Hong Kong Protesters Want Democracy, Accountability, Autonomy, and U.S. Support

That’s the sound of Hong Kong residents
booing the Chinese national anthem as it plays before a soccer match on a Tuesday night, which is an illegal act in mainland China. After more than three months of sustained protests, nobody seems quite sure what will happen next. But the protestors we talked to on the march to the soccer stadium were clear that the government’s formal withdrawal of the controversial extradition bill that sparked the protests to begin with, wouldn’t be enough. The protestors say that their police force has lost public trust, and that their government is hopelessly compromised, it’s leaders controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. They want an independent investigation into the police. And they want to elect their own leaders, rather than having them selected by interest groups that they view as beholden to mainland China. The Hong Kong government is obviously controlled totally by the communist government. So that is something that has serviced
within these three months of protests. Where we have seen Carrie Lam really
having her hands tied, we have a chief executive who is only responding to the requests of the Beijing government. Imagery of protesters holding American
flags while marching outside the U.S. consulate has made its way into international press coverage. And while there weren’t any stars and stripes present at Tuesday night’s march, participants did have a message for Americans. Protestors expressed hope that the U.S. Congress would pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which would make the city’s bilateral trade and travel agreements with America contingent on China maintaining Hong Kong’s autonomy, and levy sanctions against Chinese individuals accused of violating the rights of Hong Kong citizens. It would also instruct U.S. immigration officials not to punish visa applicants who’ve been arrested for participating in the protests. Hong Kong’s soccer team lost the match, but for many in this crowd, tonight was about more than just a game.

100 thoughts on “Hong Kong Protesters Want Democracy, Accountability, Autonomy, and U.S. Support

  1. Go west young man. To the mainland where you can acquire a home of your own and indulge in freedom removed from the imprisoning highrise that is Hong Kong. This vastly overcrowded city possesses no natural advantages that justify its existence, is too expensive and as a result economic activity has shifted to the mainland. Citizens in a democracy follow the money. No dictator holds it in place for them. Hong Kong activists wish the government to counter free market forces in order to preserve their lifestyle. They desire more avuncular governance like it was under British colonial rule when they enjoyed a sheltered life having been persuaded that they were experiencing pure democracy.


    Residents embraced freedom of expression, but no one was listening to them anyway and in any event the British did not understand their language so residents simply went about their tasks secure within this bosom that was Hong Kong. China having opened up to free market forces, Shenzhen with its hub of technology, finance and container port grew while Hong Kong languished and ceased being safe harbour. Hong Kong’s contribution towards GDP sank from 40% to 2%. If the central government were to prop up Hong Kong with subsidies it would turn into a welfare state. Residents of Hong Kong have acquired sophisticated western values, do not identify with their mainland counterparts, are resented by those they despise and find the lack of distinction by outsiders humiliating. They hold British passports.

    What the residents of Hong Kong fail to realize is that this is the way democracy has always worked.

  2. Extradition treaty repealed. Hong Kong embraced the English system of law with its interminable delays, bail, motions, appeals of motions, discoveries, trial and appeals of trial, which was a system of jurisprudence that they were conditioned into believing was superior¹ despite the large expense incurred by the state and the fact that the process inevitably bankrupted the defendant. Under mainland law the accused was brought before a committee where he was given an opportunity to present his case in plain language without the need for costly legal representation then led out the back and shot. The former left him ruined. In the latter instance his troubles were over. Residents wish to retain cumbersome English law in HK?


    ¹ Boiled potatoes, boiled carrots. The best prepared food in all of the world.

  3. hk trash , they are selffish SOB , are they planning to rob a bank ? RAPE ? kill someone ? if not , why worry about a LAW ? all countries have LAWS . they just let a KILLER walk free , FAKE NEWS LIE , its not just about CHINA , so now , if ANYONE want to KILL someone , JUST MOVE TO HK , you are a FREE MAN , you will NOT Extradic back to the country where you commit your crime , even in America , in the end you are only allow to pick 2 ,

  4. While I admire the Hong Kong protesters, I'm not optimistic for their future if they stay. The communists are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their grip on power, even if that means destroying the Hong Kong way of life. I hope I'm wrong and mainland China sees a peaceful transition away from authoritarianism like Taiwan's in the '90s and 2000's.

