How FRHI Hotels & Resorts is engaging 45,000 employees with Beekeeper (2016)

FRHI Hotels and Resorts is a global
hospitality management company headquartered in Toronto. We manage the Fairmont, Raffles and Swissôtel hotel brands. We have a 125 hotels around the world and approximately 45,000 global colleagues. In 2013 we were coming out of a reorganization and we were trying to bring our three separate brands under one umbrella. And we thought the Beekeeper platform was a great opportunity to have this one place where everyone would showcase their achievements, news, ideas and create this feeling of one company, one FRHI. It’s really become the primary
platform for us to deliver company news, or updates, or any kind of executive
communication that we want to make sure people get. Before Beekeeper communication at our company was a little bit more difficult We would communicate as best we could by email, through phone calls, or through newsletters, but Beekeeper has allowed us to reach our colleagues instantly. In HR we’ve used beekeeper in a
number of ways. So when we want to get information out about something we’re
doing. So a contest, fun activities that are going on. So it really is
driving a sense of engagement in a bigger family than just here in the
hotel. The beekeeper platform is highly visual and this is extremely important for our international workforce, which is spread out across 35 countries and speaks 22 languages. Colleagues are able to use that tool on their desktops. They can have the mobile app on their phones as well and we have a live stream that’s
playing in the back of space so they can receive constant updates on what’s
happening in the hotel. I can be at work, I can be at home, I can be on vacation, there’s always something for me to see and there is always a way for me to be
connected with the Beekeeper. Beekeeper is very easy to use. Because of that we have had a great adoption rate from the very beginning. They’re engaged from people who are in their sixties and seventies to young millennials who, of course, live on social media. For me personally as a regional vicepresident being able to connect with our colleagues across all of the hotels quickly and be able to say “great job”, or “we love what you’re doing”, allows them to feel like we are actually
there with them on a daily basis. It’s almost like I get to have a conversation with them and of course there are twelve hundred of them here at the Fairmont
Royal York. I’d love to have a conversation every day with every colleague but all of a sudden through Beekeeper I actually can. When I was recognized as star of the year for Fairmont Royal York it made me feel
very proud to work for such an organisation. And after my award was
posted on Beekeeper, it was awesome to see all the colleagues around the world congratulate me. A few years ago we had a policy in the workplace where you were not allowed to carry cellphones. We realized that we needed to change with the times and so you can carry your cellphone in the workplace. You can use it when you’re on your break, or when you’re behind the scenes. We’ve encouraged everyone to be adding Beekeeper to their
cellphones and in fact we have colleagues teaching other colleagues how to load it and how to use it. In Beekeeper we have hashtags such as a #RYHSMILE, #RYHLOVEMYJOB #RYHTEAMWORK.
Essentially we just use those tools to boost team morale and overall just create a great environment for us to work in. Moderation really hasn’t been an issue for us. We haven’t really needed to remove many posts and if we ever did need to, it’s a
very simple process that anyone could manage. The feature that I find most
useful in the analytics dashboard, is seeing the usage stats by property. This
allows us to see which properties have outstanding usage and be able to
congratulate the leaders and learn best practices from them. And it also allows
us to see properties that have below-average usage, and reach out to them and offer our support. We absolutely use beekeeper in both our union and non-union properties. Quite frankly having our
colleagues engage with us is critically important and so whether it is an
unionized or non-union property, this is a great tool for us to engage and connect with our
colleagues on a level that we’ve not seen before. Beekeeper is something that you should
use. We’ve already achieved our primary goal of making everybody feel like part of one FRHI family and since we’ve seen so much success with Beekeeper we don’t want to stop there. We have so many great plans about how we can connect every colleague and we know that Beekeeper is willing to work with
us to make those goals a reality.

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  1. Great communication tool. But what is the difference, for example, to a private corporate Facebook profile, where you can also share, post and stay informed? Thank you.

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