How Do I Get Approved For a B2 Tourist Visa If I Was Previously Denied?

5 thoughts on “How Do I Get Approved For a B2 Tourist Visa If I Was Previously Denied?

  1. My husband is from India, he applied for tourist visa twice this year, had papers and my mother was his sponsor, they denied him each time. But here's the kicker, when he went to the embassy in Delhi, there apparently was a huge line and several (like hundreds) of people applying for a tourist visa, they were denying EVERYONE. Even one guy in front of my husband had proof he'd come back, could show proof of income/finances and could show strong ties to India, and had visited many countries (1st world), but they denied him too. When my husband went to his interview for tourist visa, he was automatically given a paper saying why he couldn't get a tourist visa. I guess for some countries they are just denied because it's a 3rd world country with high fraud rate. The lady who interviewed my husband saw his papers and asked about our CR1, she basically told my husband in a round-about way that he needs to apply for the CR1 instead , so we did ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Question.. my boyfriend of mine has been trying to get his visitors visa to see if he will even like it here in the states. He has been declined 3 times over the years. We do like each other a lot but I unsure about jumping to the option of a k1visa not knowing if he would even like it here. Any advise?

  3. People need to get off YouTube, out of Thailand, and get a real paying job in their home country. Build up a 401K plan and eligibility for a lifetime high dollar monthly pension by staying with a company for about two decades, then come back to Thailand at 50 years of age and get a retirement visa. You will never make good money working overseas. Eventually, you will need to settle down with something long term. First step is getting back to your home country. Not sure why people think they need to live in Thailand when their in prime money making years of life. If people donโ€™t do this, they will be struggling their entire life.

  4. What is the best way to answer have you been petition before? In my case yes I am petition before but during the time of visa came out My age did not meet because Im on my late 30s. Should I say I have been petition before?

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