How expensive is Travel to Japan?

Hey Guys! Hope you are doing good. In this video, I am going to quickly tell you, …how expensive is Japan to travel. The japan travel expenses in this video are
based on our recent japan travel experience. A return ticket of Turkish Airways from Germany
to Japan costed us 520 US Dollars. After food, wine and 3 movies, we finally reached Tokyo. For us, one of most important thing is to
stay connected. For that we got a data only SIM for 16 days which costed us 5990 Yen. Since we were travelling without any Japanese
Currency, we had to withdraw money directly at the airport with a transaction fees of
230 Yen. But that was the first and last time we paid any fee for transaction. After that
we withdraw money only from convenience stores where we did not have to pay any transaction
fees. Since the Narita airport is a little bit far
from the main the main Tokyo city therefore, we had to take a Limousine bus for which we
paid 2800 Yen per person. But at the same route, there are some
metro connections also available which we used at the end of our trip. Among several
options, we found the Kesai Main Line to be the cheapest one, with a ticket price of 1000
Yen from Tokyo to the Narita airport. As soon as we reached Tokyo city, the first thing we bought was the SUICA card. You can
use this card in all the local public transports anywhere in Japan. Usually we had to pay between
180 -500 yens for the ticket prices of local transport. In Japan, we travelled from Tokyo to Hiroshima
while making stops at several other cities. For such intercity journeys, we chose to travel
by bus. A 3 days bus pass costed us 10,000 Yens. Once activated, the pass can be used
on any 3 days within a period of 3 months. You can also choose a faster and expensive
option of Japan Rail pass about which we have explained in our previous video. During our trip, we stayed in different types of accomodations. The minimum we paid was
15 USD per person for a bed in a hostel and maximum we paid was 90 USD for a double room
in a nice hotel. And, one thing that I miss the most is wide variety of drinks available in Japan. From
a vending machine, the usual price of drinks is 130-200 Yens. Being a vegetarian, I did not get much chance to enjoy the Japanese taste but Sid did not
leave any chance to enjoy the flavours of Japan. For street foods, we always had to
pay somewhere between 100-500 Yens. The quality of food in supermarkets is also good and may cost you 250-500 Yens. Whereas, a meal in a normal restarant may
cost you 700-1500 Yens. But to taste the specialities of Japan, you may have to pay a little more. A round of
omakase Suhshi costed us 3600 Yen while the Oysters in Miyajima costed us 2600 Yens. Sadly Sid got severe throat infection during the trip. For the normal cough and fever medicines
from a drug store, we paid 1200-2000 Yens. But we heard that those medicines are not
so strong and we finally ended up going to a hospital, where we had to pay a fees of
9600 Yen for consulation and another 9000 Yens for the prescribed medicines. No matter what your taste is, Japan has something
for everyone. Here are some of the famous activities that we did. Mori digital art is a highly recommended place
especially if you are visiting Japan for the first time. A ticket to this place costed
us 3200 Yen. Though people have love and hate relation with robot restaurant in tokyo, we would recommend
it if you have some extra time and bucks to spend. We bought the cheapest ticket option
with a price tag of 6200 Yen “without food”. Instead of going for a day trip to Mt Fuji, we visited it for 2 days. For this we bought
the “Hakone free pass”, which costs 5140 Yens. The pass includes a complementary
to n fro ride from Tokyo to Hakone and it is valid in all the public transports including
the ferries in lake Ashi. Another worth mentioning pass is the “Osaka
Amazing Pass”, which costs 3300 Yen for 2 days. The pass is not just valid in the
public transport but also gives you access to several attractions and activities. We
even used the pass to visit an Onsen. You can checkout our previous video to know more
about it. If you found this video helpful and got an
idea about the Japan travel expenses then, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. And
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