How Expensive is Philippines? Per Day Tourism Expenses in Manila!

Hello viewers, I hope, all of you will be fine. today is my last day in the Philippines tomorrow, I have my flight back to Pakistan I thought to share my experience about expenses in the Philippines and how expensive is Philippines? First thing first, we will not talk about flight and how much is visa and flight etc because I already have other videos about those topics on my channel, please go and check in this video, we will talk about the exact daily expenses when you arealdy have landed in the Philippines First of all, Philippines is little bit expensive than other countries in Southeast Asia i.e Thailand and Malaysia we have to take expensive flights in order to come here, the flight is also long in duration I cam here from Singapore, and a one way flight cost me around 313 SGD ( which is a lot of money) because I have my return flight from Manila with Emirates Airline (but I came here from Singapore) now, let’s talk about accommodation in the Philippines Accommodation options are too many in Manila Hostel life is very good here in Manila and Philippines if we talk about where to stay in Manila then I stayed at Makati which is what people recommend for tourists that’s the best area in Manila for nightlife and all the facilities such as restaurant, money exchange etc if you like nightlife and want to be connected with everything then Makati area is a good choice but you can also stay anywhere in Manila, it’s a very big city with many districts, in fact, it’s a big Metro Manila I got my hostel in Makati only for $9 USD Hostels are very good in Manila and also clean Hostel staff is also very supportive so you can stay in hostel if you are traveling solo, you can easily get a hostel for $10 per night in Manila now, if you want to stay in Hotel, you are two persons or you are with family in Manila hotels are also not expensive here, it’s little bit expensive if we compare it to Thailand & Malaysia Let’s say if you get a hotel in Thailand or Malaysia for $20, that will be $30 In Manila (Philippines) However, there is food issue here in Philippines, Pakistani and Indian food are not easily available And Halal food for which many people ask That’s not easy to find here, but still there are many Pakistani restaurants in Manila There is a Pakistani restaurant with the name “Kabab & Curry” you can search that on Google You will also find Arabic and Iranian restaurants near Burgos Street in Makati and usually, we can eat that food easily, I also used to go there more of the times in Makati area I have visited “Kabab & Curry” Restaurant also many times, They make very good authentic Pakistani food Pakistani or Arabic food will cost 400 Peso per meal which is equal to 8 USD This is when you want to eat good food in an Arabic restaurant or a Pakistani restaurant I ate two times in a day, so that will be like 800 Peso a day and $16 USD per day for food in Manila I usually did not have breakfast in the morning or sometimes I would do at Hotel or Hostel then we have transport options Manila is one of the most jammed city in the world, traffic is jam all the time and every day people are more, cars are more and so rush is more But honestly, public transport is not expensive here only taxi is little bit expensive, but if you use Grab taxi that way you can save money Grab taxi is available here easily and everywhere so if you will use public transport for exploring Manila then let’s say $4 to $5 USD per day for that If you are staying in Hostel then you should be able to cover Manila on $30 USD per day with everything I did it myself for the same, I stayed at both hostel and hotel here in Manila if you are staying in a hotel then you should be able to cover Manila on $50 USD per day with everything This is you stay at a hotel for $30 USD which is what I did in Manila, $20 USD hotels are also available This also includes food, transport and other things And this is for per person, not more A good budget hotel, two times meal, transport and a few more things will cost $50 USD per night in Manila And that’s a different thing if you want to spend more on shopping and other things if you have more money then you can spend as much as you want and that’s up to you but I am just talking about budget traveling to Manila, if you are on Budget then this is what you will be spending I hope, I have shared most of the points with you in this video, if you have any questions, then do comment Thank you guys for watching this video and I will soon see you with another video, share and subscribe! interesting stuff is coming up!

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  1. Thanks for good information ❤️❤️🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰❤️❤️🇵🇰❤️🇵🇰❤️🇵🇰

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  3. Philippines is a very beautifull country would love to visit it someday.
    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇭

  4. Agar app 15 day key ley jaye to per day 50 dollar = 750 dollars and I think visa and ticket 120000/= + 120000 = 240000/= matalb 300000/= hona chaeye. Ghareeb banda video dehk kar hi guzara kar ley to bahtar hey.

  5. Bhai app ka total kitna kharcha laga ….pls tell me I have plan to visit Philippine's ….and I want to contact u also …pls reply bro

  6. ایک ماہ کمرہ کرایہ اپارٹمننٹ دو سے تیں افراد 12000 روپے پاکستنی بمہ کچن گھر کا کھانا حلال مصالحے دالیں آلو پیازوغیرہ وغیرہ پریشر ککر چند برتن ٹن پیک فوڈ چکن ، مٹن پاکستانی سامان کے ساتھ لیتے آئیں ۔پانی بل 750 روپے پاکستانی، بجلی بل اے سی چلا کر 5 سے چھ ہزار روپے پاکستانی۔ گیس سلنڈر 15 سو پاکستانی روپے۔ گھومنے پھرنے کا خرچ۔ جتنی جیب اجازت دے، ویزہ فیس آٹھ سے 9 ہزار پاکستانی روپے۔ ٹکٹ اپنے ایجنٹ پاکستان سے معلوم کریں تقریبآ ایک لاکھ بیس ہا پچیس ہزار۔۔ یہ کھتری پیکج ہے۔ اس سے سستی خاموشی

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  8. Abdul Wali Bhai. Kiya Hal Chal he? Umeed he tu Allah Talla Aap ko Khush Kare, Mere Dua he Aap ka Safr aana or jana bhut aasan hoga.
    Aap ka bhai
    Hassan Mirani. Larkana

  9. Me as a local as long I can get around 40 – 50 dollars a night for a hotel and even along our neighbor country it’s a good deal for me, I don’t travel alone so hostel and capsule type room is not for me, it’s better to get a good accommodation and left your stuff safe while doing your itinerary..

  10. Salaam wali bhai yeah pioneer card kesay banao zara guide karen kia faida hn is ke travelling main plz explain & guide

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  12. Makati is nice place in manila but the biggest problem in manila is traffic jam. A place where you can normally reach in 30 minutes in manila it will.took u 1 and half hour at least. Rest everything thing is nice people are so good . Prices are almost like Pakistan

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