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Florida BAMBOO fields.! It was covered with ice
A long time ago. In this area, the Seminole Indians
They used to hunt alligators. Today, there remains none the Seminoles
They ended with everyone. Adventure International
haberles pleased had on board. We hope you have enjoyed the
tour and hope to return soon. While waiting for the bus that will
transfer to the hotel, do you want a drink ?. Yes, thank you very much.
Here you go. I also!
There has coldish. You too ?, have. Do you have chips? They are for you? Yes Please Thank you. The bus will arrive soon.
Until next time. Sometimes, an adventure, you can
start with a simple click. An expedition to the Amazon
He started by click. The recorded sound of a lighter,
lighting a pipe, is enough for
think he is still alive. If he had been killed, would they allow
smoking before he died ?. A click !, is more than
enough to start. Hello?, Gemma !, I’m listening to your tape and
I agree, Orense is alive. You understand now because I talked about
some proof. AHA! If, of course, recording !, it has life. Our plans are to leave immediately, we have the best aircraft and the best pilot. Actually, it is much more than a pilot. Wheel controls
clean the windows. Good boss. Oh, and fills the tank. Yes Boss. Be careful when you park it. Yes Boss Hey !, Hey! the carburetor is new. Do they also think hes? . Really, do not go well, you know ?. I almost left lying in the middle of the swamp. It is best to change it. And when you think about pay? Last week was the generator. You can forget to take anything
plus. Sorry, I got to go. The carburetor! Great! We have the last piece. I talked to Pitt. we must leave as soon as possible Gemma is waiting for us in Bogota, How long it takes to install it? a couple of hours and ready to fly. what’s happening here? Berth! And our plane? I sold this morning for $ 5,000 They have sold. Sold? yes To who? A wlly Bert, architect. How are we going to Bogota? What does he want an airplane? Think hanging in the square, He says that gives the building
a more streamlined air. What you ?, bought it for $ 5,000
worth five times more. Mr. Later later.
Yes sir, Radio, radar, new tires, Freshly painted! Well, now what? Well, I will not call Jane. I will not tell your exclusive
It has gone to hell because we have not yet been
able to get a plane. There has to be a solution? Sure !, stealing the plane. How about? Yes
Why not? Not a bad idea, you know? is not that going to steal it,
I’ll borrow. For a good cause. l¿Sabes advertising that would give? Color? discreet yellow. Let’s do it HIGH! Above all. Get in the driver’s seat. Do not. Yes, come, I’ll tell
what you have to do. Fred, battery. Give me the cables. Connect them. It is done? To your right is a lever
Girala right. That’s! All right. Now in the middle. Download it slowly, slow slow. Now, what do you want me to do? Take the way and fill the tank. well give me A little to the right. take it to the middle of the street agreement we are well above Yeah, well, be careful, you see
always in the middle Do you think will happen there? Do not I’ll go down and move it. What, what happens? It is a birthday present for my mother. free way Help me to push him. Goes up We did it! ¿Marc and coastal radar? Quiet, I’ll fly down, do not worry. All right, Pit? Yes Guys, we have a have a commitment. Forbidden to backtrack, huh ?. Where will we meet the girl. In a place called “Amazon” apparently is a very large hotel. How is it? Gem? an intelligent woman Always on the lookout for a good story, He rubs shoulders with people of high society, Now, surely this at a party
elegant fun. Take a drink, I needed it. One … Two …. I’m with … Please do not mention who brought her here For $ 200 you do not believe you have
I bought my neck. I’m Gem …. and I will
tell a true story, The reality beyond imagination. I set out again
to witness the incredible what it goes beyond
imagination. We entered a very special laboratory, there is a large wooden table with glass containers,
They are containing human heads, waiting to be reduced. Indian heads. Why do they cut their heads? The Indians… … just cut the heads of their enemies … … to seize their souls. And their widows … … they wear them as a symbol of their love. And you? prepares these heads for the Indians. Yes it is. and they do not pay in dollars. I would like to know
How does his work? It is a long and tedious process. The reduced head
It should be identical to the original. The same proportions … … first is skin him … … but be careful to keep all hair. were few
