How John became a Yuujou traveler

Once you have a lot of friends, it’s like
you give a part of your life to them, you never die. Once you become a part of a friendship community, you never die.. essentially. I’m John. I’m a researcher and
engineer. So every day I solve problems and do experiments. But Yuujou is the one experiment
I really want to be a part of this year. That’s the simplest and most elegant advice
anyone has ever given me: If you really want to do something, why
don’t you just go and do it. Proud of.. I don’t know, I have a lot of friends.
Wherever I go I’ll have some friends, so I am never homeless. You are one of the 5 travelers. So tomorrow I resign. I’m telling my boss tomorrow. Oh my God. Usually my heart rate is just 56,
I think now it’s like 72. I’m John Sebastian. I’m a
researcher here in Chennai. I love science, I love art. So I think it’s a mix between
the left and the right brain. I look at things in a different way,
maybe a little scientifically. I love to find the science in the art
and the art in the science.

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