Homestay with Locals in Cheung Kok Village, Cambodia

Before normally the people here they just have one
job per year, and it depends on the rainfall. After harvest most of them are free, they
just spend their time with their water buffalo, cows, and grow some vegetables around the
house. Some people move out to find another job
to work, and some people stay home with nothing
to do. Since 2005 that AMICA (non-profit organization) came here, and they
decided to build ecotourist projects that make new occupations for the people, so that they could earn more aside from the rice
fields. It is a good change for the community here, and people they really like it so much. All of the money here, it goes directly to
the woman and man handicrafts for 75% and 25% we keep in the community, because
we have a micro credit for the people so they can loan money without interest. We repair the roads and we use for school
supplies. We also decide to build new projects like
community homestays. That almost all people participate with it. They join together about 95% of the people
here work with the community homestay.

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