we know to do this. What is the next step? head gets into a solution. A plant solution for hardening the skin. the skull is broken as
you would with a coconut … … and bones are removed
through the neck, … then the head is filled
with hot sand … … until the skin is
as hard as wood … then the hair is fixed,
your own hair, and you’re done. And the whole process what you just done? No, women do … … his hands are smaller. Why do you sew your mouth? Very easy to make your
dead soul can not curse … .. the person who killed him. What you just heard is absolutely true. It happens every day in this
small town in South America. Les speaks Gema offering
Actually, beyond fantasy. I have been asked not to give names, … … but the scene there before me could not
never forget. He says goodbye to you, Damien Gema. You said, we must go. I’ll only be a minute. You can not take pictures. I need them as evidence could
I say that I have invented everything. Statues. Weapons. Masks of the sun gods. What has been found is only a fraction of the treasure of the Simas. According to history and historians, there is no trace of the 500 Tn. of gold hidden in some
part of the Amazon jungle. The Simas, a race of warriors, but captured
and tortured by the Spanish … … they never revealed where
the legendary El Dorado was. Watch your head. Hey?. The fan! Ah, ah, yes. Ag! It will be a great hotel,
but fuck with escaleritas. Well, you know. Are we brought here to find Professor Gorens? Or what he was looking for? Pepito, see if you find a laundry in the book. These? Hey, can we go now? Now, well as you can see
we’re… Forgive !, I present to Gemma. Hi. Hi. The left is Marc,
the other is Fred. We’d better go. The road is very long,
we will have time to meet us. But ?, if we take all this and
Professor Corens find … … there will not be much room
for him on the plane. Do not worry, with a large exclusive
how is the teacher, I am able to throw it all out the window. If necesariolo bring in arms. Why the teacher? And not me? I think we’re near Puerto Angel. It is a horrible place. If it were not for Garcia,
never habríavuelto. Garcia will take us to the tribe of the Simas I hope so. With or without that Garcia, we have to go soon … … we’re out of gas. On this side it is impossible … … see if that is more clear. You can splash down in the bay.
Free way. To his right are Puerto Angel. What do you want an umbrella? Not likely to rain. It’s a microphone, I want to record the voices of the port. Quiet.
Who you are concerned? You feel so strange. Yes, I feel like Jonah
in the belly of the whale Gemma, wait! Hey aclarame one thing … … apart from the tape you hear the clip … … have any other proof
why you intuit that … … Professor Corrence follows,
Well, still alive. Of course. And really when we locate the Simas. I hope so. Where I can get gas? I am looking for a man named Juan García. At night is Paradise Muchs Thanks. He says that at night to find
Garcia in Paradise will be a club. Excuse me sir,
Where sell gasoline? The gas station is already closed, you can
get the morning in the port Hey, is this the main street? It is worth considering, in taking supplies. Garcia find a place
called Paradise, tonight. What do you think if we go shopping, eh? Agree. I talked to Gemma … … he is sure he is still alive. Says that when we find the Simas … … we convince us like her. Garcia will take us there. Nice trumpet. How much is this trumpet? Garcia, The teacher, the Simas with 500 tons. of gold… … all are hypotheses. As far as I’m concerned… … I just want to fly. Yes.. … will serve. Gem… All this money will provide us ?,
or just glory. Money of course. If we find Professor
We win a fortune … … more than you imagine. Let’s drink to it. Hey, Garcia awaits us.
Come on. Yes. Paradise, let’s see what’s inside. Fred, do not let anyone
approaching the plane. Quiet. Where is Garcia? ¿Garcia? What Garcia? There are many García here. Juan garcía. The piranha. Oh, sure it is in the other room,
betting. Thank you How many?
Just one. Me: Hello. Who is Garcia? Which it is at the end of the table. Thank you. Do you grace is? It depends. I’m looking for piranha. Why are you looking for? To offer you a job What work? We need a guide. And they have told me that
you are the best. Because they have reported good … … to go where? The upper Amazon. Between Marau and Guapes. But then,
count me out. I do not think my feet there. another move We can not leave well He could tell me, where is it?
