How Austrade supports Australia’s Tourism Industry

The secret’s been out for a while; we have
one stunning country. Endless coastlines, world-class surf breaks,
lush forests and ancient rugged mountain ranges. It’s something we appreciate on a daily
basis, but it’s also something we love sharing with the world. And why wouldn’t we? Tourism is a key driver of our economy – a
one-hundred and thirty billion dollar industry that is continuing to grow. For the past 50 years, tourism research has
supported this growth and highlighted the crucial role tourism plays in the Australian
economy. Austrade continues to produce world class
research and data that equips industry, and particularly small to medium businesses, with
evidence based information to strengthen their marketing and business decisions. This role remains more important than ever
with Tourism contributing more to our GDP than agriculture, while at the same time employing
one in every dozen Australians. For every dollar directly earned by tourism,
another eighty-two-cents is generated for other parts of the economy – that’s more
than the retail, mining, or education and training sectors contribute. And, unlike many other Australian industries,
the money doesn’t stay in capital cities – with nearly halfgoing to regional Australia. That means small regional towns will thrive
for decades to come all off the back of the tourism industry. It means new hotels, businesses,restaurants,
schools, hospitals and community amenities– all bringing local jobs, and boosting the
local economy. Tourism in Australia is driven by far more
than our beautiful landscape. It is propelled by our growing food and wine
culture and the value of the booming international education sector. In the last financial year, international
visitors spent five-point-seven billion dollars on premium Aussie cuisine and world-class
local wine. And with 685,000 international students enrolled
in Australian educational institutions in the first half of 2017, annual education exports
are now worth $28 billion to our economy. While our neighbours from New Zealand still
visit us the most, Chinese tourists spent almost 10-billion-dollars in the last financial
year – with one-point-two million Chinese coming down under. And this figure is set to nearly double by
2020. The economic benefits for Australia don’t
stop when they head home either – with research finding Chinese visitors are 87% more likely
to buy Australian products back at home having visited our shores. Australia is in the best spot to reap the
benefits of rising incomes across Asia – as a swelling middle class looks for international
travel opportunities. Austrade is committed to the China tourism
market increasing the quality of experiences for Chinese visitors both within and outside
the Approved Destination Status scheme,through improvements around tour guides, payment platforms
and general industry education. Austrade is committed to furthering the growth
of the tourism sector. We do that by consistently advocating for
policies aimed at enhancing aviation capacity, improving visa access, encouraging tourism
infrastructure and investment and working with the industry to make sure it has enough
skilled Australian workers to keep it moving. We are also committed to supporting growth
in regional areas by funding tourism infrastructure and experiences through programs such as the
Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Program. We also support the international market development
efforts of tourism businesses through Austrade’s Export Market Development Grants scheme. Austrade remains dedicated to sharing Australia
with the world – and our daily work positions tourism in Australia to achieve its potential. Its never been as clear. Tourism is the future of our great nation. Make sure that you are a part of that future. Visit We’re here to help you

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