gun shots because we were inside at the show at the time. when we were leaving in the car we saw what seemed like 100 emergency vehicles. when we got home we turned on the news and saw what had happened. crazy world. thought i'd share my story

  28. Why was no one constantly checking security cameras and seeing this one guy is bringing that many bags in over multiple days

  29. In a casino with that many CCTV cameras you'd think there could be some video analytics software that would say "HEY THIS GUY HAS BROUGHT 21 BAGS INTO HIS ROOM…."

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