Did you bet all? For $ 200,
Could señalarnoslo on the map? The obsure is where the river
becomes lagoon. Here Where can we get gas? In the harbor. I think this is yours. Up, you sleepy espabilar. We leave in five minutes. Next time I want
a suite overlooking the sea. Great, ask for it at reception. Hey wait. No gasoline. Was over… … gasoline is over. Don Pedro, go see Don Pedro Don Pedro has gasoline. Goodbye. Hey !, Who is Don Pedro? That is Don Pedro It does not appear that sells gasoline,
but rather monkeys. Never trust appearances. I can not sell my gasoline … … I need her. You see, we are friends of grace. With more
why then. I waited. Actually we are not friends. Another dead Don Pedro. Fred, looking a tube, bamboo,
anything. Quick. Agree. Hurry up, for God’s sake, run I am coming right away. Come on, Fred, come on. Hold on a little friend. Taking. Open the mouth. That’s. Hey, Your friend understands monkeys? Yes, of course it is an anthropologist,
He means a lot of animals. Let’s friend, breathe. Breathe. Come on. That’s. Many of my monkeys die. Do you know why? Because the amount of anesthetic
they use to catch them is excessive. It is true that animals know … … do you want to work for me? Tell me one thing? For who catch these monkeys? For an American foundation. With the money we earn
we help our invalids. It is a good idea. Why do not we make a deal? Monkeys in exchange for gasoline.
Agree? Agree. I put the keys under the seat. Do not worry sir go with God. You sure will be the plane when
let’s go back? If not suffer. How are you going to steal it? He has no drop of gasoline. Did you know that the flow of the Amazon River? It is more or less,
third of all the world’s rivers. You want me to talk about the rich vegetation of the Amazon? Or do you want to know something about its fauna ?. Why play? It’s a funeral. Dolphins! In freshwater? They are of a kind around here. Lipotes vexillifer, call Look how they play. Come here now, there’s the canal. The water is shallow
we have to push. It’s okay. Let’s do it. All at once Did you know that these waters are very
Dangerous? less talk and more push why are
dangerous piranhas no, torpedo fish can produce a discharge of 3,000
volt and they can get on the boat Come here. Quick It was getting into. It must be a fish. Whatever it is must be removed Help him, sir. If he gets, he’ll eat inside. How I can get it out ?. With the hands Hurry up, do you want ?. I can not catch him,
it slips through your fingers me. I sacaselo. He told us about torpedo fish … … with 3,000 volts download,
but not cannibalistic fish … … that eats you up inside. We still have a long way Why take their clothes off? Let’s enter the territory
a tribe friend, sir. Ashamed to wear clothes Wait lords. the boat is to be transported I Removal with? If, on the other side. And how will we do it? Do not worry. We help. Hold it ¿are friends? I feel much better after a
shower I understand, these much prettier. All good?
Yes sir. Sir wants? Ah Tarantula Niger Also known as the widow gray. what are you going to do? ¿Take her as a pet? Gray’s widow is not dangerous. It would be a perfect pet. But I’ll let him go. Like all this ?, huh? Yes, the truth is yes. This country is full of treasures
all The machete, the fire, the beginning, the
estate, We are here right
amid Amazon. In other world,
in other time. Everything is strange Killing an animal is violent
but need to eat and dress. And here in the heart of
Amazon an ancient ritual continues the animal is offered as a sacrifice to
the gods to reassert its dominance in the world. Believe or not believe,
That is the question Does your lifestyle make sense? For them, yes, but for us … … we just observe everything as tourists of an organized trip. It seems that everything is unreal but I have
intuition here is the key of existence. With them we can convert
our fantasies into reality. Already they are gone. We have opened the door to another
dimension where nature is revealed It is hunted and hunter becomes. Tell me you all this seems real? It is quite easy
enter this world but I do not know if it will be as easy salir-. Do you sell murciélago¿ Are you sure you do not hurt? Of course not! It’s like an injection Listening is very simple upon entering arrow Zap penetrates just enough
thanks to cotton and fall asleep. And it is already? We must go where the monkeys are silent in complete silence. Well, whatever you say. You can not speak. Silence. With monkeys we hear. We will watch, wait … and eventually we will launch
on them with our blowguns and … What wonderful colorful. Please. Do not. Are you crazy? Why? because they do not eat our food It has too many preservatives. we eat a meal very
different from yours. What are you doing? I’d rather eat our food. What is he doing that? He is hungry. And what is it you’re eating? Larvae. delicious and very nutritious Get down from there !, Tarzan. We did not come here for this hsta And Professor Collins? Gasoline, why we are here. Be careful to catch them. Take them behind the neck,
but you will bite. I’m sorry friend I’m congested. Look where you’re going. For, if you take another step, span, sure. watch out. Do not fall. Go kneed Welcome to the party. What a coincidence. They are very nice. Slow slow. What do they have against us? What have we done? They have taken our monkeys. Are our food, it belongs to us. What is that?
