Hopineo presents Nassim, HopAmbassador

[Dynamic Music] A better world could be a lot of things. According to me, a better world would be where people can trust each other because I think that is it essential in the relation between people it is to trust each other; I think that for society today it’s getting more & more tough luckily there are collaborative plateforms where being placed in front of others, we cannot lie actually. And so we are forced to be, somehow “real” and it would be a way to have a better world. Even if we know that it is a bit complex but…voila. And second thing, that everyone makes his work. I think that we all share responsability on what the society is, on what we do, our relationships and I think that if we all do a little we could have a better world. Responsible tourism would be a tourism that respect values of sustainable development, knowing, trying to minimize impacts on society, environment, no matter the way because each actor, each structure, each organization impacts differently So it’s its call to evaluate its impact and reduce it to the maximum in order to respect those values. Hopineo, I think that it is… a group! that is beeing created, that is developping and that has commons values regarding responsible tourism and I think that it will become a sort of place that doesn’t necessarily exists for real but which is worlwide in fact and where people could bring their vision and where we could share all those actions, all this positivity in responsible tourism, so that we could not do a benchmark, the word isn’t correct but get to this notion and compare to go toward a better world, at least for tourism. What I am about to do with Hopineo, if I make it to the end, it is to go from India to Australia (I don’t know if it’s the other way) and everywhere I can go on my journey meet tourism stakeholders try to present Hopineo tell them the aim of responsible tourism, and see if they agree to go in that direction and if they already are in that direction, help them either on specific needs they have, either on what I can do to help. [Dynamic Music] Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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