  5. Wow what a terrible waste of 3+ minutes of my life. Let's see. THEY ARE CHINESE IN A CHINESE COUNTRY that have a communist government. The Chinese COMMUNIST government owns $1.11 trillion of US debt. One step by USA against their wishes will put their dumping that debt on the open market a "Real and Grave Threat" to the financial stability of the USA. By the way, has anybody heard of a thing called tiananmen square? What did the US do then (and they Chinese didn't hold hardly any US debt). Furthermore, and more importantly, today's US population that closely resembles the Chinese protestors ARE ALMOST AS A MAJORITY openly embracing Socialism. These US milenials are more likely to protest AGAINST the US if we impose any conditions against a country who's socialist ideas mirror their own positive view of socialism. As I said… A waste of time.

  6. They are still voicing out without casualties. Strange for HK police who shot at these rioters. They must have really poor aiming skills…

  7. About two decades too late. Unless they want to pay a high price in blood. I would hope western democracies would stand up for HK if they chose to go all in.

  8. Well Trump hasn't spent any of his invasion credits yet. Hong Kong would be a nice option to spend it. A nice DMZ between HK and China.

  9. The collapse of China is coming. Hong Kong is only the beginning. People are realizing that they are quickly losing their freedom and basic rights.

  10. Hong kong protesters are young and naive. They don't remember when the British got their grandfathers addicted to opium. They don't remember when British ruled them there was no democracy (HK leaders were appointed by London). They don't remember when the Japanese army raped & killed their relatives. HK police on the whole were very restrained during 3 months of destruction, violence & vandalism. If this kind of violence & destruction happened in USA, it would be stopped by police or national guard within a week. This is no way to treat your mother country.

  11. When a domestic police force brutally attacks peaceful protesters it is a clear cut human rights violation. It is incredible to Western sensibilities that a local police force would brutalize its own family, friends, and neighbors. Recall the "Yellow Vest" movement in
    France where the police refused the order by Macron to attack the protesters. The French police refused to attack their own citizens. Hong Kong needs to replace the thugs in its local police force with human beings.

  12. Mainland China can never be held accountable except what is dictated from above under the one and only Communist Party.The protesters have to all died for this.

  13. Only if the 1.4 billion in China all stand up against the tyrant which I think is impossible because enslave syndrome has been a very deep rooted Chinese culture since the dawn of human civilization.Democracy is always seen as rebellious to the family and can never be tolerated for thousands of years.

  14. Formal withdrawal of the bill doesn't mean anything to Hong Kong and China.It is one country completely OWN the two systems. If they withdraw this bill from this one system they have another bill to supplement from the other system which is far more effective.

  15. “In complete silence the Gandhi men drew up and halted a hundred yards from the stockade. A picked column advanced from the crowd, waded the ditches and approached the barbed wire stockade… at a word of command, scores of native policemen rushed upon the advancing marchers and rained blows on their heads with their steel-shot lathis [long bamboo sticks]. Not one of the marchers even raised an arm to fend off blows. They went down like ninepins. From where I stood I heard the sickening whack of the clubs on unprotected skulls… Those struck down fell sprawling, unconscious or writhing with fractured skulls or broken shoulders.” – L. Fischer (1950). Gandhi and the Mass Movement. pp. 298–99.

