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  1. Man, I shouldn't have watched this video. Makes me want to both learn Japanese and visit the country all the more. It looks so incredibly beautiful and I'm fascinated by both the country and culture.

    I guess I'll start trying to learn Japanese first. Actually getting the might take some doing, Sweden to Japan is quite a ways off.
    Better hurry up though before flying gets utterly insane price-wise.

    Loved the video, my man, I think I'll subscribe now. Watched quite a few over the past few days.

  2. Lived in Japan 3 years without ever learning Japanese.
    I always had my phones GPS working which helped a lot.
    I got my pasmo card so I can ride the train station freely.
    Once I learned how the train station system worked, getting around the country became easy.

  3. The french are just pure trash, stuck up and classless. It's like they all know their country is irrelevant on the world stage so have a massive chip on their shoulders. When you have a national crisis of metal doors dissolving because people cant stop urinating against them… that's when you know your country is fucked.

  4. Japan is a really neat country and its people are all really nice. I'm actually really impressed by their work ethic and dedication to service. I also had a few embarrassing scew-ups while there, such as accidentally getting on the women's car on the train, but the locals just laughed it off. I actually didn't have a bad experience with the French in France TBH. Most people in the service industry I met in Paris spoke English and appreciated when I made a little effort such as saying "merci".

  5. Been living in Macau almost my whole life with out knowing any Chinese. Its annoying but at least ik an English community the i hanged out with

  6. Funny story – last time we were in Japan my friend tried to order beer (we didn't remember how it was called in Japanese) so he just said 'Beer?' and received a negative… Oh well – but then he noticed other guests getting said beer, so he googled it and next time the waiter came he said 'Biru onegai?' and only then got what he wanted xD

  7. For beef you can say "Bi-fu".
    For pork you can say "Po-ku".
    For chicken you can say "Chikin".

    And for horse you can say 𝐁𝐀𝐒𝐀𝐒𝐇𝐈.

  8. I think it would be disrespectful to expect another country to speak your language, no matter how international it happens to be. As an example here in Canada we "learn" French in school very similar to how the Japanese "learn" English, in reality the school system does a fairly abysmal job at teaching people how to speak with fluent speakers, unless you take some sort of an advanced class. The absolute best way to learn a language is to listen, listen, listen, and then slowly expand your word cabinet that way, by attempting to speak with locals.

  9. In my experience, being able to speak some Japanese may score initial points but is quickly followed up with suspicion as to your proclivities for outdated anime, jpop and waifus.
    Japan is becoming properly suspicious of weeabus and i applaud them for that.

  10. In the USA, not accommodating a foreign language is “racism” according to demoRats. In Japan and every other country, it’s called using the home language of the country. Funny how only the USA can be racist huh?

  11. This guy's awesome! The way you talk and the comedy timing reminds me very much of Stuart Lee, maybe the accent too 🙂

  12. Oh….without speaking Japanese….. I thought You meant some weird sci fi scenario that got rid of the Native Folk

  13. Thank you very much for this video, however you have unfortunately convinced me once and for all to never to set foot in Japan.
    I am 6'8" *(just over 2 meters) tall, and just simply would not be comfortable anywhere. Those cute mini restaurants, I would never fit in. The small beds, my legs would hang off. It just isn't happening.

  14. actually for the male and female words is just chinese and not really japanese but I can say that chinese and japanese is quite similar

  15. I love that your channel always pop up on my recommended once a year.
    It makes me miss everything in japan so much, with some notable exceptions, like the "finding waldo" game you'll play with the trashcan.

  16. 日本人視点から見るとめちゃくちゃ興味深くて面白いし、ほんとに外国人の方を拒否する雰囲気は全然ないので是非日本に来て欲しいです☺️

  17. If you travel there for the first time you can "buy" a tour guide person and they will help you get around and communcat

  18. I have questions regarding how to travel abroad to Japan if you have medicine you need to bring such as an insulin pump? How would you get medicine while in Japan either long or short term?

  19. I often wondered, who is that woman named "Frida Yaru". She was often mentioned in commercial spots on Japanese radio.
    Well, with improving my language skills, I found the answer. In Katakana it is written フリーダイヤル [furīdaiyaru] … … … … …

    Got it? It means "free dial", followed by a phonenumber for free calls. So yes, better learn the language.

  20. in defense of the Bagel choosers, the people you asked were probably Americans who said the word Bagel in your British Accent, and realized that you were talking about a Beagle – The breed of Dog. Id rather be a Salmon too though, because Beagles Nowadays who have owners that SIMPLY ADORE their "Best friend", but no matter how much affection you give them as a Pup, STILL END UP getting your Balls Chopped off
    I'd go for the Salmon Who are known for Spawning. And we all know Spawning means Fucking like rabbits. Or in this case, horny salmon.

  21. Chris, can you explain why Japanese public announcements (if it is a woman's voice) always sound high pitchy and …. I don't know how to explain it. It is as if it is the same person making all the announcements at railway stations, departmental stores, airports etc. I am guessing there is some kind of rule regarding the tone and pitch of female voices when it comes to public announcements. Thank you in advance.

  22. They usually dont snap at you in France if you do not speak the language. They either ignore you or give you false information in english lol.

  23. Haven't you HEARD OF DRIBBLING as in the type that is not a scribble but not a proper drawing either???? Kinda like doodling. THAT'S probably what it refers to. It's a word HERE IN AUSTRALIA.

  24. Japanese restaurants use Fukushima produced food ingredients to save the cost: the ingredients are beyond reasonable doubt exposed to radio activity

  25. Google Lens helped me greatly with a menu the other evening. Or if the restaurant has a web site, it will often display its menu on the site. Google can handle that page nicely.

  26. Haha just started watching your videos and you are not only very helpful and informative but freakin hilarious!!! Keep up the great work. Subscribed now

  27. Same with my experience when I was in Odawara. The driver of the bus went down and walked me to the train station even though he cannot speak english. Such selfless gesture and willingness to help. Best feeling when people are warm to you

  28. Sad to say my wife is Japanese and I've been visiting Japan for years but I'm still totally hopeless when it comes to the language.

  29. the most generic english word that most japanese used when im there is "I cant speak english" (yeah I know, they already speaking in english but just not willing to communicate). Im not kidding, so you better use your smartphone instead for directions, google is much more friendly for you in Japan.

  30. Can anyone recommend any good Japanese language learning applications, sites or apps? I would love to visit Japan either before or after the Olympics and might very well emigrate there someday so I think it would be great to try and get the best experience possible in learning the language.

  31. The Japanese are like Italians and don't like to speak English too much. But, we really LOVE visiting Japan and Italy. Just eat and enjoy the beauty and friendliness of Japan.

  32. so basically whenever a japanese person tries to talk to you in japanese you can try your luck and go:
    "Wakarimasen… English. OK?"

  33. FYI,most Japanese are try to help you when you are in trouble in Japan but we’re kinda shy as you know lol.
    I would appreciate if you would not blame them for their awkward English.

  34. As a fact, most of Japanese (including me) cannot speak English well, in spite of our learning English for 6 years in middle and high school, because we have no opportunity to speak English in our daily life in Japan so we forgot what we learned in our young school days LOL.

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