Hotel California ~ Nepali Rendition | VISIT NEPAL | Rijan Giri

Its dark tonight, what shall we do? Cool breeze blew away the Pashmina All the lovers left By singing sweet songs, lets welcome em’ Some tourists are black, some look white Whatever they are- they are Ours Some are holding binoculars, some cameras Singing sweet songs, lets welcome em’ Come, come to Nepal It is beautiful It is beautiful Very beautiful Come to share love in Nepal It is beautiful It is beautiful Say it is very beautiful So many uphills, and so many downhills So many rivers/lakes- Richest are Nepali It is the country of Mount Everest, Gurkhas are Nepali This is country of Lord Buddha, liberated Nepali There are hanging plants and cliffs, and lots of shade Mechi and Mahakali (rivers in Nepal) Big hearted are Nepali Love is what I do Love is what I give Love is what I say and Love is what I take Come, come to Nepal It is beautiful, it is beautiful It is very beautiful Come to share love in Nepal It is beautiful It is beautiful Say it is very beautiful

68 thoughts on “Hotel California ~ Nepali Rendition | VISIT NEPAL | Rijan Giri

  1. Lyrics could have been much better..yes,fusion ramro cha…sarangi was very good,concept ni ramro ho…..tara lyrics ali bhayena…eso sathi bhai sanga basda thau ko thau niskeko lyrics jasto cha,pachi milauna parne,bro le ettikai "sahi" bhayo bhanera record handya hola….anyways,nice attempt….keep up the good work….keep rising….Shine On!

  2. I would like to request u to upload instrumental version of this song… Music was awesome but lyrics not much….

  3. This is something! I feel proud about our culture, our art, our sarangi & basuri. Watching this video after the devastation has somehow made me stronger & I can now say that our culture, our history is not gone's yet to flourish! 🙂 Thanks guys.

  4. Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.
                                                                         — Ralph Waldo Emerson

  5. Wow jehos geet ekdam dammie lagyo … instruments le ta jhan pure nepalese vibes feelings dine something very different.. plus shor ta on point geet lai ekdam suhayo.. tara euta kura xai malai lyrics halka chitta vujena especially chorus. Hotel california ko whole essence nai tyesko haunting yet mesmerizing type ko lyrics ho ra yo geet ma ne halka tyestai khatra lyrics vaye ramro ajhai ramro huntyo tara by all means ekdam khushi layo nepali music ma something new level ra theme of tourism type ko..tyei usual love dhoka vanda. really really glad 😆😆

  6. Music colabration was awesome with the Nepali folk music, but only the vocal was not in the tune with the guitar tune… Good try….

  7. Great music plus video,lyrics could have been more better and Man,that dance was really off the track.
    I feel really proud of being Nepali and damn those sarangi and basuri,those are the ones to produce such beautiful sound.
    Anyway thanks to you for such a great piece of music.

  8. If it had been instrumental, would have been PERFECT! Everything is great and synchronizing except for the vox. Great effort tho.

  9. praiseworthy effort really worked well. music of sarangi even better. Dance was even too typical Nepali. Enjoyed a lot. lots of kudos for singer and whole team.

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