How Lane Southern Orchards in Georgia became a tourism spot

[BLANK_AUDIO] This really used to be
a cinderblock building, and it was like the sales office. The sales team were selling the peaches
to Kroger, Walmart, the big box stores when they would have knocks on the door of
people passing by wanting to buy peaches. So they decided one year to
hire a college student, and get a picnic table, set her up
outside with baskets of peaches so that would appease the visitors
that wanted to stop by. Well, as we are, we’re nosy so they wanted
to know what’s going on behind the scenes. So they wanted to know
if they could come in. And so they really started
out with four rocking chairs, and just shelves that had peaches on it. The very first year when they
had hired a college student, they did $40,000 in sales
just the first year and you figure with peach
season being 90 plus days. That’s pretty good for the first year. And then now we have about 20
rocking chairs on the front porch, we have the cafe now. Our calling cards are still our peach
ice cream and peach cobbler, but that’s kinda the story
of how I got started. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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