How can I attract tourists from China?

Why Chinese tourism?
China has become one of the largest tourism issuing markets in the world.
Tourist spending in China has grown at an exponential rate. Tourist arrivals from China to Europe in 2011:
Reached 4.3 million (2.8 million visited Western Europe).
29.7% of long haul travel. Tourist arrivals from China:
France — 1.288.000 tourists Russia — 830.400 tourists
Germany — 762.900 tourists Switzerland — 663.400 tourists
Austria — 356.400 tourists Italy — 252.000 tourists
United Kingdom — 206.000 tourists Main characteristics of the Chinese tourist:
Origin – South and east of the country.
– Mainly: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Destinations
Nearby: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Further afield: High-end (30 and 45 years
old): exotic destination in the U.S. or Europe. Usually travel with:
Characteristics – 25-44 years old (64%).
– Further studies (81%). – Usually travel with their family / partner
(47%), friends (23.81%), work colleagues (13.66%) or alone (6.95%).
– Income: 700 – 3,000 USD monthly (CNTA, 2010). – Expected for next decade: growth in the
35-60 year old age bracket and middle class. by travel agencies.
– 68% seek information online before choosing When do they travel?
Long duration trips: on national holidays. Travel to Europe: between the months of May
and September (approximately 47% of trips). – Mid-priced or economical hotels. – Visiting places of interest (49,30%).
– Leisure and relaxation (33,48%). Destinations and Services
with ADS (Approved Destination Status) approved with mobile applications in Chinese;
with online and social media presence. (adapted with new products designed for Chinese consumers. etc.
– Staff: knowledge of the language and culture. – Chinese Food: Chinese dishes on the menu.
– Phone calls to China at economic prices. Restaurants
Food: Chinese food or buffet service. – Drinks: a cup of tea during and after meals.
– Protocol: it is common to eat around a round table.
– Respect the hierarchies of professional status, age and gender.
– Menu: translated into Mandarin. – Price: establish specific prices. Shops and shopping
– Accepting Chinese credit cards: Union Pay is the only provider.
– VAT refunds: travellers from outside the EU are exempt from VAT payment on purchases
of over 90.15 Eur. – Products: luxury items and typical products.
– Quality: products with official certificates issued in Mandarin.
– Staff with a command of Mandarin. – Labels and signs in Mandarin. Travel agencies and tour guide services
– Understand the culture and the type of Chinese tourist.
– Punctuality and timetables: flexible. – Strong collectivism.
– Shopping: more time for shopping than sightseeing. – The role of tour guide: to speak Chinese
and to be a confident person. – Package duration: short holidays.
– Name of the agency in Chinese: generates – Platforms for writing, visitor books.
– Public toilets. as adaptation to the tourism sights).

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