Honey? They have to suffer! They’re thieves! They steal our food. They must pay for it. That is not true. These monkeys are for a cause … … scientific, not to be eaten. If we had known it was yours We would have asked permission. They are jungle sounds. If you like, we could
reach an agreement boss. If we released. You will become the
Lord of the sounds of the jungle. That’s right? Of course, now you please
to take off this bug. They are free. You and your friends can go. Quick, before they change their minds. What are you waiting for? The batteries are low
Would you let a new? Stop fooling batteries. We must leave here immediately. One hundred liter of gasoline by 95 monkeys. What a way to exploit us. And worth. Do we have a lot to reach Matamani? We must be very close.
according to the map, yes. This is the last check those
barrels. They are empty. Are you sure it’s here? can not see anyone, Gemma. It’s not possible. There is much cultivated land. What is that? It’s a boy. What is he doing only in the middle of the jungle? Not in the middle of the jungle. This is a village. A village?
Yes Comprobaréis so soon. Here it is. Apparently there are only a
few huts. This was the center of the town. Then there would be a lot of traffic. Sorry I found this child
You did not know by any chance? Well, I leave it here. This is where the teacher lived.
What is that? We’ll take a look. books They may be the teacher. Who’s there? Matamani! I’ve heard Matamani! You’re not matamani Do not be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you. Where is Matamani ?. I’m friends with Matamani. Do not run away. Quiet’m a woman. A woman like you. Gemma, where are you ?. I’m here !, will not panic.
Stay where you are. They are women and children And the men? Just us in the
populated. We were attacked by prospectors. For three days and three nights … They tortured and killed ..
all our men Do you know what they were looking for? They said they wanted to Matamani
and lead them to the Sivas Where is Matamani? Come …
I’ll take them. Here is Matamani. This is a cemetery. And where was Matamani? There. Come now… It is a joke Here? We have visit. It is a jaguar. Do not harm. must save It is the spirit of Matamani. We can not let him die down there. What does it say? The jaguar is the spirit of Matamani. We have to save him. Great… … and as we took it from there. With this network,
it’s the only way. We throw them all at once. Yes…
… Come on. Now! Come on. Come on. Strong. Matamani said … … Where were the Simas before he died? No, he said nothing. Do not you know you ?, What happened? I’m not sure I think if you know … Can… Will you take us? If they can get
gold diggers … … release me
sister, yes. Wait.
What happens? They forget others. It will be a long journey down the river. We can leave them in the next village. To all? And where we put them? These are the last two … It will be enough? If, tie the other side. Ready, Gemma? Make sure they are well tied. Prepared? It is done. Ready Ready back there? Why they were looking for Matamani? Just to find the Simas? Or do you want to know something else? We are looking for a man … who was his friend. We must be honest with her. You’ll see !, The Man Who we are
looking for is a famous professor .. … Professor Corens. Find … …It is very important for us … … that’s the reason for our trip. I left the engine Asi? Yes.
That’s OK. Voucher. Bye. Bye thank you. I bring a little light. Thank you. And these notes are for the book
I write about Professor Corens. Hey !, we Pit.
Is there nothing in that book that you can help us? Not too much … … Although he says here,
the Simas should be very close. I hope so … … because this sucks pileup
gasoline you’ll quickly … … and do not forget to
gold diggers … … Quala and sister. You look very big Try on this. What are they doing? ¿Trying on clothes? A new look for an end
week in the Amazon. Care right … … if we get into
these waters will be impossible to leave. Look to get stuck on this channel … … if I get to know this Shut up and paddle. You have to venture into the heart of the Amazon … … to get to know. Shut up! What is that? Hey!
