Horseback Ride in Mongolia with Stone Horse Expeditions – incredible Adventure, unbelievable scenery

So, I am Sarah, I am from the UK and I just
spent two weeks in the Khentii Mountains. And it’s difficult to describe how good
this trip actually is. So, to keep it condensed and short and sweet, I’ll summarize it in
four points. Starting with the people and their overall team – they all what they
are doing, they are intelligent, they are good humored. They are just great to be around,
and obviously spending two weeks with them is something that I would recommend to anybody.
Secondly, I would say the most important point – the horses: they’ve got a wide range
of horses, and it caters to all kind of different levels. One thing I have learnt is that they
always know best. So, regardless of what you think is right, they will always show you
otherwise. And they do know best. The third point – which to me was the biggest surprise
– was the equipment on the trip. So, that included, kind of, the general camping equipment,
and in the main the saddles. They are so much more comfortable, that it’s like sitting
in an arm chair. That was really good. And two weeks – it made the whole trip a lot
more enjoyable. And then, I think my biggest surprise was the food, as I expected kind
of general camping, kind of, food, and within that baked beans and mildly stale bread. But
it wasn’t like that at all! And I would say the food on this trip deserves like a
Michelin star in terms of camping cuisine. And my final point is kind of the overall
scenery. It’s just unbelievable. It’s things like you only ever see in kind of National
Geographic, it’s just incredible. And the back country – there is no people, there
is no nothing. That allows you to switch off and not worry about it, you just don’t,
you just forget everything and all work, blackberry, e-mail – there is no signal and it’s just
really, really refreshing and it allows you to unwind and relax. So, to anybody watching
this – if you are sitting on the fence, don’t sit on the fence. Book! – and you’ll
have an incredible adventure, and it’s worth ten times what they charge.

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