Hong Kong protestors clash with police during New Year’s Day rally

in Hong Kong demonstrations continue
even as we cross over to 2020 a New Year’s Day an estimated 1 million
pro-democracy protesters took to the streets leading to clashes with riot
police jaejoong-hyung tells us more hong kong marked the first day of the
new year with a heady mix of mass protests heavy police presence
tear gas water cannons and molotov cocktails hundreds of thousands of
protesters young and old came out in force on New Year’s Day calling for the
Beijing back government to accept all of their five demands including greater
democracy and independent probes into alleged cases of police brutality
according to the organizers more than 1 million people participated while police
claimed the number was much smaller just 60,000 it started out as a peaceful
march but violence broke out as protesters threw objects at offices
where workers had allegedly reported people to the authorities for
vandalizing branch offices of global banking group HSBC police said the bank
was attacked by protesters clad in black and wearing masks who broke off from the
March to attack the branches as well as the ATM machines with hammers and
Molotov cocktails HSBC suspended services on Tuesday of
some of the damaged wrenches Hong Kong protesters have called for a boycott of
HSBC saying the bank has helped the city’s police shut down the spark
alliance fund a crowdsourcing operation and one of the anti-government movements
main sources of funding authorities have frozen some 9 million u.s. dollars held
at the spark alliance while four people connected to the fund were arrested for
allegedly laundering money HSBC has strongly denied any connection
cha dong-young arirang news

6 thoughts on “Hong Kong protestors clash with police during New Year’s Day rally

  1. ✋ we 🇺🇸 stand with Hong Kong and freedom🙏 peace and success for protesters against China's takeover

  2. Vandalizing and destroying public and private property, harming civilians and police alike, Killing a person and setting another on fire, and acquiring ammunition and explosives. Protesters. Sure. Just another shameless news agency.

  3. So HKr0aches start vandalizeing HSBC??? It is a British multinational investment bank. I thought these r0aches love their colonial master.

  4. HK commie police thugs couldnt even count from 1 to 3 much less one million, Haaa. When Victoria Park is fully packed with people as Jan 1, the total number is already close to 200,000!!!

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