It’s Mozart. It reminds me of the Titanic. Hello No, it’s something much more nutritious … … meat anaconda. Pruebala is good. The river people called Vishimajaca. What does that mean? Vishimajaca is the man
getting beat the river and jungle. Guys, this is full of snakes Those are small and
They are great in the sack. What is this? A boa? It’s an anaconda Look one MANATO! … … is the family of seals
They are almost extinct. Yes almost. So I’ve heard. I finally got rid of them. Why? Because I have only caused problems. They’ve broken all my networks … … and then how fishing ?. With this… With a good bait,
not fail in these waters. the river can not wash. These are piranhas. If you want to wash … … do it here. lles fix you something
special to eat. Hey, listen Do you think we could raise the
his balsa plane tonight? Of course… … and back throw me a hand … … you have to set the bait again. You’ve scared. Need bait? I have already According to an old belief the indioss
they could not survive in water … … Indian, yes. You to another They benefited from this error. until one day man discovered … … I could also survive in water. And with a thud cut the cord … … since the world changed before their eyes. “Anifaquicar” the Indians called him. Care to catch them. Cójanlas the base of the neck Come on. Look, one has fallen into water. where are you going? A catch it.
Wait. You can not just take it. Where is? Behind you,
near the shore. I got it. Do not let go There is. In addition to being a good journalist,
I’m a good cook. And I wash these dishes because
I am aware that I must help super Gemma Do you mind washing them, too?
*************************************** accustom is working for a woman everyone says I’ve yet
always he lived as a man of view more things than any man I am
a woman in her obvious is but that is not found with curupí or
who the group and a mysterious character who lives in the jungle
say every night if a woman different
hear there are not enough ca 3 for all we know the sleeping hammocks Miss
in my bed Knight Amazon It will not be the group and in person as
tonight was wrong well that a woman like you is not seen around here
often very friendly but not me I like amazon interested
yes but I will go and you will God goodbye friend They are there and are armed
You recognize that coquetry woman is sometimes useful they are working
Now is the time sister who said he is in
those Rafales we will approach support for a snake will do
they say has stolen the gold statue to spend the chorriadas goals in that
home is my sister Social seize to rescue
come on Hauche Facebook did not say that if you are caught
you a soprano speak do not know I know nothing I help you should give the
hand good night here along the I saw you and you were you who
Mom killed or why you wanted locate chasms did not know I
I could also stop being here and What we are going to Giovanne good days elber be
floricultor welcome friends apparently someone here knows where
are the largest and most never what I say no I’d rather die a girl very
brave if death does not scare you probably another
thing carlos raya maría dolores lowered the
fast pants Give yourself a hurry to be so small and
Now underpants introduced them to Maria dolores maría dolores is
not very convincing them pretty smile It seems
carlos later these people will not provides
no no no hello for God’s sake is what please understand it I said and
Make carlos now srta IMAS tell me where are there is a
ring-shaped island where it joins between rivers it is called the island of IMAS well please get out of here waiting only
come on 4
fast to avoid escape hello has the solidad I see it is very
busy service a hand with this the boat weighs much prodding soon
We know how you’re coming from vacation here people have to
think of a place where the natives They were more friendly
Speakers ends here efe
make sure that agreement is good tied to what is
expanded explaining that the few but with the plane exploded entire base
It is suitable for those who deixa and thus strongly grab the fourth
We pick the plane for voice I did not give me look who has come or
pencil like you around here destined for a in our hands is the sister 4 283 we do not get out of and we are
tucked into another They are pirated pieces have many children
and top ten are human heads us put fear and no one knows the day
People I grow I now understand why the police do not
He could give them the only way to find these
He wrote caves bring you look at what the boss looks like I do not like her
smile after good afternoon this time did not kill
if I did lose their value I just pick up and delivered
alive nobody pays nothing for children killed today
day what they want they are their bodies
eyes kidneys and heart transplants are big business what
that I bring it is hot stuff class could say I make a
humanitarian work does not seem absolutely jorge fast
the boxes have to be ready before nightfall hurry do not have much
time is already close fire can They are completely surrounded brands and he said let’s split up the
Children go through a site and other four seats for those who want
remove these free home are well Help me think has bitten me finish
quiet we got here in the leg
to do a tourniquet knife tries to keep the immobilized leg
waiting must first cut forward short bleeding is useless is
a group that no known but to do so we could
amputate his leg but are saying
I can not think of another solution in a populated nearby have remedy for this aid do not we have no other choice but to have faith and
Doctors believe the sorcerer accredited say it was already very
serious even amputation It is useless leg
