Hopineo presents community-based tourism Bonete, Ilhabela, Brazil

Bonete is inserted here in the south of Ilhabela. It is a traditional community of fishermen. It has about 240 people and plenty of children too. I was born, raised, married. My parents are from here. My grandparents are also from here. I live here since I was born, my whole family too. It’s the first guest house (pousada) of Bonete. We manage here. He and I. We live in the house and we’ve used this space to make a camping site. We have a healthy way of living, calm, in peace too, and this is good for us. We have an association called Bonete Sempre (Bonete Forever) that is composed of the inhabitants of the community, so that we don’t allow people to do of Bonete what we don’t want. And now that we are reaching a phase that we got rid of many problems and we succeeded in many improvements that we strongly needed, we’ll begin a new phase to help making more playful things, organize the community a little more for the ecotourism. I think that sustainable tourism, at least in my view is a tourism of people who come here and doesn’t want to attack or modify the place. People who respect the local traditions, people who already know what is Bonete. Bonete is a fisherman community with its own habits, people have their way. It is not a place where you can come and want a fridge in your room or air conditioning. It’s a place where you’ll look for a contact with nature. Everybody who comes here likes it. They want to return and bring more people to know this beauty that we have here. Leave Bonete? No! We don’t change Bonete for anything! Thank you to Ana Cecilia Duék www.viajarverde.com for the subtitles in english

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