  16. As a 3rd generation Chinese immigrant i can tell all chinese, domestic or foreign, that nothing will change the fact that westerners will always see us as Chinese. You may be born in a different country, and you might see yourself as a westerner. But at the end of the day we’ll be treated as foreigners. (Example: After telling people that I was born in Europe, people sometimes still ask “how do you like it here” or “you speak our language so well”…..bitc* I just told you that I was born and raised here!!) But I don’t mind. This is not hate spreading, but simply reality. So instead of expressing your hate against your own roots, just live your life wherever you feel the best. Because those who denies their roots are nothing but shallow individuals, disrespecting the opportunities given by their parents and forefathers.
    Soooo in short……. all you separatist have a coke and a smile and STFU

  17. The HK government is controlled by the Beijing government…………Uhm 👋 hello 1 country 2 systems?? 1 country!!! The 5 demands are a joke and the way China has been measured is biased. Just because it has a communist system, doesn’t mean that the civilians doesn’t have any rights. Funny that the negative narrative about China always comes from those who has never been there. And/or it comes from those who can not be unbiased and measures things with 2 different standards. Western riot police beat the crap out of people, or even use life ammo with minimum warnings, or the HK Police Force showing patience after multiple weeks and eventually start to use force after MULTIPLE warnings. They are separatist end of story, and no country tolerates separatism. All those HK “leaders” fanning the hate while holding 2 different passports, and that’s what we call hypocrites my friends

  18. Your future is part of China and live with it rules n laws of the land like it or not…..people seems to think communism is bad. It’s the one that in charge that matter, democracy or communist to me it’s just a terminology. People of Hong Kong should be proud to be part of mother land and who they are and their roots…

  19. These foolish comments made on this video

    Should visit the US

    Go back to Hong Kong and report what its really like in the US

    They want government official to be responsible for their actions

    Just look at the games played by US politicians and news media

    The US cant change their current president

    These Hong Kong people are funny


  21. French Riots November 2005, number of cars burn: 8973.
    Hong Kong 2019 revolution: Religious songs.
    You are not going to win this war by singing x-mas carols.

  22. Watching this situation, because I want to see if Hong Kong wins liberty, maybe we could try what they did to win it here in the United States.

  23. China "elects" is parliament through approval voting with is a far superior system to the plurality system in the west. It would be super funny if hong hong got proper democracy in the approval type and so China created the best democracy in 100s of years

  24. "Democracy" "Freedom" "Human rights" are the three main discourse weapons
    (that is, the weaponization of "Democracy, Freedom, Human rights" ). Western
    countries often use "Democracy, Freedom and Human rights" as tools and
    excuses to undermine or invade other countries.
    If we look back at those Western countries, they do not have Democracy, Freedom
    and Human rights, no matter how nonsense it is in any way. Does everyone in
    those Western countries enjoy equal rights and freedoms? The wealthy
    capitalists possess more privileges than the poor. Racial discrimination is clearer
    than anywhere else on Earth. Only money and interest are God.

  25. Imagine if you couldn't vote for your own leaders. That someone and they cronies at a board meeting of say – fifty people – choose who's going to sit in Congress or the House.

    What this ultimately means is that everything you've ever wanted to see happen, will be cleared away to make room for what they want to see happen.

    If you want more programs which offer business loans to entrepreneurs, guess what? Your lawmakers will do the opposite, they will now allocate a larger amount of your tax dollars to buy more cameras for surveillance on street corners. Let's say you would like to a little fish pond and shrubbery for beautification in the parks, nope, no sir, now we're going to see more money allocated to funding programs for more parking meters to collect more of your money. Whereas if you were able to elect your own representatives, you might something that you would like to see happen.

  26. Salute HK Police. Support HK gov't to invoke the Emergency Regulations Ordinance.
    HK majority have been bullied & threatened by the brutal, radical minority for months.





  31. These protesters really need to read back on their history. Because if they did , they would know that Hong Kong is never meant to be independent. They never were. There is no valid justification and factual evidence to support Hong Kong becoming a democratic and independent state.

  32. These bunch of young mother fuckers are absolute retarded traitors of the Chinese people. This DEnise piece of shit is a disgrace to the Chinese people and should be severely punish. If they don't think I they are Chinese, then leave Hong Kong. They need to understand Hong Kong is a part of China. These traitors can get their big fat stinky ass to the USA or whatever. WHo fucking cares….