the incredible advances in the field of medicine has been the cause of it
You have lost faith and old remedies but here we are witnessing
an ancient rite of healing completely immersed in an act of faith and this man that magical powers can
possesses the eastern say everything who is aware is able to
take away the pain a human being only those who have explored so as
deep within themselves and know that as we live superficially
They are afraid of the unknown efe
Pakistan percent who is that an elderly woman who is
He is dying and poison be received llengua we must not allow it because the marquis
only hope we have all It is the correct use of
that immense energy emanating from our inner the sorcerer knows how the ancient ceremony has captivated us
everybody gives the feeling that all our
energies have come together to purify your body and liven best
love I like goodbyes
I hope we tested the waters River decided just have to wait now already we can better go
gold diggers take us much advantage
You may have already found the island hopefully you had also
problems when you leave after Ceremony Indians believe that
when life dies afterlife faith and that this life is only one principle they
They come to life without fear of further and they sacrifice themselves to save others in
the belief that every day is part of all joy or sadness no
in the ceremony genma swallowed some of the ashes of
man who saved allowing his living soul within it the rest of the
ashes will be scattered on the river for collection by the spirit of
the anaconda saga of peace You are sure that we are doing well said
we followed the river is the confluence of the rivers where
We find the island informs me He looked and right in front of us
there must be the safest and come but we will lose more and more
Teachers also have to be but why be cans gold diggers not
we can leave the plane here is very risky
I’ll see the ground while you looking for a place to hide it
you better take established the gun is in the back seat
I’ll call you land have much do not worry we care there is a body
Look at the boats of his face is a safe climate that has been seekers
of gold others tortured him look his neck It does whatever it takes to get it Here is another man you go and This concept do not 1 the tournament We demonstrate the issues that we are with
they my daughter It was worth it is to know
What we want to help watches a lot of shit but nothing gold where the others have followed by
there who are not so sure we like you said batanga professor cores It all began with the click and noise
Lighter he believed was recorded gemma it would be a good story for
TV we aim us to adventure and
a portion of the benefits which It will have passed to get here and
that says and flame is good it is very pleased
Truth was convinced that We would find has been branded
hide the plane but we do not know where you will find we have lost
many friends today We are here’re like an apparition
that such a problem has not been can capture not want anyone to
known on earth I honestly do not think I can understand
They fail sorry teacher is our fault if
we would not have been would not have happened none of this but the excitement for
find and more and legendary treasure was too strong
there is no treasure not exist and more like they are not they are neither
more is the truth peter belong to a different tribe
the truth and disappeared A long time ago
Professor come here I would like to some photos with fans who
Spears look good you put that medium
here too quiet and would make some children with diets everything is over
say it was a dream all my work has been for nothing
believed that a tribe of Indians similar to the IMAS could get
recover their civilization even rediscover his work history its
treasure their innermost secrets magic its control over the animal kingdom
but like I said it was just a dream a dream that will never be
Unfortunately reality teacher lawrence I shouted the money I do not
According sims these pictures are not is not an exclusive show no
I want to lose realizes how many people would come at its next
edition after seeing the photos you just
start putting but what if the truth is discovered the truth and
why fear only five of us know you
with boys There may come a day when one
of them decide not talk when we He liked the law leaves us sanz has had the plan jaén
He did not get his exclusive any History will know what everything is
there are certain IMAS but how to get out of here question
weeks before they may be prolonged Also on the banks of a knife and
gun That’s all good friends wanted
but this is too adventure everyone got what he wanted
us our adventure genma your exclusive and in his glory and mental
never again for us never but they never returned two years ago This is where alive now a small
Mediterranean island called event It has branded the pilot of one of the
fred large state companies He opened a water ski school
the teacher walks through some of the Amazon rainforest and Genma Genma has
become a great journalist how It was his destiny
Diaz also thank You see if I doctor is a small island but not me
missing patients I guess that because I
I got used to living in islands also it has its advantages
dr are soon expecting something December 34 and for me reality has
become a fantasy alive day after day to the end of the day and
director of my own orchestra as you can see it is not the philharmonic
but we played at parties If I have no reason to complain my
adventures in the Amazon left behind They were exciting days but this
so they are

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