How Iranians View Hezbollah Amid Escalating Tensions With The U.S. | NBC News NOW

12 thoughts on “How Iranians View Hezbollah Amid Escalating Tensions With The U.S. | NBC News NOW

  1. Doesn't the 3.8 billion dollars of taxpayers money the US gives Israel annually make the Zionists proxies too?

  2. Hezbollah a terrorist group – so says the Americans. If the US doesn’t leave when officially asked by Iraq they will be an occupying force and the IUDs will be back.

  3. Ok so he vented his opinions and how he feels. Is he Iranian? Cause the title said something about informing us how Iranians felt about that group.

  4. If everyone doesn't see what's going on here you guys are. Kind and pushing propoganda. The Ayatollah wanted this done and the people did to. This is there only path to economic development at a way they have not seen because of salomani in 20 years if ever. They couldn't just do this thereselves keep the support of the hardliners and more military swayed people in the country who like salomani. But if we got rid of him it unites there while country and if then Iran moves twords economic growth with the US instead of against regardless of what the people really know it helps there whole country and the whole country is on board plus the one big benefit out of the whole deal is the have probably agreed not to seek nuclear weapons with all the uranium that we sold them. Well Obama and Biden and Hillary did anyway. But they were on the side of salomani and his terrorist ways.

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