  33. 13/09/2019 HONG KONG PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA 香港人民共和國。
    從事非法抗議,暴力,破壞,破壞財產,縱火,恐嚇的人; 執法隊伍不會受到任何憐憫。
    移動電話和其他通信設備可能會被扣押。 無政府主義者無權匿名再犯罪。

  34. I wish them luck, but they are asking for police to be held accountable and truly free elections where self interested parties dont select the leadership. America hasnt had that for a long time. If they get those things, maybe some of them can come to America and show us how they did it.

  35. The violent black shirt (Fascist uniform) protesters in Hong Kong do not want democracy, accountability, autonomy, and U.S. support, they want US passport, free drag, sex and violence. the American way of life.

  36. Football hooliganism become symbols for democracy, accountability, autonomy and US support now? What a decay of Western democracy, accountability, autonomy and US support.

  37. They actually want to be permanent residents in the US. Is there anyone who would like to kindly appeal to the US government for permitting their requests?

  38. As a HK protester I am confused why you people support us but you also support the far right… why keep saying trade us for antifa? We are also against fascism.

  39. They won't get even the tiniest bit of international support, western leftists support authoritarian China and without overwhelming public support the politicians won't even consider irritating China. The people of Hong Kong will get screwed, and the world won't do shit

  40. HK police also want accountability…all rioters who deface or destroy private or public properties must surrender to police first….otherwise nothing to talk about

  41. Damn, these people are brave and noble. They stay and fight for what they have, rather than running from it all. When Hong Kongers are more patriotic than Americans. God Bless you brave, brave people.

    Patriotism intensifies

  42. The anti government protestors only peacefully want more freedom. Freedom to peacefully attack and hurt other people and police. Freedom to peacefully hurl rocks, bricks, hard objects, and petrol boms to other people and police. Freedom to peacefully terrorizing others and police and ruining public properties, airport, government buildings, and business places. Freedom to peacefully conducting riot to forcefully brutally rob other people freedom to travel and conduct their own livelihood. Freedom to peacefully but viciously attack and silence freedom of speech and freedom of expression of those that speak and express their mind but have different opinion than them.
    Freedom to peacefully destroy and totally decimate Hong Kong future and HK people's business and daily activities…. What a bunch of spoiled stupid delutional loser kids.

    JFK once said "ASK NOT what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” JFK challenged every sensible person to contribute in some way to improve the public well being and livelihood. Not being passive nor even being negative let alone stupidly destructive. These are great humanity values. Good sensible person build, build, and build. Evil stupid insolent spoiled crook demand, ruin, and destroy. The protesters choose to self destroy their own public buildings, infrastuctures, reputation, and future. And then they blame it on HK Government and China. It is soo ironic and shameful. They are a disgrace to their own race, democracy and humanity as a whole.

  43. Haaaaaaaa TẬP cẩu BÌNH ngu bị đàn em THUỐC rằng ta có KINH THƯ vô địch thiên hạ nên TẬP vô tư NỔ vang trời rằng năm 2025 sẽ vượt mặt nước Mỹ..nay biết ra tất cả CÔNG NGHỆ CAO đều vây mượn của Mỹ Anh Pháp Nhật Hàn Úc Ấn Độ Đức Đài Loan thì quá muộn màng rùi em Tập ơi huuu..

  44. As a college student, there isn't much I can do to support HK. However, I am making all my papers in my writing class about the HK protests.

  45. Lets support HK struggles to self-determination and eventually independence.
    All pro-bejing and non supporters, please leave HK or you will be beaten up.
    All offices and shops should close and join the movement. Foreigners please leave, HK is too crowded already. Bring your money elsewhere.
    Hang Seng Stock Exchange will be siezed soon.
    Airports should be crippled, tourism not welcome.
    MTR is pro-bejing, it will be sabotaged.

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