How I Got Tourist Visa To USA + OUR HONEYMOON PLAN

8 thoughts on “How I Got Tourist Visa To USA + OUR HONEYMOON PLAN

  1. **I realized how loud background is during editing…I'm so sorry! T^T I'm still learning how to use our new camera, so soon quality gonna be much much more better!<3**
    I forgot to say that one guy in front of me didn't get a visa…But it was because he could NOT speak any language! Embassy worker was trying his best and used English, Korean, Russian to communicate with him, however it was just impossible to have an interview, so his visa got denied…
    In any other cases – you don't have to worry! I'm sure your visa will get approved! <3 Good luck!

  2. Hi from Cambodia!Thank you so much for sharing this video it’s so important for me Thank you again. Love watch your video.

  3. Hello, I live in the USA , all the places you said your going to you'll enjoy, you said Arizona so I take it you well be seeing the Grand Canyon which is absolutely amazing. I really enjoy watching your volgs and you and your husband look so sweet together. Congratulations on your marriage and have a wonderful honeymoon in america. Look forward to your travel volgs.

  4. Najważniejsze, że poradziłaś sobie! Dobrze wiedzieć, jak się tam załatwia takie formalne sprawy urzędowe. Udanej Waszej podróży poślubnej do USA. Bardzo Dziękuję za napisy 🙂 Pozdrawiam 🙂

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