How Climate Change Affects Wildfires | NBC News Now

12 thoughts on “How Climate Change Affects Wildfires | NBC News Now

  1. Any leader who disregards scientific evidence confirming climate change on a scale not seen before is unfit to serve in any capacity.

  2. Please….youre worried about wildfires….australian indigeonius aboriginal has been burning off the land for 60 000 years…white man comes along and says without any scientific backup that fire is bad….no back burning…ash wednesday…over 7 years of fuel on ground…big fire….backburn and get rid of ground fuel…derrr…its not difficult.
    Worried about smoke…get your o2 mask on.
    Worried about climate change…the sky is falling…said chicken little.

  3. The reason we are having bad fires here in Australia this year is because the Greens stopped a lot of burnoffs in the national parks and property's in the winter which reduces the volatile tinder that starts these wild fires…and there are only 2 ways fire starts…lightning and humans not climate change….My grandfather brought a sheep station in the early 1900's off Sidney kidman when he split up a lot of his land in NSW and my father told me stories of bad droughts and floods and bushfires and hot weather and big dust storms and it was a cycle that they happened..its been happening for hundreds of years and there is nothing that us humans can do to stop it…..

  4. "Environmental Studies"? Greta is also a Professor of Environmental Studies. She doesn't have actual knowledge about earth's climate or earth's historical climate record either. But Greta is a world wide celebrity and probably has a book deal in her future. You should see if she can give you a few pointers.

  5. Ivan Volograd has been awarded the Order of Lenin for his invention of Climate Change: a crafty scheme to close capitalist factories while the Motherland continues to build mighty tanks and superior missiles 🚩⚒🚩

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